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  1. KennyN

    Exige 350 Sport

    Just a couple of subtle, easily reversible additions to mix it up a bit 😉
  2. KennyN

    Hants Meet 2019

    See you on the 22nd 😆
  3. KennyN

    What made you happy today?

    Sorry, Mum! You can add it to the long list of other disappointments that I've provided 🤣
  4. KennyN

    What made you happy today?

    Exactly! The number of times this happened when I was in my teens and my parents were on holiday 🤣 I'm banking on my mum not reading this forum!
  5. KennyN

    Tyre writing.

    Oh well, you live and learn. At least the rims survived!
  6. It might be worth contacting these guys...
  7. KennyN

    Tyre writing.

    Smart move, hopefully, they survive unscathed.
  8. KennyN

    Tyre writing.

    You'll need to stand over the tyre fitter with a wheel wrench in your hand to ensure that a dirty hand doesn't ruin your hard work 😆 Some masking tape might be a less confrontational approach if he's a big guy.
  9. KennyN

    Bittersweet Days

    We have never met Lee, but please accept my deepest condolences. I have read your updates and struggled to know what to say, although I have continually admired your attitude and dedication to Alex, her brave fight, and the twins. Look after yourself and the girls, the achievements and memories of the time that you shared together are to be valued.
  10. Brilliant, I like the way he rocks up in a t-shirt to get the job done! 😄
  11. KennyN

    Anyone going to Bicester this Sunday?

    That's me 👍 🤣
  12. KennyN

    Tyre writing.

    A fair measure of both, but you needed it 🤣
  13. KennyN

    Tyre writing.

    You came to your senses in the end 😉
  14. KennyN

    Anyone going to Bicester this Sunday?

    Unfortunately, I won't make this one, but I can confirm that they are good events...have fun.
  15. KennyN

    Hants Meet 2019

    I look forward to it 👍