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  1. I wouldn't let mileage put you off. These cars are very understressed and as such they can handle high mileages very well. Dont forget the running gear is Toyota and its pushing a very light car. Doesn't wear tyres rapidly, or brakes. You will probably have more issues with a car that is used rarely. Just make sure its been serviced properly Mine is high milages but is immaculate, you shouldn't be paying much more that £17.5 k for an undamaged high mileage S3 Elise
  2. The price of Elises can vary a lot, you will see S1 and S2 for sale in the mid £20k so that price for a S3 CR is probably there or there abouts maybe top end but its subjective with these cars. I have a S3 CR that is immaculate but with higher than average milage as the previous owner used it as a daily, so its probably worth around £18.5 K. The good thing about the later cars is the Toyota reliability in my opinion, but i would think hard about a repaired car due to what Pete has stated with resale value. If you are thinking of keeping it and none of the suspension pick up points were damaged, and all the chassis is straight then maybe, but there are cars out there that don't have crash history which are probably a better bet.
  3. Hi all I'm hoping to attempt the front clam removal from my S3 club racer, and i'm looking for any advice / guidance from anyone that has done this on the same model. Ive had a look at the guide in TechWiki on the the playground forum, but this is for the S2, so i'm wondering what the differences are in the removal, and any pitfalls i need to look out for Cheers
  4. Yes plenty of tunes on the overrun It has a lovely deep rasp right through the Rev range I don’t think you will be disappointed with 2Bular but obviously other systems are available 🧐
  5. No fitted by previous owner by servicing dealer 2 hours labour I think to remove original and fit new
  6. I have a 2Bular full system with sports cat on my club racer love the sound, especially on the overrun and the support from them is excellent in my experience cheers
  7. I have a 2Bular system and sports cat on my Elise. It had the engine warning light and codes were showing issues with the post cat Lamda sensor when I bought the car a previous owner had put in an electronic add on to fool the ecu but this did not stop the engine light and the same code being thrown. i have since removed this and added a Lamda sensor extender 90 deg bend off fleabay for £10 (stainless not mild steel) this has now solved the issue with the fault code and warning light cheers
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome Will try and get some pics up shortly
  9. Hi All I've been wanting a Lotus for many years, but up until recently always had Italian Superbikes as my toys, but recently have been unable to ride them due to ongoing issues with wrists that make it uncomfortable to ride. So anyway i bit the bullet sold the bike and bought a S3 Elise Club Racer and really enjoying the experience. I'm looking forward to getting to know more about the car, and will probably be picking your brains for your wealth of knowledge and experience. Cheers Dirk
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