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  1. Dan.G

    Goodwood Festival of Speed 2019

    Calling all fellow car enthusiasts! FOS is confirmed for 5th - 7th of July 2019. I (and the wife unfortunately) have just booked tickets for the full weekend of the Goodwood Festival of Speed, plus accommodation. We will be carrying mostly alcohol and are very much looking forward to a great weekend! We will be travelling from Norfolk early on Friday morning (5th) to our accommodation. accommodation will sell out quickly and/or get more expensive closer to the time, the free shuttle to FOS will be very handy! Please utilise this thread to arrange meet ups & convoys. See you there!
  2. Dan.G

    Exige 350 Sport

    Actually thought you'd sold yours for a second, then I realised you have driven into a sticker factory
  3. It was.... git It's a good thread to start but I can see a few people disliking it and you will get opinions all over the place. I too believe the 380 will go up in value, as not many sold due to the noise and many agree it's the best looking exige, as it's the only one which can chop peoples legs off. ....quite fond of mine (bias)
  4. Dan.G

    New Lotus Owner (Hopefully)

    Got the car yet?
  5. Dan.G

    Bittersweet Days

    Have been watching this thread from afar, very hard to know what to say, my thoughts are with you, I'm sure I speak for the entire forum when I say a hug goes out to you and the twins. Look after yourself too.
  6. Dan.G

    Anyone an expert on antiques?

    I think keeping an eye on anything Chinese is a good investment
  7. Dan.G

    Is there a better way to.....

    Looks awesome, il do some hot wings
  8. Dan.G

    Is there a better way to.....

    I'm definitely looking forward to my invite to your bbqs, wow!
  9. Dan.G

    Anyone an expert on antiques?

    Going strong so far, particularly if you consider the actually price of silver per weight.
  10. Dan.G

    How good with the roof off!

    Erm they don't have any, at all, fact. I would imagine this was more about Ducati vs Kawasaki
  11. Dan.G

    Is there a better way to.....

    Careful, you may get a few blokes mention double D Chantelle from the local gentleman's club! Haha
  12. Dan.G

    PlayStation VR

    To quote Jayemm, 'very tempted, very tempted indeed'!
  13. Dan.G

    How good with the roof off!

    There isn't much difference to be fair, it has that typical ti higher pitch but it doesn't make much difference at all. It's just a pretty blue haha
  14. Dan.G

    How good with the roof off!

    Wonder if my Ti will sound any different, probably not
  15. Dan.G

    Anyone an expert on antiques?

    Wow, I can definitely sense your passion. I will drop you a pm. I know of a few others on here that collect silver and gold so will leave this one open for others to share their wares, although I wouldn't recommend anyone share their home address... 😉