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  1. This is correct. With the right dealer you will get one for 90k, with OTR costs on top. I do not think there is any money in it for the dealer or brand so caution is advised.. as you may end up with no dealer to go to. Im not sure all dealerships have the ability to do it and it may be based on their relationship with Lotus.
  2. I know exactly what you mean.. had to drive mine today, actually had to, adults constantly gave dirty looks, kids loved it.... bloody adults!
  3. Clearly I didnt need to say it, you knew it
  4. You know what im going to call you. Begins with K and ends in B I wish it cost me that
  5. Smart Meters; They are neither. They are a medium for convenience and accuracy for the consumer and a vessel for marketing for the energy providers, ultimately seeded by the government to put a lid on energy prices through trade wars, which has actually killed off many energy companies. Beware of smart, the long term aim is to have every household appliance as 'smart', fridges, freezers, washing machines, tvs, etc. This is so the energy company can assess your data, see exactly when you are using energy and offer you the best deal at that particular moment. In the future, it is likely we will bounce around multiple suppliers throughout the day, giving each company a piece of the pie. With regards to smart meters actually saving you money, well, yes, they can, however it will be pennies at a time or you start to live in the dark or go without heating, and you dont need a fancy meter to tell you that. Ultimately, they send accurate readings to a central hub for data capture.
  6. I got some of that free from Porsche.. Because the are well aware they are bending you over on their over RRP prices!
  7. I can see sense in comments here, i wouldnt mind a lotus sat next to the gt3 in the garage. A fancy race car and a raw car, totally different experiences
  8. I didnt know the calipers could be painted, ive learned something new! I do actually think the GT4 is one of the prettiest cars in the range. I have heard the gt4 is the better handing car in the GT range. Are you going to buy it? Having tried 7 porsches, clearly you have an itch that needs scratching..
  9. Just picking up on this comment, Porsche calipers come in 2 colours, red for steel, yellow for ceramic. Its not an option to change the colour unfortunately. KennyN will confirm that I too hated the colour combo when I first saw it in pictures. I have to say, it has completely grown on me and actually works in the flesh. I wouldnt have chosen it but I dont mind it now. There is/was another Miami sat with Colchester Porsche, that has a Miami cage, yellow belts and silver stripes. Some may argue it blends well but i think it looks like an accident at the skittles factory
  10. If we are rolling with the topic, the 600LT gets best McLaren design for me. In total contrast to my comments previously, the 600LT is one where id happliy cope with dealerships, reliability and depreciation. I love them.
  11. Hmmm, in a classic grand tour tone, youre wrong.. the lines across the exhaust section just looks like the designer gave up. 'I dont know how to fill this gap, i know, useless lines' which will say vents unwanted heat.
  12. Hopefully someone can translate that one for me. Visually, the Porsche product is the one thats lacking vs its rivals in the price range, I have to agree. I wouldnt say the GT3 is comparable to the evora though. A cooking model 911 maybe, but the GT3 is a more track focused car, as is the exige. That said, having owned both, the write up was based on a personal comparison. I agree, I saw many similarities in the McLaren to the lotus. Some good, some not so. Theres no doubt that great deals can be had with Mclaren, mainly because they need to shift them ready for next weeks model!
  13. I have to agree, not quite apples for apples, and as I mentioned, its not really the first thing the lotus buyer is looking for, twas worth a mention though. So, it was in fact the 570s that I was looking at too. It was the fastest car that I tested. They are mega. I still love the looks and would argue that they are nicer to look at over the GT3. Why didnt I pull the trigger on one, well, I did, twice, but couldn't go through with it for these key reasons; Depreciation, its real and heavy on these cars. I was looking at a 30k loss in a very short space of time. I know all cars depreciate but with a McLaren its huge sums and just not reasonable. Reliability, they are poor. Each one that I looked at had an issue, seriously. One of which had faulty mirrors, peeling carbon and had only done about 2k miles. There are many other horror stories out there. The dealerships, just not really there, happy to take your money and then argue with you thereafter. In a nutshell, great cars, they really are, i love them but i just couldnt, you know.. if money isnt something you like to have then get a mclaren, if you have the patience of a saint, get a McLaren, they have epic performance. Add your thoughts to this thread if you like mate
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