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  1. It was great to see everyone last night, I had just about thawed out by the time I got home. @Simon Gooding Here's the Castle Combe track day prep centre on the left and the meetup lay-by on the right... @Techyd If you fancy joining the convoy of Kevin, Simon and myself we were aiming to meet at the lay-by in the pic above (just before Ludgershall) at 07:15.
  2. Isn't the 21:00 curfew just for the kitchen?
  3. No problem, thanks for trying @peteyg Hopefully it'll be possible soon.
  4. I'm glad to hear that the Mayfly meetup was fun. Thank you for the kind wishes, I'm back in the land of the living today. I was on the ropes yesterday after the full effects kicked in around 02:00. I kept going between freezing to sweating and shaking uncontrollably. I started feeling better around 18:00 last night and had a decent night's sleep, which seems to have got everything back to "normal". I'm hoping that round 2 will be easier!
  5. I'm glad to report that my bodily functions are still in check, but I'm not feeling 100% and I don't fancy taking a turn for the worse whilst out in the Exige, so I'm going to have to miss this one, unfortunately. Enjoy the evening!
  6. I might need to drop out last minute...I've been called up for my round one jab next Tuesday. Providing I'm still in control of my bodily functions I'll be there!
  7. 6 PEOPLE ON 20 APRIL AT 19:30 Reference code: DMN-16738947700 Booking type: Outside Marquee Only lets's you book up to 6 and this was a two hour slot, the longest they offer. So, please add your names to the list as follows: 1. Dave 2. Kev 3. Kenny 4. 5. 6.
  8. When we last visited, the Mayfly seemed to have their outdoor seating pretty well sorted and there's loads of parking there these days. Mondays or Tuesdays work for me.
  9. Hi Simon, I hope that all is well with you. If the weather is looking favourable for an outdoor meet, then I'm up for it. If it's anything like the past week, it's been hard to predict whether you'll need sunglasses or thermals! That's good news about the Castle Combe track day, I asked about it when I renewed my membership, but I had put it to the back of my mind since.
  10. It was Anna Valley, but she was banned from driving after shunting my car 10m up the road. From what I've seen around there it shouldn't take long before someone with similar skills helps you out
  11. @ADF I can confirm that NDA's and Safe Harbour statements are still high on the agenda, which is kinda understandable, I suppose. They're a nice bunch though.
  12. I noticed a huge difference between the Elise and the Exige when H&Ting. Nowhere more than at Hethel when I was doing my Lotus Licence last year. I was convinced that I was going to struggle with the H&T exercise in the Elise, due to the variable experience I'd had in my Exige, but it was really easy in the Elise. I've found my Exige to be better in Race or Sport than, Normal, but it's still far from consistent. The Exige 410 that we used for the Gold Licence day was even worse than my 350 when it came to the consistency of the rev matching, which lead to some interesting moments f
  13. I will ask the question the next time I speak to him. He was amused to hear about yours being deployed on regular sorties to the supermarket and the collection of brass that you swept up
  14. No calls for a jab yet, but we're now on twice per week testing and all is well. Thankfully, work has been keeping me busy. I have a week of back-to-back interviews next week, 1493 applicants that we've whittled down to 25 interviews for 5 or 6 jobs...I'd hate to be a graduate entering into the job market at the moment! @pbharcourtI had a call during the week with a contact at Ricardo, they were responsible for a lot of the fiddling done to your Snatch..oooh err!
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