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  1. Much appreciated. I am getting all the parts together for the winter Esprit projects so with the age of my fuel lines, this is a very worthwhile upgrade. I too will go with a non steel hose on the return line as I do not want issues with the hose potentially sawing through anything. I am also taking this opportunity to upgrade my fuel pressure regulator to a Aeromotive 13109 B A1000 EFI Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator with a gauge. This info has been quite helpful! Jason
  2. This is great information much appreciated. Thank you. I came across a 3/8 GM Quick Connect Male BLACK Z148N -6AN 90°: Would you think this would work instead of bending a straight adapter? Last question, how much hose would be needed? Take care, Jason
  3. This is a great thread and I asked a similar question in another thread about the possibility of a better turbo air intake solution....I know our engine bay gets extremely hot so it would not be a wise move to simply put a large cone filter on the turbo due to the heat but our air intake piping is so long with so many bends....I just keep thinking there could be a better way (but I could be totally wrong). Has anyone tested or thought to maybe pipe the air intake down and to the left side rear of the car behind the engine with a large cone filter with a protective covering or something like that to reduce the length and bends of the system to get a more efficient system. Or is something like that simply not worth it.... The TWAT search flagged by my parental controls setup for my son....haha....that was hilarious. Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Jason
  4. @CHANGES This thread was a fascinating read. Hats off to the job done so far! In reading the extent that you modified the air intake system, I was wondering if you considered or tried simply bolting one of those conical air filters directly to the turbo to eliminate all that intake piping throughout the engine bay? I see that type of setup on the higher HP Lambo turbo builds. I do not know much about it so no idea if it would work or even be a good idea on the Esprit. Best Regards, Jason
  5. Just found it, here is the installation manual: There are multiple settings and it does not look like there will be any issue with fitment. My wife has been asking for Christmas gift ideas and I think I just found it. Actually the model 259 has all the features I need at half the price of 309 model. I have the car undergoing multiple upgrades so once we get to this, I will be sure to post pictures once it is installed.
  6. @pureguava I bought the GT3071R kit from ATS racing. My car is going into the shop next week to have it installed. I should have some feedback shortly and will keep you posted.
  7. Hi Everyone, Over the years, I have been searching for a good, brand name multimedia single DIN option for the Esprit and I think I have finally found one, the Alpine Halo 9: It seems to have everything with the exception of being able to play CDs. I have seen the double DIN modifications over the years but I did not want to go the route of modifying the dashboard. This option especially with the ability to mount the screen low on the mounting plate looks to be the solution. By chance, has anyone else considered this radio or possibly even installed it and give some feedback? Take care, Jason
  8. Hey Zig, Any recommendation for a company that does the refurb/upgrade to the worn clutch? Thanks.
  9. I always look forward to the new videos each week on Petrolicious! Great car site...I would be more than happy to let them do a story on my car or support any Lotus member who gets their car featured.
  10. I completely agree with getting on Petrolicious and Jay Leno's Garage...these are 2 sites that have a decent following. I actually just made a comment on their Lotus article from about a week ago and stated they should feature an Esprit. I would be happy to follow-up and see if they would like to make it happen. Jason
  11. I have been on the hunt for rear rotors for some time for the Brembo set-up and cannot locate them anywhere at a reasonable cost. I was hoping we would have a cross reference for the rear rotor but no luck to date. There are some available in the UK from PNM Engineering and SJ sports cars but the exchange rate is not favorable at the moment. If you find something, please let me know as well. Jason
  12. Just watched the special and considering over here in the states we have hardly any good auto shows, Top Gear is by far the best. As an Esprit owner, the car in the show made us all proud that it did so well. I enjoyed it...matter of fact, makes me want to take mine out for a cruise now.
  13. Wow! Overall impressive project! Good luck with the car and glad to see another Esprit kept on the road hence with some kickass mods!
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