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  1. Mine arrived yesterday too. (got to wash an polish before fitting - probably Friday.) Many thanks.
  2. Black Exige, 64 plate on the A20 between Charing and Lenham. we were the silver Evora.
  3. Thanks Kieran, connected up and works fine. Many thanks.
  4. The connector/cableform I have is a generic type from ebay, but I don't think the phono plugs connect to the correct pins used by the Alpine unit. I'll try a process of elimination next weekend to find the video input, but if I have no luck I shall purchase a proper Alpine lead and go for its yellow phono and trigger as you advise, thanks
  5. Hi, I have fitted a rear camera and rooted the video cable though to the dash, but am now stuck to find the appropriate video input/gnd pins on the head unit. Please can anyone list or advise a link to the pin-outs for the Alpine INE-W990BT 20 pin white AV connector, in particular the video input pin? I have sourced a mating 20 pin connector/harness but pin-outs do not appear to be the same across different makes/models. Thanks
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