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  1. messaged KT as I thought 490 better than 475 for same money as it costs the 410. They didn’t respond to my 490 questions as was not on a charge cooled car and didn’t seem to understand what I was asking them tbh. The only other upgrade appears to be the sequential powerchain upgrade which I’m not interested in for Road use and need for new box every couple of 1000 miles. Will see what happens with KT developments next year when my warranty is up in Feb I’ll have a chat to Craig Moncrieff when he’s back off his holidays in a few weeks as my cars going to see him for some tweeks and he’s in the know.
  2. Should I have been contacted by the dealership to get my coolant reservoir replaced on my 430?
  3. Anyone heading up to Knockhill this Sunday 22nd for the tarmac show. Looks like a nice family day out and some interesting motor related shows. You can also register online to park your car up in the show area at a reduced entry cost it seems. The BTCC was great to watch last w/e.
  4. I’m just waiting for the warranty to run out on mine then will see what KT have at that time. I think it’ll be able to handle sub 500 given it’s only 15 more than the current upgrade which I assume has the nuts tested out of it at KT but we will see what details emerge.
  5. I’m thinking of doing so after Feb but now I’ve heard about the 490 I’m awaiting more info to filter down from KT re the above points about internals.
  6. Impressed taking that into the field which was slippy to say the least in my X5 with 4x4 at Knockhill. The Audi above you and two cars to the right had slipped down its space and into the pickup truck in front of it on that steep muddy slope.
  7. I’d wait for the 490 kit and I’d be pretty miffed if I’d got the 470 kit without knowing this bigger upgrade was in development.
  8. Keep us posted on the 410/430 design progress.
  9. Errrrr. Launch control on a V6?!? I had this on my 08 Exige 240s. It’s on the V6? deets please.
  10. Anyone heading there on Sunday? I had a look at NE Scotland page and there is a registration page to fill in. I’ve filled it in and will be attending hopefully before 10 to see if I can get the car in and have a good nose round with my son. Pissy weather or a crying newborn may hamper my arrival time and ability to get the car into the display paddock.
  11. I’ve registered. Hopefully be there before 10. If I’m late due to new baby and two other kids I’ll just have to park in the car park.
  12. No, I haven’t. Strange.
  13. Has it gone? Must have happened yesterday as Leven were advertising it on Instagram yesterday for £499/month presumably with a mahoosive deposit and balloon.
  14. Good news regarding the original owner having the handheld re-flash device. I came ridiculously close to buying this at Murray’s in Edinburgh when it arrived and can confirm it used to spit ’s. I ultimately didn’t have the balls as couldn’t get a straight answer regarding warranty specifics so held out for the 430 Cup. Fingers crossed it’s back up to crazy performance soon. Brilliant bonkers car.
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