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  1. I'm sure the Christmas pudding will survive just fine until February, it will only improve being steeped in brandy for that bit longer. I'm not so sure about the turkey though
  2. Unfortunately, it's looking like we need to postpone our proposed Christmas Dinner Christmas Dinner in February anyone?
  3. Thumbs up, waves and headlight flashes are pretty regular, but the most surprising reaction was at the petrol station. I was getting on with filling the tank and I became aware of a woman striding across the forecourt towards me having just paid for her fuel. She was quite a stern looking woman, 60+ and I thought I was in for an ear bashing about speeding, noise, pollution, or similar. I couldn't have been more wrong, she was fascinated by the car and asked if it was possible to take a few pictures, which I happily agreed to. I expected her to get her phone out and be on her way after a fe
  4. @ADF The Zoom call isn't until the 17th, so you've missed nothing Good luck with getting the jeep sorted!
  5. That's not pretty, but it could have been so much worse. I've had a few close calls with wildlife due to the limited effectiveness of the headlights.
  6. It was good to see everyone on Tuesday. We are aiming to make the next meetup on the 17th at The White Horse in Otterbourne, assuming Boris lets us.
  7. Perfect, I look forward to seeing everyone in Stockbridge on Tuesday.
  8. 20th seems to work for those that have replied. The Wonston Arms was mentioned as a possible venue? I think we're still allowed groups of 6???
  9. Hi Robin, Well done on the 410, between that, the XKR and a SUV you've certainly got most bases covered! If the Accord doesn't owe you anything and it's not costing a small fortune to keep on the road, then it is nice to have a car in the fleet that you don't need to worry about, you can load it up with rubbish to take to the tip, park it anywhere, lend it to a mate, or a visiting relative and not worry about it. It can also help keep the mileage sensible on the other cars, if that's a concern. The only real cons are if its costs are outweighing its usefulness, or parking space is
  10. KennyN


    A few years back I spent around 14 months commuting back and forth to Helsinki. I'd be in the lounge enjoying a G&T, waiting for my flight to be called on a Friday afternoon when there was an Aeroflot departure heading to goodness knows where in Russia. It left a similar trail behind it week after week, I often wondered whether I'd see it again the following week! I dread to think what quality of fuel that thing was running on, or whether the maintenance records were anything close to what they should have been. It took forever to get off the runway compared to the other airlines plane
  11. KennyN


    It's a mixture of impressive balanced with the distinct potential of becoming the next casualty. I do fancy a go though!
  12. You haven't, have you? Just get a plough for the front of the Land Rover and you'll be sorted!
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