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  1. Yeah, i lean that way generally but for ~£60 it seems a cheap and simple update. Not it's going to cause problems though.
  2. Thanks for your input. I'm thinking along the lines of 77mm (3inch) along with a larger alternator pulley to slow that down and reduce any extra stress on it. A possible concern is that being an SC Elise, there is no intercooler but that should only effect air intake temps, not engine temps...right?
  3. Has anyone changed theirs? You can get smaller diameter pulleys, spinning it faster, giving more booooost. 🙂 Easy to do? Worth it? Potential problems?
  4. Think i'm going to go with 2Bular catback. I'd love a Quicksilver, it sounds the best from clips but it don't think i could live with the drone.
  5. I'm pretty pleased. Subtle enough not to look daft but something to catch your eye.
  6. It's actually just paint over the raised moulding. Takes a steady hand and a small paint brush but the moulding is already there in the part. You should be able to see in this pic.
  7. As the engine is clearly visible through the mesh I was thinking of doing some painting to make it look a bit more...special. I ruled out painting it body colour as it would be a bit ott so decided for some detail highlights. I think it came out quite well. I'll get some pictures of it back on the car when it's fully dry. Good fun little project!!
  8. Thanks Bibs, that does look doable, although not shown are any bodywork/heat shields/defuser that i'm sure have to come off in the process. So far i know of the 2Balar and Hanger111. Anyone else i should know of?
  9. Does it give you pops and crackles on the overrun? With the stock exhaust i can sort of hear they would be there with something less baffled. Any info on DIY exhaust swaps would be useful if anyone has done one themselves.
  10. Yes, first one. I've a feeling i'll be keeping it for a while though, depending how badly or otherwise it copes with the winter weather.
  11. I'm after a louder/meaner sounding exhaust, road legal, not thousands of £. Anyone with any experience. What are my options?
  12. it's a Pioneer MVH-X580DAB After much research, perfect for my use with bluetooth and DAB and works faultlessly with the right antenna adapter. Much better than the Alpine that it came with that picked up maybe 4 FM stations!! Probably 1/3 the weight as a bonus.
  13. oh yep, I've rediscovered the fun of just going out for a drive, rather than driving because you need to get somewhere.
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