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  1. I can't make this time but that's a great location for a meet and drive.
  2. Looks lovely! I'm an idiot, as I thought this was next weekend and I could have made it. Argh! On a sunny day, too! Most of you have probably seen this before, but a good watch if you haven't - "Lotus Elise - The Inside Story":
  3. Can't make this one due to a family commitment in Norfolk. Oooh, and because I'm up there for the Lotus Driving Experience (bronze) on the Saturday. Can't wait! Taking my 13yo son (as a guest) and 22yo nephew (as another driver) to make sure that the Lotus tradition is rooted in the family for generations to come!
  4. It was great following the blue Hanger Exige back to Harlow (sorry, don't know everyone's name yet) but it was over way to soon. Perhaps we should meet up for a Sunday morning drive any time it's dry? If you don't mind stopping for fuel every hour ... My son and I agreed that it's a lot more fun driving in a convoy of Lotus' than out on our own. Not sure if the forum does any road trips but that's something I'd be interested in next year. Any excuse to drive. Anyway, back to clearing out my garage for the winter!
  5. I'm not so fast on the twisty stuff ... it's more fun to follow someone who knows the road. Just great following a string of Lotus' down a road!
  6. Nice to meet you all. Good spy shots! I enjoyed the short drive back and was wondering if you do more driving at any of these meets? That part was good fun
  7. I can no longer make it on Sunday morning but I look forward to seeing everyone at Lotus next weekend. Please say hello!
  8. Yeah ... it was certainly the 380 that did it for me. I thought that I wanted an Evora but when I saw the 380 and all that carbon, I knew I was in trouble. Drove a lot of cars (Elise Cup cars, Evora, Sport 350 and 380), this just put the biggest smile on my face but they're all fabulous and I would have been close to just as happy in my old Esprit. I don't know if I got a great deal but it seemed like a fair deal and I was happy to buy it. Time will tell if it is the right choice. Everybody seems to like the car, I suppose that's one of the great things about Lotus' products. My wife generally
  9. Yes, that's right (Williams). They'd had it for a while, I'm not quite sure how the colour came to be. The blue is interesting: I almost didn't go to look at the car because it does not photograph well in daylight (it washes out in images, which I think this is true of several of the vivid colours). But does look good in 'real life'
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