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  1. Hi Folks, Looking for advice to repair a minor cosmetic detail if possible. I have an Elise Cup 250 and have noticed a small (half inch) scratch in the front splitter, maybe from a stone chip or something. Luckily it isn't too dramatic or visible unless you are looking at the car from low down, but it has gone a silvery colour and would be good to make it black, smooth and invisible again. It is a regular splitter, not upgraded to carbon fibre or anything, just the plain black. What is the best product for me to use to repair it, or should it be done professionally? Thanks for any advice!
  2. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome
  3. Hi everyone, Thought I'd share this photo of my brand new Elise Cup 250. Never owned a Lotus before. It was between this and a Porsche Boxster but the Porsche is a bit common lol. After a lot of research I had my heart set on an Evora, but once I got to the showroom and saw the Elise I just fell in love and knew this was the car for me. Anyway, nice to meet everyone.
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