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  1. Oooh ... that's more like it! I'm in
  2. I can no longer make it on Sunday morning but I look forward to seeing everyone at Lotus next weekend. Please say hello!
  3. Exige Sport 380 available (Bibs sent me!) ... Won't have to get up too early will we!?
  4. X4 XGE

    New owner ... Exige Sport 380

    Most definitely!
  5. X4 XGE

    New owner ... Exige Sport 380

    Yeah ... it was certainly the 380 that did it for me. I thought that I wanted an Evora but when I saw the 380 and all that carbon, I knew I was in trouble. Drove a lot of cars (Elise Cup cars, Evora, Sport 350 and 380), this just put the biggest smile on my face but they're all fabulous and I would have been close to just as happy in my old Esprit. I don't know if I got a great deal but it seemed like a fair deal and I was happy to buy it. Time will tell if it is the right choice. Everybody seems to like the car, I suppose that's one of the great things about Lotus' products. My wife generally disapproves of such financially ruinous behaviour but even she approved of it when she saw it
  6. X4 XGE

    New owner ... Exige Sport 380

    Yes, that's right (Williams). They'd had it for a while, I'm not quite sure how the colour came to be. The blue is interesting: I almost didn't go to look at the car because it does not photograph well in daylight (it washes out in images, which I think this is true of several of the vivid colours). But does look good in 'real life'
  7. Yes, going on Saturday. Should be fun
  8. X4 XGE

    New owner ... Exige Sport 380

    Thanks for the welcome! Yes - Owen with the Esprit. R920 DVW. The Exige has been fabulous so far, everything that I loved about the Esprit, and a little more. (Edit) It is difficult to explain the emotional connection to these products. It would be a lot easier to buy German and use it every day ... I might even be able to see where I'm going at night! I grappled long and hard with the Lotus vs. Porsche argument, head firmly going for Porsche but the Lotus drives gave me such a grin. It's childish, stupid, and utterly wonderful. Not an easy choice to make but I'm glad I went with heart. The more I drive the car, the more I'm impressed (well, with the exception of new rattles with each 1C change in temperature!) What surprises me more than anything else - hailing from Norfolk, as I do - is how few people know what the car is.
  9. New owner returning to the brand after some twenty years with the Germans (just couldn't get Lotus out my system). Recently purchased a new Exige Sport 380 in Porsche Riviera Blue with carbon goodies. Fantastic! My first Lotus was an Esprit GT3 in Norfolk Mustard which is now with another forum member in Norfolk (may have to wrestle it from him one day). Looking forward to meeting some club members and enjoying many happy drives ...