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  1. I got mine from pnm parts as S2111S posted here is the link also in black
  2. Name: Lotus Elise Click to view: Lotus Elise
  3. So i took the lotus out tonight to see how the LED headlights were & what a difference
  4. 🤣🤣🤣 All I will say is we are a 3 car couple but the lotus is MINE 😁😁😁
  5. ye i agree the driving lamps or spotlights is another story i am currently upgrading them to LED too they too have sidelights. If you look closely at the 2 pics you might see that they are different unfortunately i haven't fount alternative front indicators for the Elise s1 so i think they might be staying as is
  6. Hahaha me & the missus have been together 25yrs no kids no hassle only hassle we have is deciding where to go at the weekend 🤣🤣🤣
  7. Not had her out in the dark yet but will grab pics as soon as poss
  8. Just want to say hi guys Lotus Elise s1 owner not my daily driver she is tucked up safely in my little tight squeezed garage 😂 I have done a few jobs on her like suspension overhaul, seats re-upholstered with Alcantara, quick release stearing & now LED headlights/Driving lights can my winter night get any more exciting 🤣
  9. Hi Now I am not much of a poster more of a lurker but i want to share something with you guys. I have a Lotus Elise s1 with the start of the dreaded headlight corrosion on the inside chrome. I did do a lot of searching on forums about replacement headlights but not at £119.94 each from Elise parts, now I found a company that had LED headlights for the Elise s1 but was not sold mainstream YET But they did sell me a pair with the 3 clamping clips now the 3 headlight clamps were not standard & i had to modify them a little myself. Now even after modifying the clips to fit snugly it was still a little tight to fit so now i post some pics for you to decide yourselves. Oh & it was only 1 headlight with a bit of corrosion, they still passed an M.O.T & i wanted to go down the route of the LED anyway Before the LED lights. Notice the passenger headlight with the corrosion After & this is the actual LED headlight. now it does have the sidelight in them notice the little led between the two circles, that's the LED sidelight Love them or Leave them YOU decide
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