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  1. The first time I drove an N/A, I had it in my head that it was going to be slow, but to my surprise it was remarkably good. For whizzing around country lanes, the car was spot on.
  2. Yes. For me anyway. Faster, lighter, the more aggressive looks and the best bit for me are the bigger brakes, for driving characteristics the 400 is a jump up from the S.
  3. Took my car on the ferry for a tour of the Black Forest. The car drew a lot of attention. Several people asked whether they could have a photo of the car. I had to leave it on the street in Freiburg one night. I went to the car to get something, to find half a dozen people taking it in turns to pose with the car having their photos taken. I hung back until they went. Best one was taking a diversion to see the World's biggest Cuckoo clock (who wouldn't want to see that?). I parked up, then a club arrived of 6 or 7 911's. This Italian couple took a look at my car and the husband got his wife to take a pic of him posing with it. After several photos, she gestured for him to stand next to the 911's for a photo. He gave her an unenthusiastic shake of the head. An Italian NAAAH, is all I can think it looked like.
  4. This is the usual Lotus badge typeface. The one in your pic looks more Buck Rogers.
  5. The lotus lettering is aftermarket? It's in a different font to mine - letters are squared off.
  6. That is a stunning looking car. The red with those wheels looks so classy. I think it looks better that way, without the black pack.
  7. You certainly had some very good weather for the drive home. The transmission is a bit louder than other cars and is completely normal. Enjoy!
  8. I was at Silverstone on Saturday for the Caterham launch. I'm fairly sure that it was your car being detailed by 2 fellas in the workshop. Your car looked stunning!
  9. Thanks for the welcome I'm just outside Winslow. I go through Aylesbury on my way to London.
  10. Thanks Jay. Not knowing much about Lotus cars, I watched most of your videos to get to know the brand. They are a valuable resource for me and others. Cheers for that
  11. The original owner asked for a few custom bits to be done at the factory. He had the sills part of the black pack done, as well as the lotus lettering on the back. The centre section of the spoiler colour-coded too. I really like the way he specced it. I'm told it's a 1 of 1 paint job wise.
  12. That's cool, 2 yellow Evoras on the same estate. My boss said he saw a yellow Evora drive past Holophane last year. I haven't seen another Evora for ages. Take a look at my intro on the introductions thread. Sorry OP for the thread hijack
  13. Hello everybody. Apologies up front - I do go on a bit! I've been in my Evora 400 MT for 2 weeks now and I am loving every moment of it. I've been driving German cars for the last 20 years, the last one being an E92 M3 which I owned for the 5 years. That was a great car, but this is something completely different. I've been looking around for a year to replace the M3 and I tried many cars such as 911, Cayman GTS, F-Type V8 and V6S, but none of them hit the spot. Somebody at work suggested I try Lotus,so I went to Silverstone and met Aimee. She let me test drive a couple of cars, starting with a Yellow NA, then straight off I started to feel the love. That was a great car, much better than I expected. I then tried an S IPS, but that gearbox wasn't for me after coming from the M3 DCT box. I had my name down for a manual S for when one came along, preferably in Blue. I was offered a lovely Essex blue S by a member on here, but I wasn't in the position to proceed at the time. Once I was ready to go, it was sold. I remember the reaction I got from colleagues when I showed them a pic of the Solar Yellow NA. They were like, nice car but not in that colour. When I saw it in the flesh, I fell in love with the colour. It was always at the back of my mind, I was thinking it would look great with a yellow roof too. Just after Xmas, a Metallic Yellow 400 came up at Silverstone with a yellow roof. BOOM!! this must have been fate. It was January, so I thought a deal could be struck. Price agreed, I went to see it and take it for a spin. As soon as I started off, Aimee switched the exhaust valve open (clever move!). What a noise - that was it I had decided to buy it before I left the car park. A big thumbs up to Aimee at Lotus Silverstone, she has been great, getting straight back to me with any questions, even in after sales. So much better than the main dealers I've dealt with in the past. A dull day for photos. Here it is, before I put my plates on -
  14. That was me in MK. I've just bought it. Was you driving your evora? I'm yet to see another one since I bought it, let alone a yellow one.
  15. I took the yellow one out for a test drive a few weeks back. I had doubts about the colour, but in the flesh it was gorgeous. If it was an S, it would be in my garage now.
  16. A sub £50K Evora 400 with only 6000 miles on the clock. Seems cheap or is this the right price for a private sale?
  17. That settles it. Evora it is then! I sort of knew how the comparison would turn out before I watched it.
  18. Funny enough, the F-type was my other choice. I've still not got around to going for a test drive. I think that's because since thinking about them, I keep seeing so many on the road, much more than my own car.
  19. Thanks for the comparison. That was really interesting. I've just been googling 2bular exhausts. Now that's more like it. | That's one of those upgrades that can be done after a year or so and it feels and sounds like a new car again, just like I did with the M3. Thanks for the offer of the drive, that is very generous of you. I'm getting a positive feeling from this Lotus community. More than I can say for the //M community. Cheers
  20. What did you do? Did you just keep looking regularly online or did you register your interest with your nearest dealers? Thanks
  21. Thanks for the help. I've finally got around to test driving a couple of Evoras. They are very sexy looking cars, more so in the flesh. I get admiring looks from petrol heads in the M3, but it seemed everybody was looking during the test drive, a bit like when I took a Vantage for a drive. This completely put me off of the Vantage, but I really like the Lotus and I'm trying not to let it put me off. First was an NA manual Sports Racer. I was actually quite surprised with how quick it felt. I'd just got out of my 420hp V8 into the 276hp V6 and I wasn't expecting much, but it was actually pretty good. I liked the manual box too. Handling was excellent, loved it. The interior felt quite nice too, which I wasn't expecting. Infotainment doesn't bother me as I only really listen to the radio. The only thing that put me off, was that I didn't think it was that quick on the dual carriageway and some Gary boy burning me off in his 330d would make me sell it pretty quickly. Next was an S IPS. Yep, that was more like it. Speed was good, although I couldn't push on as quick as my car, I was more than happy with the speed. I just couldn't live with the IPS gearbox coming from the M-DCT. The DCT has spoiled me and it feels 20 years ahead of the IPS. Out of the many cars I've driven, the M-DCT is way ahead of anything on offer from Jag/AMG etc. I don't know why, but the handling of the NA felt better than the S. I noticed the S had Bridgestones on it, which could be the answer. I need a bit more noise from the car, coming from a V8 with a race exhaust, but I'm sure I can sort that out. I need to try an S manual, but that's the problem, there are very few around! There's a lovely looking Matte black S in Nottingham that I could see myself in, but I think the matte finishes need lots of extra care which I will probably get fed up with. In summary, the car has got under my skin, but I think I may lose heart if the right car doesn't come up in the next few months.
  22. Thanks, that's a good shout. I didn't think of that. That is good news, I love a good road trip and if you can get enough luggage in the Evora for a trip like that, then great. I did a 2-week trip around Northern Spain and Portugal in June in my M3. I couldn't believe the amount of attention I got.
  23. That's a good point. The DCT in the M3 is a peach of a gearbox. Thanks for the heads up on hard bargaining. I'm used to dealing with BMW, who hardly budge at all. Thanks for the write up. Really interesting to get the point of view of somebody who's owned both. Cheers
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