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  1. I may not be a contender for the top prize, but I at least want to be a credible entrant. My ‘97 V8 is entered in this event on Saturday, 20 July. The competition is always quite stiff. Here’s my progress so far. Little things take so much time. The windscreen reservoir had the original (!) fluid in it. It was quite spoilt and the bottle was dirty and showed the unattractive ecosystem that had formed inside. Two hours to empty the bottle, clean it inside and out, then install fresh fluid. And I really don’t have that kind of time on my hands ...
  2. Where do I find the complete list? I think I understand that Bibs is the owner and only authorized editor of data - therefore this thread, but I assume there is a copy of the file somewhere for reference and browsing? 1997 Esprit V8 SCCFE33CXVHF65272
  3. Definitely. Very cool binding on body, neck, and headstock including the trapezoids. Custom, Gold Top, natural back. Really high gain pickups, a pleasure to play.
  4. Part of my collection in the basement man cave.
  5. Alpine CDA-7832 in my 1997. The manual also refers to the Alpine CDA-7930. i hope this helps.
  6. Thanks, Atwell. I will add these tests to the list.
  7. OK, thanks. Then I shall embark on some diagnostics and testing. I would be quite happy if mine started that quickly.
  8. Yes, by experimentation it is clear that the TPS plays with the start circuit. What’s the correct strategy? Foot completely off the throttle leads to long cranking, but if that is correct I will learn to live with it.
  9. Obviously better than the “no start” threads, but annoying (actually embarrassing) nonetheless. I experience lots of cranking before the engine fires, and very sensitive to throttle position. Unusual in my experience of FI systems. Is it a characteristic of this car, or shall I start some diagnostics?
  10. @Barrykearley what brand and color dye did you use for the leather? I think your interior is the same color as in my 97 and I have a couple of spots to touch up.
  11. I believe these to be the other applications (in addition to the Lotus Turbo Esprit V8 circa 1997) for the key blank made as: JMA 2111 and JMA OPWYP Silca YM 27P  Ilco S30YSP Opel - Vauxhall Calibra 1995-1997 Opel - Vauxhall Cavalier 1995-1996 Opel - Vauxhall Vectra 1995-2002 Opel - Vauxhall Omega 1995-2003 Opel - Vauxhall Sintra 1996-1999
  12. Wow. That front engine black car is intriguing; I’ll look it up! In the meantime I think I will consider alternate colors. In a red car the red engine trim is nice, but I’ll explore the possibility of something a little more exotic. High-polish silver or light gray with black or red logos is appealing ....
  13. Maddy, @Blackngolds3turbo I see you made your top sides silver. Is that factory to match the body or custom color selection? (I am such a newby!) I have been assuming all the engines were red from the factory.
  14. Excellent advice, thank you to all. So - I will look for gasket set B910E9246W which should have all I need plus two head baskets that I don’t need. And no media blasting. Good thought. I will hand-strip and then high-temp paint or powder coat. I am so tempted to do something exotic - color change or polished metal or somesuch, but think I am better advised to stay as close to factory as possible.
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