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  1. Agreed, it is unfortunate that Sam has reverted to type and churned out more Porsche content. I cannot imagine that Lotus will be overly happy with that.
  2. Hi Nik, I find Sport or Race much more responsive on my 350, it also changes the TC level to allow a bit more fun.
  3. Ferrari F430's have a similar pre-cat in the manifolds and there have been numerous cases of those disintegrating over time and being ingested causing catastrophic damage. I cannot say that I've read/heard of this happening to any V6 Lotus, yet.
  4. And a small Diet Coke please
  5. For a couple of pounds and a quick search on eBay, something like this will do the trick. It appears they can even double up as a bottle opener, best not whilst driving though!
  6. @notabene I have not seen the OEM binnacle, other than in pictures, so I cannot comment on the quality, but it does appear to have a more OEM look than the shiny finish of the AiM version. I believe the functionality is identical between both versions, so yes, the boot screen should be configurable on the OEM version. The odometer needs to be set by the supplier, the end user version of Race Studio does not allow this to be changed, for obvious reasons.
  7. Although it's not officially sold as a power upgrade, this has got to be up there when it comes to bang per buck... Intake Kit @alias23 Is a trusted member on here and his products come highly recommended.
  8. It made me laugh...
  9. No problem @Nelly, hopefully it's a cheap fix!
  10. It sounded fine when you fired it up when we were leaving and when I was behind you for a bit all was well. If it hasn't been used much recently, could the fuel be a bit stale? That often doesn't become an issue until the warm-up phase has passed and you start to push the revs a bit.
  11. 15th is good for me. I look forward to seeing everyone there.
  12. Noooooooo! It did have a certain endearing appeal about it. Granted, you had to look close, but it was there. It was nice to see the green machine during the week, but I do look forward to seeing the Land Rover
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