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  1. The previous owner did just that. He picked the bits he wanted painted black and yellow (centre section of the spoiler has been painted yellow). I think the colour combination is a one off, that's what I was told. I think there might be something in that, especially with me be an avid Bees (Brentford) supporter!
  2. I am the second owner. I was looking for one with a yellow roof but with the side sills painted black, which I was going to get done myself. I had seen the exact same colour combination 400 drive past my workplace a few times and I fell in love with it, so I thought if I buy a yellow 400, I might have to get the roof and sills painted. Then this came up with the alcantara interior that I was looking for and the forged wheels. Lotus lettering on the back was painted at the factory. I thought this was a nice touch. It turns out the previous owner worked near me and it was the same
  3. Ended up buying a 400 from Lotus Silverstone and I am still really enjoying it. I had no intention of spending that sort of money but when one came up that I really liked the look of with the right spec, I somehow managed to convince the mrs (still not sure how I managed it) The car is completely different to the M3. I thought that the steering of the M3 couldn't be improved upon but I soon realised how wrong I was
  4. The first time I drove an N/A, I had it in my head that it was going to be slow, but to my surprise it was remarkably good. For whizzing around country lanes, the car was spot on.
  5. Yes. For me anyway. Faster, lighter, the more aggressive looks and the best bit for me are the bigger brakes, for driving characteristics the 400 is a jump up from the S.
  6. Took my car on the ferry for a tour of the Black Forest. The car drew a lot of attention. Several people asked whether they could have a photo of the car. I had to leave it on the street in Freiburg one night. I went to the car to get something, to find half a dozen people taking it in turns to pose with the car having their photos taken. I hung back until they went. Best one was taking a diversion to see the World's biggest Cuckoo clock (who wouldn't want to see that?). I parked up, then a club arrived of 6 or 7 911's. This Italian couple took a look at my car and the husband got
  7. This is the usual Lotus badge typeface. The one in your pic looks more Buck Rogers.
  8. The lotus lettering is aftermarket? It's in a different font to mine - letters are squared off.
  9. That is a stunning looking car. The red with those wheels looks so classy. I think it looks better that way, without the black pack.
  10. You certainly had some very good weather for the drive home. The transmission is a bit louder than other cars and is completely normal. Enjoy!
  11. I was at Silverstone on Saturday for the Caterham launch. I'm fairly sure that it was your car being detailed by 2 fellas in the workshop. Your car looked stunning!
  12. Thanks for the welcome I'm just outside Winslow. I go through Aylesbury on my way to London.
  13. Thanks Jay. Not knowing much about Lotus cars, I watched most of your videos to get to know the brand. They are a valuable resource for me and others. Cheers for that
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