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  1. I can see thats how its going to go for me. A few days a week not putting a sausage down my throat
  2. Christmas is going to be tough, All, remember, im not doing this to save the planet.. if i were id be convincing you all to go electric! This is about seeing the truth in it, to see if there is any gains to be had from not eating meat, to see if I personally feel any better.
  3. I knew this topic would get some heat. The veggie replacements are simply tasters, to see what is out there. Tomorrow its bean burritos!! Im hoping to see an impact on my training from that one, hopefully more energy, being loaded with veg. Again, im not saying meat is bad, i do genuinely love nandos as much as the next guy. Im simply testing the theory that seems to get raised a lot recently that a plant based diets may be better for me at present. The way the world is going at the moment, i wouldnt be surprised if were forced into being veggies anyway. Has anyone watched the documentary yet? Anyone else trying it? Or do i need to close my account and join a tree hugger forum? Haha
  4. Hahahaha!! Thats it, make it easy fellas! Day 2, no cravings.. chickpea and spinach curry yesterday. Veggie burgers tonight. I was expecting them to taste like cardboard but they were actually really good. I highly recommend comparing the sat fat in a beef burger vs veggie burger. Bit of an eye opener. So far, no differences noticed. However, i dont feel so heavy inside. Ive not found myself hungry either. The challenge will continue..
  5. I can see a little of the honda nsx in that..
  6. Woah, brave posting a porsche on here! Ill go get some popcorn! Nice looking thing for sure, congratulations
  7. Im in no danger of my diet making me feel godly, I thought that of myself anyway!
  8. I get that there is no substitute for real meat, believe me, I love a bbq! But thats not the point here, if i can train longer, have more energy, live longer and feel healthier, surely I shouldnt dismiss the value of a veggie diet? Good question bibs, im not going to become eco warrior of the year. I simply want to make some little changes, in this case, cut out meat and check for benefits. I will see how week 1 goes and if im feeling knackered then i will introduce fish, but not meat. The training is currenty consisting of the gym 6 times a week and long runs 3 times a week, so I will need to maintain my fuel levels. As for the beer... I need to have a long think on that one..
  9. While nursing a hangover, I decided to watch 'the game changers' on Netflix. I had heard of this documentary a few times so it was on my watch list, I have to say, its worth watching. At present, there is a lot of talk about our health, the food we eat, the environment, etc etc. It is something I consider regularly, being a typical lager drinking, red meat eating, middle-aged bloke who daily works from a desk... I tend to be conscious of the food I eat, cooking food from scratch with little processed food just being chucked in the oven. I was glued to the film, seriously. There is a real argument that a vegetarian diet is better for you, better for your long term health, fitness & training, it can even reduce any inflammation in the muscles which supports recovery. Lewis Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, top athletes etc have recently gone veggie, now, I appreciate there is a stigma around veggies and the meat lovers on here will have their say on this matter, but, if the proof is in the pudding that a veggie diet is better for us, are we missing a trick here?? Having watched the film, im going to give it a go. Im going veggie for the next 30 days, to try it for myself and see if I feel any difference. Anyone else done this or considering this? Happy to share recipes? Think of the classic saying... 'strong as an ox', well, the ox eats grass...
  10. Ok, i have been school'd
  11. My point being, why the secret? Why is it just for the service centres? You paid for it.
  12. Why are they not free? You paid for the service in the first place! Its your car too! thats very cheeky of lotus. Thats like having to pay for my shopping reciept from tesco..
  13. Thought the title would get your attention.. Does anyone know of this 380? Any history that a potential buyer would need to know? Thanks
  14. Nope. The largest plates were 3 mouthfuls... We did have some proper wagu beef that had been slow smoked for 48 hours. Obviously, that was horrible Feel free to mention your favourite steakhouse in this thread
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