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  1. Thanks for posting. Move not managed to attend since coming back into the Lotus fold last September however I’m keen to do so when weekends permit this year. I am very keen to do the Knockhill shakedown so keep me posted and did speak to Ian about it when I bought the car last year What is this Petit Paris thing which is being referred to? Hopefully meet up with some of you in the future. Andy.
  2. Andy Norman

    Thinking of buying this Exige

    Have you looked at Leven Lotus sale in Edinburgh. They are heavily discounting their Demo stock at present. FYI no affiliation with said dealership. I just got a cracking deal last September.
  3. Andy Norman

    BRG Evora

    Haymarket in Edinburgh this morning.
  4. Andy Norman

    Tyre writing.

    I’m keeping her how she is. No tyre pen. Did a quick stencil and cut out white paper and didn’t like it so she’s safe from being chav’ed up this evening. Loving all the input from everyone, and yes, needs top coat 🤪 Thanks
  5. Andy Norman

    Tyre writing.

    It is my car. Thanks 👍
  6. Andy Norman

    Tyre writing.

    This topic is like turbo charged Marmite.
  7. Andy Norman

    Tyre writing.

    What did you use? Easy?
  8. Opinion on outlining the Michelin writing in white on the Exige tyre sidewalls. I quite liked the idea of doing it and have just spend 30 mins looking at pens on amazon. Will it look more motorsport or do I just need to put the idea down to post New Year head fuzz. Anyone good at photoshopping the picture below?
  9. Andy Norman

    Yellow Elise 111s or 111r

    Just approaching Edinburgh on the M8.
  10. Andy Norman

    Exige Sport 410 - how good?

    I had the use of this nice courtesy car today while I have my sticky door fixed on the 430 Cup. Nice colour if anyone is on the hunt for a 410. Cant compare it to mine as it’s not run in yet so just had a pootle about for a few miles.
  11. Just be careful that you realign all the bolts correctly with the inside clam filler pipe leading down to the patrol tank. It takes a little fettling to get them all bolted back together correctly. Also be super careful removing the cork spacer from the back of the original so it doesn’t tare before putting it back on the new one.
  12. Andy Norman

    alexthewheelman’s Exige Cup 430

    Mine are Alcantara too same as above. Just assumed that was standard on the CF Cup seats TBH.
  13. Thanks. Will ring the dealer.
  14. My passenger side external door release is sticking/stuck so is almost impossible to depress. Is this a common fault? Not experienced this on past pre V6 models?
  15. What do you mean by patchy? Have you a picture?