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  1. i have asked them for the db level when closed but they are saying they have not got its
  2. Hi Colin Thanks for the reply, i would like to do silverstone, and brandshatch and as to the rest i will do the ones with the most noise but my friend with is 380 got black flagged at silverstone, the option that Larini do looks like it will give me the best of both worlds but they wont say what the noise level well come down too when the baffles are closed , so i could spend this money and still end up not being low enough ? i am not going to track it that much i will be using more on the road than track and i am happy to keep clear of the tracks that have a very low noise limit
  3. Hi All, would like to get some advice please , just purchase a 390 final edition and love it !! i would like to track it a few time later in the year once it is run in, but I am aware that as standard it is to noisy for most tracks. there appears to be quite a few track exhausts available but these will quieten down the car and lose the back opening baffles , which is a great shame as the car sound great when it opens up , it is also clear that you cant simply just shut the baffles or the back pressure will damage the engine when pushing it ? just when i though there was no option I found this company Larini , they offer a replacement back box and a controlled switch to open and close the baffles , and according to there information, as the design is more open than the OE version you can run flat out with the baffles close without damaging the engine, In simple my question has anyone out there got one of these units are are they any good ???
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