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  1. I agree Stephen. I’ll do Parks as I don’t think the soon to be arriving Model X performance will carry the Lotus on a trailer without needing a top up every 100 miles . (I know-I know before I get EV abuse but the tax benefits are astonishing) I don’t want 500 miles on the CUP. I’ll send a tentative message while I’m up Norf next week.
  2. It saves a grand. Lotus won’t ship the warranty parts to Craig as he’s not approved to diagnose and therefore allow parts release
  3. Serious question!! Have the technicians been properly trained to work on the cars yet? Would you send your car there for a AC condenser unit replacement and belt change? ( Craig said that’s normally an engine out job unless he does it ) Don’t know what to do? Parks or Oakmere
  4. Hi everyone. I’d like to do this to mine. I loved it on the 380 cup. Anyone done it? Simple? Idiots guide anywhere online? thank you.
  5. My undertray bolts were also brand spanking new untouched until CMC did my annual service. Im pretty nervous about sending it for warranty work at Oakmere.
  6. Nice DC 2*** this afternoon. Polwarth. Edinburgh.
  7. Please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC, please say CMC............
  8. I have had emails back and forward from Hethel over the lockdown period. They have suggested in one email that things are continuing to move much more slowly than they anticipated. My interpretation of that is ‘don’t hold your breath’ regarding a Scottish solution. They did acknowledge it was poor show for the Scottish contingency though. As a result mine is off to Oakmere for a new drive belt which is an engine out job and a new AC condenser unit. ( I said it wasn’t going to Hayden’s given the posts I’ve seen about them). They’ve looked at CMC’s report which he gave to me and are going to ship the parts to Oakmere ready for my cars arrival. Work required, when the cars been assessed by a Lotus approved centre technician , will be completed under warranty although it’s run out on my Cup. Onwards and upwards hopefully.
  9. Two Evoras in one day. BRG 410 at Haymarket behind me on my way back from work then a dark grey or black one on Colinton Road going past my house this evening.
  10. Looking beautiful parked up on the high street this afternoon.
  11. Congratulations. Welcome to the 430 club. I saw a new YouTube video last night which reviews the 430 and ownership brilliantly, different from JayEm’s old one in the yellow one at B&C a few years back. A closing parade of Cups sounds good when the doors finally shut on production, Edinburgh is an excellent location for such an event
  12. Jeez. Unfortunately main deals are not as attentive as Craig it would seem.
  13. Hang on for a 410. Prices will slide after the global recession bites.
  14. Go through your bank rather than in house finance companies. That would be my course of sourcing finance.
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