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  1. That’s great news. Do you know if or when the workshop is open so they can stick the reader in my car and figure out this spanner I’ve got on start up and clear it? Is there a switchboard number you’ve got or an official email address as I don’t want to bother them On forum messages while they get started back up, I’m sure they’ve all had a shitty stressful time over the last 3 weeks. I’m meant to be driving it to York and back on Wednesday/Thursday next week and I’m nervous about doing it with this spanner on start up.
  2. Congratulations Terry. Guess you’ll not need that passenger ride now I’ll maybe get a spot next to you at a Scottish meet.
  3. Brilliant. My dash board spanner came back on last night too on start up for 20s again, car must have a sixth sense, so I’m chuffed to bits for all staff and customers involved.
  4. Jobs saved as Leven Car Company's Edinburgh dealerships sold Sounds like good news thankfully for the majority of staff Lotus appears to have been omitted though?
  5. Spanner was still on this morning. Took it for an hour blast in the dry and it seems to have righted itself. Must have been the torrential weather and standing water last Thursday when I went up to St Andrews. Shameful throttle blip below on Start up after got back home engine up to temp shows spanner disappears as normal. Saves a trip to Carlisle thank goodness until new Scottish dealership opens while still in warranty. IMG_0261.MOV
  6. Feel free to DM me the details if you know anything. Cheers. Hope it progresses as quickly as Hethel office seemed to imply to me.
  7. 7600. Weekly use usually.
  8. Me too until April. Hope CMC gets accredited which would be amaze-balls.
  9. Been there. A great guy great outfit, loads of Lotus parked outside and inside the workshop even though only a stones throw over the tram line from Leven Lotus . Fitted my new stalks and mirrors from GFWilliams and Alias. Craig was a great guy and I had already decided to use them for all my Lotus servicing and tinkering moving forward when I went 2 months ago, for reasons I’ll not go into here. They appear to have a superb and loyal Lotus following and certainly treated my car with upmost care which was excellent.
  10. Any of you other 430 guys experienced a yellow spanner hanging around on start up. Mine did today for about 15-20s after all other lights turned off. No drop in performance noticed, no misfires etc. Took the car Edinburgh to St Andrews and back approx 100 miles to blow out the cobwebs. Got back cleaned dried and started up again to get everything warm and water evaporated from rads for 20 mins and again 20sec illumination of yellow spanner! I’ll head down to Craig Moncreif Cars in a few days if it doesn’t disappear.
  11. Which code reader is required and where do you stick it? Will ring CMC in a day or two if it doesn’t clear.
  12. Took the car for a spin today. The spanner symbol came on. Disappeared after 20 seconds. Had a 100 mile blast. Got home and washed and dried and turned on again for 20 mins or so to dry all the internals and get the fans hot. Spanner appeared again for 20 seconds. thoughts?
  13. Shame for the staff. Hope a buyer can be found to salvage some of the dealerships and jobs.
  14. What do people recommend for sticking this back on and indeed removing the old adhesive black tape material from the inside of the rear wheel arch. Mine broke free this morning. Thanks.
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