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  1. Thanks Simon, this is a good idea. The closest Lotus dealer being 250kms far away, I'm waiting for my little multi-brand garage to see if his Electronic-check supports Lotus ECU. If yes, I'll try to find and fix the issue through this check, and depending of the result, I'll maybe have to go for manually moving down the rev counter. And if all this does not wrok and if I have no extra tip from the forum, I'm afraid I'll have to go and let the poor Elise to a Lotus garage! Vincent
  2. Yes, I've done this several times, even inverseing the procedure, means starting with contact ON, which also works. Yes I've disconnected the battery up to a whole night, and even shunting the two battery cables to empty all the condensers and eliminate residual currents. As you could see on the pictures, the issue is that the reset procedure works, but does not last very long. I've tried many other reste procedures (in case) such as swiching on/off five times, which also reacts correctly (red light on after the fifth), such as pushing gas-pedal at the max five times, etc... I also had good hope to find a bad contact somewhere but honnestly I believed I've checked each and every connection. Do you believe in the manual move down of the two needles (that some relates in various posts)? Vincent
  3. Hi all, I'm new on the Lotus UK Forum, and come to you all because I couldn't find a relevant solution on the Lotus France forum. I have an Elise S2 111s of 2004, equiped with the Shurlock Dasboard. Since last week-end, the two needles display erroneous values from the moment I turn the contact on. Both counters work when I'm driving, but with values added from the initial errors. I've been through all the reset procedures that I could find on both UK and French forums. I reviewed all fuses and connections (from Dashboard to ECU, through intermediate connectors behind the rear left wheel protection)... No result untill now. In fact, what happens when I try the usual reset procedure (contact off then on, while pushing the zero button), the system reacts and the two needles come down to zero, but as soon as the version number/date disapears (5-7 seconds after reset), THE TWO NEEDLES JUMP BACK TO THEIR ERRONEOUS VALUES. I must precise they both come down to zero when contact is off. For that reason, I did not try to open the dashboard and to manually move the needles down. I also do not have asked yet for the electronic check (yet my little OBD check does not see anything wrong). Totally stuck for now... Has anyone been through this persisting problem? I would appreciate any help from you, in simple language please as English is not my mother tongue!! Vincent
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