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  1. You are welcome Bibs! Nice to see our write up published in your website Thanks a lot
  2. Thanks a lot for the link, great read! Nothing better than remembering that season with the words of Mario
  3. Thanks a lot for your comment Geoffers I was born just that year of Clark winning the championship so I can only imagine how it was back them. It's great to hear live memories from someone that was actually there
  4. Thanks again silverfrost... and yes, we can but dream, not only the lotus badge back to the BTCC but also some current F1 drivers and teams, as I dare to imagine in the first paragraph with that Mercedes backed team of Class A saloons driven by Hamilton and Bottas
  5. Hi everybody This time my write up about Lotus history is dedicated to the winning season of Jim Clark and the Lotus Cortina in the 1964 British Saloon Championship. It includes some video footage and also infographs to illustrate the race by race account with the podium results of each event. I hope you enjoy it, any feedback is welcome as usual Please, click on this link to read it->
  6. Thanks for your comment Not easy to find copyright free pics to use specially of the Lotus 91
  7. Remembering the 1982 Austrian Grand Prix and the Lotus victory of Elio de Angelis: Includes Youtube video of the race as broadcast by the BBC
  8. Thanks a lot Andy Thanks!!! I'd also like to give credit to my friend Gerald Swan, he was kind and patient enough to put my 'Spanglish' text in proper and far more readable English
  9. Thanks a lot! I'll be more than delighted
  10. Thanks a lot for your positive feedback As for publishing it on the main website forum, Bibs, I'll be more than delighted
  11. Not only F1 in Lotus history Time for some good old rallying
  12. It would be great if someone find the lost Mark 1, no credit to me though, just a coincidence I suppose Hi Sizona, I'm something like 400 kilometers north from Madrid Thanks for your message. As for where Hazel's family or Colins father lived I don't know
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