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  1. I just saw the price in Dollars. I didn't see an address, which is always a bit worrying.
  2. Post popped up on Instagram. New company based in the US making carbon parts, currently only available for the Evora but, looks like other models to follow. Without the www.
  3. I should invest in a C of P really to go with the car, especially now a Black and Gold version is available.
  4. Almost 7 years, with a 2010 Evora NA and no major issues. Only cover about 3000 miles a year, but serviced every year. Ex Gavan Kershaw company car, I was fortunate to introduce myself to him at the Lotus 70th Anniversary, when he had finished his track display. Before I had chance to ask, he said didn't drive my car like he had just driven on track and that he had the CR gearbox fitted, which I think was an optional extra in 2010.
  5. Some photo's from the 1984 Motorshow, when I was lucky to get access onto the Lotus stand. Me and my brother as young teenagers, getting to sit in the cars.
  6. Blue Exige Sport 380 in Abersoch today and a red Esprit yesterday, which, I personally didn't see, so I don't know which model.
  7. SJP68

    Formula One

    I think Red Bull are pushing the incident, more due to the financial impact, now that budgets are capped. They have the means to spend more than the set budget, but are now limited on what they can spend, any accident repair costs, will reduce, what's left in the pot, for rest of the season. Which may be why they went public with the cost to rebuild Max's car (1.3 million), that's money that could have been spent on developments. If it's accepted that Lewis was at fault, then Red Bull may want compensation from Mercedes or a change to the budget rules, where certain things are exempt. Are we going to end up with teams claiming off each other and drivers exchanging insurance details, after a coming together, with the team saying over the radio, 'are you OK', followed by 'don't accept liability'. Although with drivers, it's always the other drivers fault.
  8. Maybe a result of over stiff suspension, to compensate for chassis flex and why for the GT3/GT2, they have to install all that scaffolding in the back, to stiffen the whole thing up. Although the owners will probably say it's a roll cage, to comply with racing homolgation. I've only been in a 911, once in the 80's, I just remember the ride being so hard.
  9. Black Evora belonging to Johnny Mowlem (as featured in Absolute Lotus magazine), spotted in BRDC Silverstone car park, during British GP weekend.
  10. Yes, your right, I think there was about five head on crash tests, where the centre tub remained intact and they just replaced the front sub frame each time. From a previous post, on the Elise the body panels were not structural, torsional stiffness was 9800 Nm/deg. For the Evora, the body panels were structural, bare tub around 14000 Nm/deg , increased to 26000 Nm/deg, with integrated glass fibre composite side panels, A pillars, roof structure and windscreen surround. Sure I read somewhere, that it was 50% stiffer than a Ferrari F430, but I may be wrong. Facts and figures above from the 'Evora Suplime Supercar' book.
  11. The Emira does follow the same philosophy as the Evora, of an extruded and bonded centre tub with separate front and rear sub-frames, but they are all new. The wheelbase is as the Evora and the overall dimensions are pretty much the same, but I think the front track is wider. Suspension uses forged aluminium wishbones like Evora, but longer. Along with new anti roll bars, allow lower spring rates to be used. There is also new uprights, new steering rack and column, brakes, engine mount system, stability control, so there is not much carry over from the Evora, apart from V6. You can see the difference in front wishbone length, compared to the attached picture, of the Evora chassis below. There has been talk about the Emira's overall weight, only being comparable to the outgoing Evora and not being considerably lighter, but it would be interesting to know if Lotus have managed to increase torsional stiffness and comply with the latest crash test requirements (which I presume are more stringent than when the Evora was first introduced and for most manufacturers result in adding extra weight), while maintaining a comparable weight, then surely that is an achievement.
  12. In this months CAR magazine, it states there are two chassis tunes available 'tour and sports', using passive dampers. The sports being stiffer (so presume would sit lower as well) and forms part of an option pack including the forged alloys, two piece brakes and I think the Michelin Cup 2's. The rim's are 20 inch.
  13. That's OK, happy to assist.
  14. I have the full set, except for the very first issue, late sending off my subscription form, no tinterweb in them days. Lotus World magazine stopped, when Lotus Cars withdrew support, but Club Team Lotus continued as Team Lotus Associates, where members received race card reports for the 1990 F1 season and for the 1991 F1 season, they received race reports, team lotus news and picture cards, that built up into a file. This was the final year of the club. I have these as well and was able to help another Forum member who was also writing a book. So if any body is looking for information from Lotus World magazine, I may be able to help.
  15. I've had a look through my copies of Lotus World and found some articles relating to Gunnar's campaign. I can scan them and e-mail to you, if you are happy to provide address by direct message.
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