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  1. That is what I am saying, if the paint wasnt up to standard Porsche wouldn't have sold it. They are like that, they have to be to provide the warranty
  2. I'm hearing the questions. Majority were basic warranty issues, would be wrong to go into detail. Typically, they will probably all get addressed with the current dealership.
  3. I'm surprised Porsche even touched in under their warranty scheme. Bit of both I think. I tried 3 dealerships.
  4. Morning all, Sadly, I have to announce I have sold my 380 after just 7 months. I have had continuing issues from day one with very little brand support. It has been a bad experience from the start, I have simply had to move on for my own sanity. It's not the car, it's the brand, if minor issues had been sorted correctly then I would have remained a faithful owner. The car itself is already missed and it was very very hard to see it go. It will soon be available at Leven Car Co. Great car to drive, was my pride and joy. I will always say hello to the lotus owner. All the best Dan
  5. Clearly, every local lotus owner is an alcoholic Haha
  6. No idea actually, wasnt komotec though. Fitted through lotus
  7. This is the passenger seat, there is no rail, how did you move it? As I'll get my spanners out
  8. @Christian H Did you have any issues refitting your passenger seat? Mine is touching the harness bar and can make adjustments to the straps difficult. With there being no passenger seat rail I'm stuck with it
  9. My calendar tells me it's a Sunday Correct, I have made contact and tried for us but they are full. Keen to get us in next year. Might be worth a recce?
  10. @Bibs @Kimbers @PhilW @Neal H @Rob999 @clivef38 @charliejd85 Gents? Fancy this?
  11. I don't think we will struggle for takers
  12. Before & After Minor additions, frontal PPF, cat scratches, wing ends and some belts... equaling an extra 50hp easily
  13. 2nd June (Sunday) Could be a good one for the classic Lotus enthusiast. I have asked if modern Lotus cars can sneak in too, if its not raining, I shall grace you all with ones presence! Ideal location for the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire folk to gather..
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