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  1. Thanks all, kind of what I figured. Will probably hold off until early summer. Hopefully by that time it'll be getting some use......
  2. I've not really used the evora much over the last year due to the lockdown and just before Christmas took the decision to take it off the road for a few months as the tax was due - will probably return to service in spring. I've just got the reminder for the service and now in the position where it's done less than 500 miles since the last major service. Seems crazy to need to service again after so little use. Any thoughts on whether it's reasonable to stretch the service intervals? I can't imagine it'd be a problem for the car, more a future re-sale question, is the market extremely picky about strict service intervals?
  3. Was around £150 from memory. Done at Bell and Colville in Guildford.
  4. Just had this same problem a few weeks back, mine had been sat unused for a while during lockdown and I'd neglected to leave the trickle charger on, so the battery was completely dead. It went in to the dealers and they found that the car's configuration had been lost from the ECU. Very simple/cheap fix of re-coding the car's configuration, they also updated to the latest software at the same time. Another point; my code reader (just a bluetooth dongle) could not communicate with the car when it had the fault. The dealer diagnostics had no issue so you may need someone that has the proper Lotus software. Car has been running like a dream with no issues since (installed new battery at the same time).
  5. 6ft 4in and 95kg and fit fine in mine. Too far away from steering wheel with seat fully back. Even fit my 2 boys in the back (admittedly with seats removed and car seats attached direct to the isofix fixings).
  6. Just closing this story out. Picked car up from B&C today. Turns out that somehow the ECU had dropped all the car configuration data from the memory so was basically dead - perhaps because battery had been low for so long during lockdown, perhaps overloaded with the charger. Reloading the original configuration and update to the latest software and back on the road. If only that could be done without towing the car but a positive surprise - just a £160 bill rather than the £1K+ that I was expecting for a new ECU and back on the road.
  7. New battery arrived today, installed it. All the lights etc. now working fine again (battery was indeed kaput - 11.9V after overnight charging dropping to 9V) but original problem remains. Still getting the Comms Failure EMS message, nothing when I turn the key, phone connecting to the OBD adaptor but adaptor not connecting to the ECU. Tested the obvious fuses (ECU related) and they're fine. I read there is an ECM recovery process which Lotus can try, but presumably they need the car for that. Assuming it does need to go into Lotus, any views on whether Hoffmans or Bell and Colvill (local dealers) are better for this kind of non-standard troubleshooting type stuff?
  8. Thanks for the replies, i think replacing the battery is def worth a try before things get very expensive!
  9. Hi, I know this has been covered before but slightly conflicting advice and most of it quite some time ago so hopefully someone has found a solution. I hadn't been out in the Evora for a while and had accidentally disconnected the trickle charger so battery discharged. Charged it and it started fine, then went for a decent drive (around 20 miles). When I tried to restart later everything worked - clocks, music, lights, locks - but no signs of life from engine and have the comms failure EMS message. I am confused in that if I'd fried something I'd have thought it wouldn't have started in the first place. Tried disconnecting the battery for a while - no help (in fact now clocks are not lighting up, although music, fan etc still working). Bought a fault reader but it doesn't seem to be getting a response from ECU. I suspect it's a trip to the dealers on a trailer, but any easy ideas first before I bite the bullet? Thanks. Ben
  10. Hi, mine was a little hesitant (sometimes stalling if pulling away on very low revs, bogged down with very rapid tap of the throttle) took it into Lotus Silverstone for a service a couple of weeks ago. They did the plugs and mentioned that one of the leads had some moisture in it which they addressed. Seems to be much better now. May be worth checking.
  11. Hi, is anyone aware of this car? Yellow SR N/A. Ad is very sparse with no interior pics. Also 1 of 25 SR obviously not true - I guess 1 of 25 yellow N/A SR could be true? Price seems OK'ish, although of course private sale so some risk so probably needs to be a couple of K cheaper.
  12. Ben135

    Looking for Evora

    Thanks Dean, I haven't driven an IPS and I think I may have dismissed due to the fact it is a torque converter but agree I should give it a go and not dismiss without trying. I appreciate I may end up with an IPS (or a N/A or a different colour). Seems what I am after is pretty rare (at least for sale) but if I compromise on colour, or gearbox, or engine, there are suitable cars for sale now. I then have another decision - which compromise is the best one to make. I will get on the lists with the dealers and see what that throws up.
  13. Ben135

    Looking for Evora

    Hi Tim, that seems to be the problem! People get a good one and keep hold of it. Was the same with the Elise, had it 7 years and only sold as I never used it and only have a single garage so couldn't keep and get the Evora. Thanks Bibs, I've added to my favourites....checking is turning into a bit of a compulsion
  14. Hi, I'm new to the forum and having sold my S1 Elise 135 with a heavy heart due to the arrival of child #2 I am looking to replace with another Lotus... this time with 4(ish) seats Perfect would be MY12 chrome orange S +4, either SR or non-SR with decent spec. Will be a w/e car so looking for manual rather than IPS. Realising the scarcity of orange I would consider other colours. Preference is an S but would consider n/a with ideal colour/spec/price. Been tracking the usual locations for a few weeks so I am bracing myself for a lengthy search! Thank you Ben
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