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  1. What are you needing doing? I had a chat with them last week and was told I was high up on the list of getting warranty work done but the set up looked a long way off, as did the showroom.
  2. Nipped in this morning on my day off to discuss warranty saga. Appears it will be sorted pretty soon. I was surprised to see the Evija sitting in the showroom. Was shown round in great detail by the guys from Hethel before their first booking at 1pm.
  3. What is their contact number. Need to get new cover on the Exige 430CUP and also looking for Tesla MXP cover too for my wife and I arriving imminently. Also is there a preferred person to speak to when dealing with them?
  4. Anyone got an email address or contact which works for Parks Lotus?? [email protected] is a dud. ...still nothing Lotus on the website either?
  5. A beauty. Sitting up an unassuming road outside a colleagues Dental Practice in Tollcross Edinburgh.
  6. On foreign plates, way down south most likely just off the ferry from Mallaig. Made me jealous I was in the family wagon.
  7. I agree Stephen. I’ll do Parks as I don’t think the soon to be arriving Model X performance will carry the Lotus on a trailer without needing a top up every 100 miles . (I know-I know before I get EV abuse but the tax benefits are astonishing) I don’t want 500 miles on the CUP. I’ll send a tentative message while I’m up Norf next week.
  8. It saves a grand. Lotus won’t ship the warranty parts to Craig as he’s not approved to diagnose and therefore allow parts release
  9. Serious question!! Have the technicians been properly trained to work on the cars yet? Would you send your car there for a AC condenser unit replacement and belt change? ( Craig said that’s normally an engine out job unless he does it ) Don’t know what to do? Parks or Oakmere
  10. Hi everyone. I’d like to do this to mine. I loved it on the 380 cup. Anyone done it? Simple? Idiots guide anywhere online? thank you.
  11. My undertray bolts were also brand spanking new untouched until CMC did my annual service. Im pretty nervous about sending it for warranty work at Oakmere.
  12. Nice DC 2*** this afternoon. Polwarth. Edinburgh.
  13. Please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC............
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