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  1. Thought I would try some one way face mask valves fitted to FR4 fibreglass panel - hopefully should get over the recirculation issue. If it seems OK I'll make a few more from the left over valves from China an d put them on ebay.
  2. Mine arrived yesterday too. (got to wash an polish before fitting - probably Friday.) Many thanks.
  3. Black Exige, 64 plate on the A20 between Charing and Lenham. we were the silver Evora.
  4. The connector/cableform I have is a generic type from ebay, but I don't think the phono plugs connect to the correct pins used by the Alpine unit. I'll try a process of elimination next weekend to find the video input, but if I have no luck I shall purchase a proper Alpine lead and go for its yellow phono and trigger as you advise, thanks
  5. Hi, I have fitted a rear camera and rooted the video cable though to the dash, but am now stuck to find the appropriate video input/gnd pins on the head unit. Please can anyone list or advise a link to the pin-outs for the Alpine INE-W990BT 20 pin white AV connector, in particular the video input pin? I have sourced a mating 20 pin connector/harness but pin-outs do not appear to be the same across different makes/models. Thanks
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