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  1. Hopefully I can make it next month. I'm in for a Christmas dinner, assuming we are allowed out this year!
  2. Ouch! Try drinking beer, beer might help
  3. @pbharcourt Oh no! That doesn't sound like much fun Get well soon!
  4. I cannot do next Tuesday, I'll be in Chesterfield, but don't let that change the date of it suits the majority.
  5. @Simon Gooding Thanks for your post, I'd completely forgotten that we were on to meet this evening! I'm in London today and unlikely to get back at a reasonable time. It doesn't look like there were many takers for tonight, does it make sense to replan?
  6. Apologies for the slow reply, I have been getting back to travelling on business...which felt surprisingly normal! Hopefully, I will be able to make it next Tuesday.
  7. This morning I received my call and the URL to save my spec and pay my £3k, both of which have now been done. I guess it's just a waiting game now, roll on next spring!
  8. @TechydBest of luck for the op. @ADFI cannot do next week, I'm away with work...that's a bit of a novelty these days! @Simon GoodingI'm at Goodwood this weekend, so unfortunately I will not make the Hendy event this time.
  9. I think we left it that we would arrange something on here, but that clearly hasn't happened. Shall we open the bidding for a suitable date in October? 12th, 19th or 26th?
  10. KennyN


    When I was young and stupid, before I became old and stupid, I spent a ridiculous amount on a Lamborghini coffee machine. It even had a gearstick! It was well made and looked great in my bachelor pad, as well as making a half decent cup of coffee. These days, I tend to enjoy the Aeropress, for £20-30 it's hard to beat once you get to grips with the grind/coffee/water ratio.
  11. I hope that you recover quickly Kevin, that doesn't sound like much fun.
  12. That looks like fun @peteyg I saw quite a few of those getting put through their paces at Silverstone over the weekend. The V8's did sound great!
  13. I needed to gain a bit more headroom in my Exige and rather than lower the seat, I had the front of my seat raised on two spacers then used longer bolts. This tipped the seat back lowering the rear section of the seat whilst providing more under thigh support without losing the back and forth slider, which helps with getting in and out of you're tall. This improved things for road use, but I could have done with a bit more room when wearing my helmet on the track and other than going down the Tillett route, I didn't find a decent solution. I did find alternative rails called Tall Rails but, unfortunately, they seem to have been out of production for some time. Good luck on avoiding the call of the Tillets...they are nice!
  14. 27 April 21 - TomE - UK - V6 manual 28 April 21 - JamesDG - UK - V6 manual 30 April 21 - Pugwash - UK V6 manual 15 May - JCR - Undecided 17 May - DarrylV8 - Undecided 20 May - Evotion - V6 Manual 20 May - Evotion - i4 22 May - KennyN - V6 Manual 4 June 21 - DJW - undecided 23 June 21 - KJD - V6 manual 25 Jun 21 - scotty435 - V6 manual 28 June 21 - DaveC72 - i4 6 July 21 - Duncs - V6, but cost dependent. 7 July 21 - freefall_junkie - V6 manual UK 7 July 21 - glen8 - i4 7 July 21 Al_C - I4 7 July Neilread - I4 7 July Philnotts - V6 Manual 8 July 21 - MJON - i4 8 July 21 - Wake - i4 (V6 cost dependant) 8 July 21 - Johnhoward - V6 Auto 8 July 21 (Goodwood Thursday) - JimH - i4 9 July Beady - I4 (probably) 10 July Washy - undecided 10 July Al - completely undecided. 12 July 21 - emstan - V6
  15. I paid my deposit to Lotus when instructed by B&C back on 7th July, with an immediate acknowledgement email from Lotus and I have since received my B&C deposit back. It was all very straightforward. I understand that not all dealers were as on the ball as Jamie at B&C, but if the date that you placed your dealer deposit is honoured then it should not be an issue.
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