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  1. My car is now at CMC. He’s going over everything with a fine Tooth comb. He’s an absolute legend. Lotus really has missed a beat not using him as their approved centre, madness! Most embarrassing for Lotus was that I made them go and drop my car off at his place on Thursday from the Glasgow dealership. I left their Mini parked up with Craig for them to take away back to Glasgow. I’ll DM his findings of their competence when he’s gone over everything if anyone is interested as I’m moving away from the Marque again. (Sore back). Will include 3 year service check, MOT check
  2. Parks. Bad bad bad They also censored my Google review of them. At least when Leven damaged my car twice 2 years ago they had the leadership at the top to own up and fix the damage they caused. Not here at Parks so beware all of you. I would suggest you read my FB post on Lotus Ecosse. I can’t be bothered with dealing with these dishonest guys again and the car needs to now be delivered by them straight to CMC on Thursday to check their ability to work on the car properly, do the service properly and fix the warranty parts correctly.
  3. Yeah. Fancy a change and I’ve never kept one over 3 years, which is approaching in September. I’ve got a 600LT or 765LT itch I want to scratch. My lower back is also complaining when I get out which isn’t good for the day job so needs must. It’s been a blast for 11k miles.
  4. My 430CUP will be up for sale in 1-2 weeks. I’ve put the feelers out on FB if you want to see what it looks like. It’s my 3rd lotus since 2006 and a cracker.
  5. Funny how the powers that be will come at you for a small logo infringement which is only seen by a few enthusiasts, is very tongue in cheek and actually pretty well thought out..... but completely ignore the glaringly obvious disgruntlement with the lack of progress and flawed communication with a Scottish dealership which is sitting at the top of the LEGS page. I’m pretty gob smacked and disappointed they’ve obviously read that thread and are literally sticking their fingers in their ears and looking the other way without comment.
  6. What a load of pish. No offense to you Bibs. They told me to ring them back in 4 weeks, in writing. I work with GDPR daily with thousands of registered patients every day and as a small business we have our own assigned data controller. We get in touch with patients daily with correct digital consent gained and stored in our server. I’ve registered with Parks Lotus, I’m happy to receive information from them including telephone or emails so they can let me know as ‘you’re at the front of the Q Andy”, but still they can’t be arsed to get in touch with us directly instead getting you
  7. It’s funny as McLaren Glasgow, under the umbrella of Parks Group, is rated best in the country and they’ve been great at talking to me about a car even though I can’t go and see it yet. They’ve bent over backwards to answer my questions and responded to my emails straight away, discussed movement on price and inclusion of extended warranty deals to be had etc and will deliver all cars under covered car transporter including the services, at no extra cost. The car I’m looking at is only £40k or so more than I spent on the Cup. Makes me think is a Lotus thing, an ingrained mentality from the pow
  8. It’s another 4 weeks minimum until they’re going to be ready. It’s also you call us back, to see if we’re ready to accept cars, rather than we’ll call you! Wow. Its weird as they have just serviced a 430CUP with someone on PH forum Scotland page? All very strange. On the plus side, I’m going to see a man about a 720s.
  9. 6 weeks since my visit to Parks and still no news about them being ready to accept warranty repair work on the Cup. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Car is ready to be packed away for winter in a week or two. Bummer!
  10. What are you needing doing? I had a chat with them last week and was told I was high up on the list of getting warranty work done but the set up looked a long way off, as did the showroom.
  11. Nipped in this morning on my day off to discuss warranty saga. Appears it will be sorted pretty soon. I was surprised to see the Evija sitting in the showroom. Was shown round in great detail by the guys from Hethel before their first booking at 1pm. 😎
  12. What is their contact number. Need to get new cover on the Exige 430CUP and also looking for Tesla MXP cover too for my wife and I arriving imminently. Also is there a preferred person to speak to when dealing with them?
  13. Anyone got an email address or contact which works for Parks Lotus?? [email protected] is a dud. ...still nothing Lotus on the website either?
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