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  1. dcmp

    TLF GT430 Club

    Twas me! Had a service, going on a road trip so was happy with Williams guys to use it for a bit to ensure it was running well. Oh and had a couple of mods done to it... And no it's not for sale!!!!!!
  2. dcmp

    Evora GT430

    Nice! Are your roads made out of...carbon fibre??
  3. Nick...what they said wierdly though in bright sunlight mine does have a hint of green but you won't catch me on the M11 in anything other than the swift. I tried to catch Trevsked at hethel too, elusive guy that Trevor but then I was late due to hanging around at Newmarket for mate who wanted the other ticket!
  4. I had V666 EXG on the er...V6 Exige. On retention now after the upgrade
  5. Last Bicester Heritage of the year and my first picture post of my gt430. Managed to sneak it on the end of another lotus club!
  6. Always open to new ideas Kimbers
  7. Didn't mean to suggest you didn't Kimbers Auction rooms, strange places. Spend almost all the time the bidding is going on bored out my skull...but when my lot comes up I get a huge head rush lol Sometimes the value of buying something is of a lesser importance than having it in the collection which is why occasionally I overpay. antique shop guys?!?
  8. Hi, think that was me on way to stow. Just been to the Bicester heritage event which was fantastic! Glad we didn't go over that narrow bridge at the same time!
  9. Kimbers, I buy a lot of antique pottery on ebay and spend a fair bit of time at aunctions and antique fairs. I have experience of all and found the following to be true; 1. What you think something will go for is not always the case. Some peices you expect to pay a lot for can turn out cheap and vice versa. 2. You will only ever sell/buy something for what it is worth at that point in time. Past history in relation to what I collect is irrelevant to a point - even if recent. I suspect silver maybe more stable and reliable. 3. In order to sell, you need to know what you are selling. The expertise generally comes from an auction house or local dealer. Because of this placing through an auction may actually get you more money than at an antique fair if you don't know what you are selling. 4. Auctions, whether ebay or physical have the ability to create a bidding war where two or more people want your items. This isn't possible at a fair. 5. By going to an antique fair you risk being run down by dealers who buy stock and they tend to get there earlier than the general public or collectors. Ideally to maximise your return you want a level playing field where collectors and dealers are going for your items at the same time. I could go on, but my advice is take it to a local auction house when they have a valuation day. This is normally at the weekend. They do this in order to get stock for the next auction but you don't have to enter it and could just walk away with the knowledge. Remember that the more money something goes for at auction, the more they make as a % in commission. So its in their interest to highlight any items of worth. Then armed with this knowledge, you could decide to ebay, antique fair it or auction it. And finally, there is always google to understand the markings. Here's hoping you have some exceptional bits and that we see you on Antiques roadshow :-) Hope that helps. DCMP.
  10. Hi Pete, yes my bad about getting the manufacturer wrong so I should've said sparco's. But the press car has sparco's with the red stripes which is effectively what I would like.
  11. I love the seats in the gt430 but they pinch on my thighs slightly. They are mega comfortable - until that is I sat in the display model at hethel this last weekend. I felt like I melted into the seat and it was just so..lovely and even more comfortable. So at some point I would like to swap my seats out. So if there is any gt430 owners out there with the red stripe recados that wish to exchange because they feel they are too much like a care home equivalent then come chat to me
  12. Hi Dave, I was sorry to see you on the side of the road. If I'm honest I was pleased you had just broken down....the boys in blue made me fear some off roading had occured - especially given the large Silverstone tribe had left Newmarket minutes before. Hope all is well. Bibs, you are a star....thank you for the invite and I also appriciate all the effort you and your team put in. Well worth 8 hours in the car today (well it is a lotus so worth it anyhow). Also, thanks for showing me how the alarm works. Im actually deaf in one ear at the moment and was subconsciously laughing at someone's car alarm going off - didn't actually realise it was mine while I was sat in it. All together plonka David! Apologies I was last on the stand so couldn't get to say hi to everyone but love this forum. Travel safe everyone!
  13. I may regret this, but if you are going through Cheltenham to join up with the Fossway then give me a tinkle! 5pm. Oh dear.
  14. Ah they are for mobility only i.e people with crutches, injuries, oaps etc. And the odd driver of course
  15. I was there, if you saw any of the woody buggies being driven around I was driving one of those over the three days!
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