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  1. Sounds really interesting! Will give it a proper listen a bit later
  2. Think I have seen that one around recently
  3. What year is your car? Airbags haven’t always been fitted as oem so may not need one
  4. Best guitar- maybe the Parker even though it was £3k because it is just so damn good. Everything about it has been thought about and designed well. Best value- Ibanez RG, bought for £100 from ebay. Just does everything with ease and very versatile despite people thinking they only do rock. Weirdest - the 8 string pictured previously. Not the easiest to play, or the best sounding (pickups are voiced for djenty stuff) but it gets comments everywhere i go. weirdest j want - strandberg boden. Mad shape yet ergonomic, weird neck profile, small and light. Never played one though.
  5. Tommo7

    Black Elise

    Yeah, that’ll have been me
  6. Is there a lotus meet this tuesday or does the sat meal take its place?
  7. The 8 string is Harley Benton which is the own-brand of Thomann in Germany. Despite not being a ‘premium’ brand, it’s a lot of guitar for £350. ($450). Neck thru, locking tuners, good quality manufacture and a lovely paintjob. Gets lots of attention from people wherever i go! Tuning is: standard for the thinnnest 6 strings, then an extra low B and an even lower F. Plays great although the strings are a little closer to each other than on a standard guitar so it’s not so good for fingerpicky stuff as i find my fingers accidentally mute adjacent strings. the one with f-holes is a nylon string electro acoustic by yamaha. Another one with a really nice sound that surprises people
  8. Just the one bike, and nly been riding since 2011
  9. A family pic from a couple of years ago, still got most of them the Green Parker is by far and away my favourite, plays like a dream. Recently bought an 8 string for shits and giggles
  10. I imagine it is exactly like all the previous Fallouts, so no
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