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  1. I wonder if JAE, R. Dent, Dave Bean or Lotus by Claudius could/would know of a source state side
  2. SJ should have some windscreens - tinted & non-tinted
  3. Very nice. What bulb did you use in the clear part of the turn signal/indicator lamp? They almost look like extra driving lights, it’s near perfection 👌
  4. Depends if you have retained the original radiator in your Lotus (you want to protect the solder & brass) or if you've got an aluminum one . I understand that the major problem seems to be with the solder corrosion, with the older lead types being worse. First - silicate is an aluminum protector. Secondly - Today's "conventional" coolants are different (low silicate) chemistry than the old Prestone type high silicate coolants. Here is one article by Paul Weissler that states "conventional" coolant SHOULD protect copper/brass radiators better:
  5. I would imagine since the surface is rough textured that any oil & grime will adhere to it & be difficult to keep clean more likely than if it was painted/powder coated. Suppose the factory had it smartly due to this alone, just my thoughts
  6. That is smart, definitely closer to OE & more refined, very nice 👍
  7. Not sure if this helps, but on my older 911 & 914 Porsches I had some of the exposed parts (that were in high wear areas & exposed to the elements) I not only had them yellow zinc cdmium coated, but clear (gloss) powder coated & not only did it turn out beautiful, but stayed that way for years. Mind you only on parts that were accepting of the extra layers. Other Porsche members have told ma about "Cerakote" & other ceramic coatings I have yet to look into on my current 911SC for example for the fan blade, where there is extreme wear (from it spinning all the time) but very lit
  8. Not to stir the pot, but this past year I've re-cored my original radiator & put in (what I believed to be excellent coolant) the Febi Bilstein G12++ with distilled & de-mineralized water, which is similar to my Audi coolant that has 335,000kms (2nd water pump replacement but really didn't need it they were perfect, only did it because of timing belt) so awesome stuff, right?. Yes it is (for the correct vehicle & application lol) But........... after doing some OCD reading I think I'll be flushing the Lotus system "again" to put in original Green Zerex that should be more friendly
  9. Take a closer look at the rear section meeting the rest of the rear 1/4 panel on that '86 on Bring a trailer - it sticks out & looks unfinished & the entire bottom section (from where the strip should be & downwards, basically that belt line) almost looks as though it's all been faded in/out with body filler to wash away the protruding edge of where the black trim/strip used to be. Some are already talking about the integrity it may or may not present in future stress use. That Esprit needs to be sold to someone who will save it from further deviation & experiments that could
  10. I forgot to mention - the light source for the headlight switch came from what appeared to be a "fiber optic" type of little plastic clear line that brought the light to the switch, it all appeared to be original to me because I did not find any splicing into harness & the little plastic line/optic plastic translucent line was neatly wrapped up into the existing factory loom
  11. On my '84 U.S.A. Federal version they are illuminated (from factory/original). I've struggled with this very issue on my headlight switch. I could never find an illuminated one (with similar window in green) so I ended up strategically cutting out the window from the original housing & putting into a new generic switch. It works. I would still love to see new switches made with this very option sadly I cannot find any - anywhere
  12. This is one slippery slope topic, no pun intended. I thought about Valvoline VR1, “Street” version & NOT the “Racing/not for street use” type, for the latter didn’t have the appropriate detergents to allow normal drain intervals. Used Street VR1 it in my 911sc, it was OK, using Brad Penn 20w50 partial syn. in her now, tends not to seep as much in the air cooled. I’m using Red Line 10w60 full synthetic in my ‘84 Turbo Esprit & really like it, easier starts & seems to ignore hot summer temperaments by keeping solid, steady temps with or without A/C on., plan on staying with it. Mind
  13. It's the film industry, they probably jacked it up/to get that "money" shot with Roger in frame from that angle (look @ the relation to the ground), I don't recall the Lotus was sitting that high in other scenes. I used to be a prop P.A. on a lot of commercials & some feature films when I was younger, & boy, I can tell you that a lot of the stuff is mocked up, blacked out, gaffed, taped & glued to look perfect "in camera frame", apple boxes were a go to for propping things up all the time
  14. A proper headlamp switch with symbol that allows illumination
  15. It does look perfect, who knows, it's the poster child of perfect colours & condition, options etc., it would be nice to see a proper Turbo Esprit come into it's own in terms of value, they are after-all rare & great performers!
  16. It certainly has potential to bring it to its glorious original self. The steering wheel centre pad looks deformed & out of proper shape with incorrect stitching, but not too difficult to either re-do or source a quality used one. Yeah, the carbon fibre is odd looking in this cockpit with wrong hazard switch. Definitely get a proper engine air intake box & filter system (especially in your region with dust) & like others mentioned an engine bay cover too with fan ( like factory set up for cooling). Looks like a proper metal coolant pipe has been replaced with rubber hoses & som
  17. How do you know if it really isn't made in China to begin with? I'm always going OCD researching to make sure, however, lately it's been a struggle even with name brands that say or have print on the packaging "made in Germany, U.K. Belgium" BUT...... on closer inspection, I start to see "designed, subsidiary, parent company..etc....etc..." I try to buy quality, all the time, but I get frustrated with confusing advertising, just say'in when you receive parts or shop it requires superior investigation to ensure it truly is quality made in ....(usually) Europe part
  18. I've had a few Stephen's USA Turbo versions (1989 non SE, 1991 SE charge cooled, & a 1994 S4"S") but this is the only Giugiaro I've owned (1984 USA carb'd Turbo version), driven 2 other Giugiaro's (injected Turbo's) though, but without my bias (being the Giugiaro hands down for fun/dollar value for me), take a look at Harry's garage video, he bought a 1987 & I find the review pretty decent as he's driven a few including later models. Give the video a peek, it's another good perspective
  19. Not sure of your specific set up, but my Esprit Turbo 1984 U.S. version with A./C (LHD of course) the fan relay is in the fusebox , left hand side of the driver ( out of 6 relays - A, B, C, D, E & F) it's position F bottom right . Should be able to find a diagram for your specific model
  20. Just my opinion, but Please don't remove it. Anything can be repaired, resale value is usually indicative of such items not working & worse yet "removed". I've always steered clear from "removed" systems (regardless of lame excuses like "it's lighter", better for track use, less worries etc.). Besides, Esprit A/C systems aren't actually that complicated say, such as older Porsche 911's (& I've got one of those) with sorted A/C & love it!
  21. PNM has the hotter climate Otter switch, which I've ordered as well, not because I'm having hot running issues, but to try it for the summer & see if it's any better to keep the Turbo Esprit cooler running (I've got a small air to air intercooler, larger carb jets & boost slightly up) runs great usually between 80 & 90 degrees celsius, however in long traffic jams it does creep up to 90/95 on 25+ hot days & I'm in Canada, not the hottest pace on Earth
  22. That '87 looks to be a bit of a bargain
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