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  1. Hi @ChrisJ I've just purchased a extinguisher kit (however 4kg as size you got seems not available anymore). Would you share more detailed pics of how and where you installed all the components? Thanks in advance for your help
  2. I will try this way. However it seems that there is a kind of wing which you can hardly twist 180◦ angle , but even doing so it wont come off... Yes its not a case of getting a new glass as Im not affraid of that. I will try to get it off somehow as the car must be ready for upcoming show on this sunday
  3. Hi guys I need to weld my outside mirror of Esprit S3 as it's broken. I'm trying to find out how to remove a glass without damaging it?
  4. Dear Users, Since quite long time Im in search of heat shield for exhaust of my Esprit S3 Turbo. It seems impossible to find it as a spare part (at SJS Sport Cars no stock). Does any of you can recomend where I can find it? I belive in original shape it will not come any more, so at least as a large sheet so I can make the form by myself. Thanks a lot. Attached picture of the 2 parts I need to wrap.
  5. Simon and Geert, Thanks for the solution. Actually I was quite sure that this will be the reply but just wanted to make sure that there is an alternative way not to harm the Esprits body... Unfortunately I will have to prepare myself to drill the hole now... Geert Ive also red on, non of described worked so I just decided to wirte here before I start to cut the body... Anyways guys thanks a lot and surely we will hear soon as my adventure just started! BTW can you recomend any online shop with spare parts that carries a Lotus parts?
  6. Dear All I finally got my Esprit S3 arrived home. My case is i can't open rear hatch. It seems that someone already tried to do it as the cable is out of the handle which is located on the left side where the doors locks with the rear fender I would say. Already tried to pull the cable it self with a pliers but it wont move a bit. Any idea guys how to get it open?
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