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  1. Ladies and Gentlemen: As the (still) New-Guy - I am likely asking a simple question; but here goes. Who knows what species of wood was used in the laminated rim on the steering wheel of my 1965 Elan S2? I have built a fixture that attaches directly to the aluminum spokes and am about to run a dozen, or so of .100" X 1/16" X 60" strips of wood....but which wood? I noticed that the rims of Elans are light-colored wood. Could it be Beech? Any help is much appreciated! I've had some luck in matching the original Medici Blue. Notice the original, (non-sun-faded) paint color, under the lip of the bonnet, with the new spray out, adjacent to it. I am not in love with the shade of blue, but it is a very original car and that was the color with which it was born. Thanks again, to you all! Woody Menear Hummelstown Pennsylvania USA
  2. Tim, Thank you for your kind and informative research on my forlorn Lotus! I am writing from Manchester this evening and if you were handy, I would happily buy you a pint, or two for your troubles! I shall keep you in the loop on the Lotus. Attached is a photo of the airplane (aeroplane) - in formation with a Mustang, in the days before it came to grief in a landing accident, with a subsequent owner...should be flying next Spring, (Lord Willing). Cordially, Woody Menear
  3. Tim, Thanks for your kind response. I have just sourced some R. O. & Co. road wheels which are in much better condition than mine; square filled. The seats remain on my wish list. I am in contact with a Lotus specialist at the U.K. who has seats. I have no compunction of listing the car's data: Chassis number is 26/4128 and the Body Number is 3665. The engine block number is: LP2559LB and the block casting is embossed with a large, "L" - which I am told is "A Good Thing" - although I do not know enough to comment. I do know that all the body panels have the number, "3665" and I am certain that is also a good thing. It's a very original, essentially undamaged, 29,500 mile car. That said; it has been indifferently stored and pretty much unloved. I intend to save the car, if I don't go broke, first! Lotus purveyors are mighty proud of their I suppose they should be? Thanks for the help! One can reach me directly at If anyone is unpleasant in their use of that email account, I shall put a hex upon their families! Or...I shall simply block them! Cheers, Woody
  4. Thank you, both for sharing your experience and knowledge. I shall keep you posted. Sincerely, Woody Menear
  5. Stuart, You are most generous in your comments. What I really need to do, is check into, "The Henry Ford Clinic, for The Gasoline Addicted" and get clean! Any tips on the road wheels, seat frames or other useful bits for my Elan, would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Woody Menear
  6. Stuart, Yes, it's plenty of work; but enjoyable work! Believe it, or not this will be a relative, "walk in the park" - when compared to the repair of an airplane that I am just finishing up. This is relatively speaking, "relaxation"! LOL! Woody
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen: I am in need of many parts for my 1965 Elan S2. It was neglected and stored outdoors, for decades. I am looking for steel road wheels (R O & Co. 13 X 4-1/2, bolt on). I would love to have useable seat frames, too. While I make a Christmas List: How about a top (hood) frame? Thanks! Woody Menear Hummelstown, Pennsylvania USA
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen: I have adopted a 1965 S2 Elan. It is low mileage, numbers seem to match...but it has been ignored, neglected and needs lots of stuff! Specifically, I am looking for R. O. & Co. - 13"X4-1/2" J road wheels (bolt on). Also, a hood frame (top), seat frames and much, much more. Thanks for any help. Woody Menear Hummelstown, Pennsylvania USA
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