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  1. We go to Ladybower, I bring the rods. Anybody willing to bring a barbecue, a big one?
  2. I can hear the turbo spinning up from very low revs. I always thought it was quite normal. It is much more noiceable with the sunroof tilted open. It has been thus for the four years I have owned the car. Does yours boost as it should? If it does, I think that hearing the turbo working is fine.
  3. 1963 BMW Isetta bubblecar - rough running from a farmers field -
  4. I'm going to give this one a miss. I have been unfaithful and taken a mistress. Cost me far too much and as I'm still in the early stages, I can't leave her alone. I hope you all understand. Will see you all later in the year (when the novelty as worn off and the sun ain't shining). Have a great day all of you. Shot with FinePix6900ZOOM at 2007-08-15
  5. I spoke to someone at goodyear re. this a couple of years ago. He said the moulds were in Germany. He thought they might do a run if there was enough demand. I suggested that maybe Club Lotus (I wasn't aware of this forum then) could maybe drum up a list of potential buyers via the magazine. I telephoned and suggested the idea but nothing ever happened. Perhaps we could start a list on here and then approach Goodyear to make a run of the original 195/60 and235/60 Eagle NCT with the extra stiff sidewalls. I am convinced we could all then have the outstanding grip / handling these tyres gave the early Esprits which, sadly, we no longer get. The Pirelli P600 235/60VR 15 that used to be available was designed for the XJ6. Soft sidewalls and a heavy car gave comfort but they were never really suited to the Esprit. Higher pressure helps but they couldn't approach the NCT Eagle design which was specifically designed for the Esprit.
  6. It seems we really do need a logo. Please do a 3' x 2' version and I'll bolt one of those old fashioned spin signs to my roof.
  7. Excellent day. The weather was kind to us allowing a nice drive, especially with an S2 showing us how to do it. Thanks to all involved in organising it. Thanks to Nick Whale and the Lamb for their hospitality. Nice to see everyone. I hope it's only a minor glitch Graham, a car that nice can't give you much trouble.
  8. Although no water entered the house, did any go under it. Do you have timber floors? If so, there is a void under there. Water could enter through air bricks etc. and sit under there until it eventually evaporates / drains away. Lift the corner of a carpet, if you have wooden floors, lift a board and look under. If there is water, it will soon go but the smell might linger a while. I have often seen a collapsed joint at the base of the soil stack allowing foul water to seep in to under floor voids. That causes exactly the problem you are describing but as it has coincided with flooding in your case, I would guess that is the cause.
  9. It's 11-30 PM. I've just returned Telford - Bridgenorth - Dudley. Roads clear, no problems, very light rain.
  10. Contact the factory, they should be able to supply a correct replacement if you give them details of the car.
  11. Quote - Because no one at Frankley can hear their mobile phones, we'll pull into the services rather than doing a "fly-past". I could always set it on vibrate and put it in my pocket but the last time I did that I thought a wasp had flown in there and I tried to beat it to death. Now it only rings quietly. I will monitor it very carefully if you would rather do a fly past.
  12. It can't be, this one ia assymetric, the original was not. I'm not sure how stiff the sidewall would be, maybe a call to Goodyear would get the information. The original was very stiff. Lotus recommend higher tyre pressures on non original tyres to compensate. 25lb front and 30lb rear if IRRC. I think the originals ran at 21lb & 25lb.
  13. nicksoldies


    Please excuse me if this is already common knowledge. I've just seen an ad' for tyres in my local paper. Under "New fom Goodyear" is listed a 195/60 VR 15. It's an Eagle F1 assymetric. I don't think this size has been available from Goodyear for many years. The Eagle NCT was original fitment. If they did a 235, we would be in clover.
  14. Chris, From the age of the car, I'm guessing that you have a dim dip system fitted. It was UK law at the time that when the sidelights were switched on, the dip beam had to show, but dimmer than normal. It sounds like either somebody has disconnected the dim dip wiring to the lamps but not the pods. It may be a blown fuse or relay stopping the lights working. Either way, you need the wiring diagram to work out how to stop the pods lifting. If you don't have the service notes, let me know and I will have a look to see if I have the appropriate schematic in my notes. I seem to remember that Lotus made the thing function in a very complicated way.
  15. It's not to bad to see with the wheel off and a torch. Listen for a ticking/chuffing noise on tickover. Look between the front and rear pairs. This is the common place for a crack. If it's been like it for a while, there will be white stains down each side of the crack. Even with brand new studs and nuts, the job would be a nightmare. I think you would need to make a couple of special spanners as access is a near impossible for some of the nuts. Add in rusted/rounded off nuts and seized nuts/studs and you need Yuri Gellers help. If you see one with a cracked manifold, walk away unless you can knock
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