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  1. Apologies, I am unable to make it this evening. A tree has blown over blocking the road at the bottom of my driveway, it looks like I will be getting wet whilst getting busy with a chainsaw
  2. If your pockets are deep enough, I'm sure these guys would be able to craft something bespoke from Ti, Inconel, or some other space age unobtanium...
  3. It is surprising what seems to be possible in some states, turn up at the DMV, take a ticket, produce your documents, pay up and leave with a registered car following a quick look to ensure that the VIN matches the documents. I can only imagine that it is a case of legislation failing to keep pace with technology when it comes to DIY autopilot. Having experienced an early Tesla becoming "confused" when on autopilot, I'm not sure that I'd volunteer to be a test pilot for the homebrew version
  4. Interesting, but concerning at the same time...I can envisage a world of pain when it comes to insurance.
  5. I've compared the dash speed to Waze and they were spot on. Do we know whether the speed comes from the car, or the GPS module? If it's the GPS maybe it just wasn't seeing enough satellites?
  6. Following three weeks of not using my Exige over the festive break, I decided to fit my recently acquired AiM digital dash at the weekend. My heart sank when I realised that following my last drive I had gone to the trouble of connecting the trickle charger, but I had failed to flick the switch on the socket. Expecting the battery to be dead I pressed the button to unlock the car, that worked, so I thought I'd see if the dash lit up when I turned the key, it did, so I thought I'd try my luck and it started on the first press of the button and just as quickly as if I'd used the car the day before. I guess that I must have got the good battery from the factory...they'll be looking for that! The good news continued, as the new dash was simple to install and I'm really happy with it.
  7. - Ability to change rev limit from 9K to 8K (or to 7.5K, to make even better usage of the screen width) - Tell tale light for Cruise Control (use space from second "dipped lights on") - Real time view of sensor information on dash - Airbag delete light setting option (Ok on Cup cars) - Option for Carbon Binnacle - Option for Alcantara Binnacle (with same Alcantara as 410/430 vent surrounds which are just next to the binnacle, without stitch, or with option to choose stitch color to mimic each car's configuration) - Why two lights for "dipped lights on" only one needed - All warning lights are visible in grey - would be better blacked out until illuminated - Screen seen flickering at times. (Race button flickering, RPM display flickering and showing false information, letters flickering) - Remove numeric rpm from analogue display - it is distracting - Exhaust flap status - although not essential, the additional noise is a bit of a give away! - A red theme - possibly instead of the purple/pink, I haven't seen many cars where that combo would be an obvious choice.
  8. I have only ever seen a MG car on a dull grey UK day and I wasn't the biggest fan, but the pictures in the sun with the gold wheels have converted me! I'm liking that a lot
  9. @Simon Gooding Here's a link to the dash It's quite a bit more than the GARW dash, as seen in the video above, but it's much better according to those who have tried both. I hope to have mine fitted by the time we next meet, so you can have a play with the various options before committing
  10. @Techyd Santa may have taken care of the dash already Those mirrors are seriously tempting too!
  11. Thank you again @Kevin Wheeler for organising, it was an entertaining night! I hope that everyone got home safely.
  12. I went for full front PPF from delivery and I have not regretted it, it's well worth the cost. I've had a couple of sections replaced due to them having done their job and me being fussy, but I've no doubt that the film has saved the paint from quite a few unsightly blemishes. The only downside is the gaps between the sections, as they tend to gather dirt, which is especially noticeable on a white car, but I'd rather put up with a bit more effort at wash time than chipped paint.
  13. You didn't miss much, it was okay early on, then the wind picked up and the rain was pretty heavy! Some nice cars turned up and then there was the usual idiot in a BMW doing donuts in the car park I hope that your girl brings home a trophy!
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