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  1. Interesting seeing the wing mirrors mounted using the top hole angled backwards. What made you do it that way?
  2. When are they stopping 430 production or have they already been stopped?
  3. So my warranty work appt on Thursday in Carlisle has been cancelled by the garage this morning as their technician left this morning and is not coming back. FFS! If you’re booked in for any work before end of March then expect a phone call cancelling the appointment. I’ve just had a 20 minute rather furious call with Lotus customer service at Hethel to express my thoughts about this and they point blank refuse to pay for warranty work if Craig does it for me, they also refuse to pay for transportation to a dealership further south too, again unacceptable in my eyes I have no windscreen wiper motor so driving without this at this time of year is madness.
  4. I thought I was being a bit mehhh with only 5k and struggled to keep it to that year 1. You’ll be through 2k in next to no time. Make sure all those miles are done at over 4.5k RPM.
  5. Only 2k miles per year
  6. It’s a lot of miles to put on the Cup though for a dealer service stamp. I’d sit tight if you can while we see what pans out. I just need to go for an ECU flash and some warranty stuff before 20th April. My washer motor seems to have packed in or is blocked, I’m hoping that’s causing the intermittent spanner appearing.
  7. Ring them to put pressure on them. I did. Didn’t get far but worth speaking to someone. They only told me they were trying to move things along quickly. that was three weeks ago....
  8. CM is going over mine with a fine tooth comb before my trip to spot any warranty work before it runs out in April then it’ll be seen in Carlisle with a list of anything they find. I need to get the car plugged into a reader too. I was emailing CM today and Lotus Hethel need a serious kick up the arse for not giving him the approved dealership status given his level of support.
  9. I’m booked down in Carlisle two weeks on Thursday for warranty work. What a PITA. . Chances of Lotus paying for covered transport? Is it worth asking them?
  10. That’s great news. Do you know if or when the workshop is open so they can stick the reader in my car and figure out this spanner I’ve got on start up and clear it? Is there a switchboard number you’ve got or an official email address as I don’t want to bother them On forum messages while they get started back up, I’m sure they’ve all had a shitty stressful time over the last 3 weeks. I’m meant to be driving it to York and back on Wednesday/Thursday next week and I’m nervous about doing it with this spanner on start up.
  11. Congratulations Terry. Guess you’ll not need that passenger ride now I’ll maybe get a spot next to you at a Scottish meet.
  12. Brilliant. My dash board spanner came back on last night too on start up for 20s again, car must have a sixth sense, so I’m chuffed to bits for all staff and customers involved.
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