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  1. Hi, mine was a little hesitant (sometimes stalling if pulling away on very low revs, bogged down with very rapid tap of the throttle) took it into Lotus Silverstone for a service a couple of weeks ago. They did the plugs and mentioned that one of the leads had some moisture in it which they addressed. Seems to be much better now. May be worth checking.
  2. Hi, is anyone aware of this car? Yellow SR N/A. Ad is very sparse with no interior pics. Also 1 of 25 SR obviously not true - I guess 1 of 25 yellow N/A SR could be true? Price seems OK'ish, although of course private sale so some risk so probably needs to be a couple of K cheaper.
  3. Ben135

    Looking for Evora

    Thanks Dean, I haven't driven an IPS and I think I may have dismissed due to the fact it is a torque converter but agree I should give it a go and not dismiss without trying. I appreciate I may end up with an IPS (or a N/A or a different colour). Seems what I am after is pretty rare (at least for sale) but if I compromise on colour, or gearbox, or engine, there are suitable cars for sale now. I then have another decision - which compromise is the best one to make. I will get on the lists with the dealers and see what that throws up.
  4. Ben135

    Looking for Evora

    Hi Tim, that seems to be the problem! People get a good one and keep hold of it. Was the same with the Elise, had it 7 years and only sold as I never used it and only have a single garage so couldn't keep and get the Evora. Thanks Bibs, I've added to my favourites....checking is turning into a bit of a compulsion
  5. Ben135

    Looking for Evora

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and having sold my S1 Elise 135 with a heavy heart due to the arrival of child #2 I am looking to replace with another Lotus... this time with 4(ish) seats Perfect would be MY12 chrome orange S +4, either SR or non-SR with decent spec. Will be a w/e car so looking for manual rather than IPS. Realising the scarcity of orange I would consider other colours. Preference is an S but would consider n/a with ideal colour/spec/price. Been tracking the usual locations for a few weeks so I am bracing myself for a lengthy search! Thank you Ben
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