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  1. I agree that render does look good.  I'm not wanting to replace my current daily until early 2024 so 133 is still a possibility rather than the Electre.

    Hoping I can actually have a proper look at the Electre at Goodwood and get a better idea of if it fits as a daily.

    Fisker Ocean doesn't do a lot for me.  Quite intrigued to see the Lucid Air.  


  2. To be fair, the new RR Sport does well on emissions so isn't that expensive on tax (mine is a company car).  They look wonderful and I am sure it will be a fabulous car.  Just a bit tarnished by our last Disco 5 - was technically brilliant but woefully unreliable - ended up on first name terms with JLR's Global Customer Relations Manager!!  Replaced with X7.

    My nominated dealer (Sussex) isn't opening until June 6th so will give them a chance.  Don't need/want to change my car for a year so really not too bothered at the moment.  But as you say, they will definitely need to up their game to woo customers spending at this level.

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  3. 35 minutes ago, Tex said:

    Hi Guy, it wasn’t actually but your solution looks good, have you got a contact for them ? and does it restrict or reduce power? 

    What i remember seeing was a twin kinked tail pipe which can be adjusted to face down or sideways similar to the single Komotec dB eater.  I think the Komotec solution is not for the titanium exhaust I have though 

    Mine was made for me by Maidstone Sports Cars as I couldn't find anything that suited what i was after.  It's effectively two Merlin Motorsport Racing Mufflers in a Y configuration.  Whilst I haven't put it on a dyno and done before and after, my dyno-arse certainly couldn't detect any difference.  Merlin supply them for use of loads of racing cars to get into practice sessions - they assured me they've never had any problems.  You can see through it - it's just catching the sound.  It's held in place with a bolt - we drilled a small hole in the bottom of the exhaust tip.

    Done 3 track days with it without any problems at all.  I can't be arsed to change the exhaust so this suits me fine.

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  4. 8 hours ago, TerryCTR said:

    Lovely car and yes sounds like the resistor issue on the rear lights, Greg would be able to confirm. 

    Thanks.  Have heard back from him.  Apparently I should have resistors.  Rather than send any, he sent me a link to Amazon US that I can't use my account on.  Have managed to track down something similar on Amazon UK Prime that should be with me Friday.

    Given the lights took 6 weeks to be dispatched and chasing up several times, bit disappointed but there you go - not the end of the world.  

    Anyhow, IF you are ordering some from him for your 380/410/430, make sure you point out that you have one of these and question whether you need resistors at time of order.  Just selecting those specific lights is not enough.

  5. 21 hours ago, Jcx said:

    I find race mode in any exhaust settling is slightly louder than it is in sport setting.  i think the fuelling is slightly different and the tickover is higher in race mode too.

    Yup, same as mine and my button also opens below 4,500 revs in Sport and Race as well.

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  6. 57 minutes ago, alias23 said:

    I met with AiM today, they've taken a good bulk of the recommendations and prioritised those which make sense for the majority eg cruise control etc... Looks like they'll be working fast to get an update out soon :)

    Got to say, I was hugely impressed with them when popped into Autosport show yesterday.  Totally sold it to me.  How's the alcantara testing going Imran?

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