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  1. I've had a few Stephen's USA Turbo versions (1989 non SE, 1991 SE charge cooled, & a 1994 S4"S") but this is the only Giugiaro I've owned (1984 USA carb'd Turbo version), driven 2 other Giugiaro's (injected Turbo's) though, but without my bias (being the Giugiaro hands down for fun/dollar value for me), take a look at Harry's garage video, he bought a 1987 & I find the review pretty decent as he's driven a few including later models. Give the video a peek, it's another good perspective
  2. Not sure of your specific set up, but my Esprit Turbo 1984 U.S. version with A./C (LHD of course) the fan relay is in the fusebox , left hand side of the driver ( out of 6 relays - A, B, C, D, E & F) it's position F bottom right . Should be able to find a diagram for your specific model
  3. Just my opinion, but Please don't remove it. Anything can be repaired, resale value is usually indicative of such items not working & worse yet "removed". I've always steered clear from "removed" systems (regardless of lame excuses like "it's lighter", better for track use, less worries etc.). Besides, Esprit A/C systems aren't actually that complicated say, such as older Porsche 911's (& I've got one of those) with sorted A/C & love it!
  4. PNM has the hotter climate Otter switch, which I've ordered as well, not because I'm having hot running issues, but to try it for the summer & see if it's any better to keep the Turbo Esprit cooler running (I've got a small air to air intercooler, larger carb jets & boost slightly up) runs great usually between 80 & 90 degrees celsius, however in long traffic jams it does creep up to 90/95 on 25+ hot days & I'm in Canada, not the hottest pace on Earth
  5. That '87 looks to be a bit of a bargain
  6. Those seats look perfect! Done exactly (from what I can see in the photos) as to factory, something not so commonly done nowadays, very nice!
  7. Good one, 😂🤣 that last reply had me in tears lol
  8. Interesting. Maybe the "NEW" manufactured material "Metallic Wood" would be interesting as the prices for new composites & exotic materials come down but of course Lotus is known for "bonding" different materials together so partial mixed alloys with ??Who know, I've always loved the Esprit chassis, way ahead of it's time & ready for new materials to be utilized to see it's full potential today ...... new Esprit? :))
  9. Wow, that seat looks perfect, still loving the tucked/rush leather look personally! Great job.
  10. Hmm, like the article, but old news to me, if anyone to me 😜, I've owned & DRIVEN several Esprit's in my lifetime an '88 Esprit & put 18,000kms did nothing except oil changes not even brake pads (a 1989 Esprit Turbo non SE bought with 48,000kms & drove to 76,000kms even in winter once - NO issues, just oil changes & new tires @ my discretion) a 1990 Esprit Turbo SE - bought with 19,000miles & drove to 32,000miles - re-upholstered interior due to Miami heat shrinking the real leather, rear bumper repair from an unknown fool late night hit & run while parked on street, new brake pads all four corners & that's about it again pretty reliable & no let down) a 1991 SE & put approx. 33,000kms with only front pad replacement & oil changes & nothing else, a 1994 Esprit S4 non S4's put 11,000 trouble free kms I mean NADA, Zilch almost boring to tinker with, just put gas in & drove the snot out of it with oil changes in between, & currently an '84 Esprit Turbo so far a cross gate cable update to better shifting (previously was OK but now better) new headlight switch after putting approx. 2800miles & will accumulate more - as far as I'm concerned the Lotus Esprit has been one of the most reliable exotic - my Ferrari 308 was a pile of sugar & fragile as as a butterfly, the 328's were a little better but that timing belt wasn't fun after snapping one @ 58,000miles, the 400i was the best out of them, needed nothing but was not exciting. I apologize for babbling but I'm passionate about Esprit's as much as I am about older Porsche 911's, I used to care what people remarked about Esprit's before, now I don't care, I know better & am still enamored by them 😍 Tho the divorce thing I couldn't avoid 😂
  11. Also keep in mind most if not ALL new reproduction switches will not have the illumination option for the icon (whether the word "lights" or lamp symbol). I know Scimitars, Triumphs, Tasmins & TVR's had similar switches, however not sure if they had the illumination option. This of late has been giving me a headache, I'm a stickler for OE correct & near perfect restoration items & for the life of me can't find an illuminated option (where the fibre optic light can shine through lens) argh If you're not as picky, these repros are just fine for proper operation if you're not able to repair/rebuild your switch. BTW you "may" be able to find another switch case that can allow the swap of the icon lens (maybe the power window switch for example)
  12. Yes sir, you're correct about using old symbol which was no problem removing seeing it's designed that way (which I've done) I've already transferred the new guts ( works great) however, the casing where the symbol is to go on new one needs cutting to accommodate the original symbol ...well...... my interior is near mint, & I'm just looking at my 1st cut & it's not perfect. 🤣 It'll do, but just not perfect.😏 Basically from your picture above where it says "lights" mine has a "lamp", so I've removed that from original casing & began to cut out a square hole to put that lens into. Again, it works, but if you look very closely it has a nick & it doesn't sit tight, will probably dab some black silicone & McGiver it a little ....we'll see, in the meantime I'm hunting for the unobtanium "like new" use one ...he he (good luck right?) 😝
  13. Hi all, Looking for a little assistance. I've received a new "compatible" headlight switch for my '84 Turbo Esprit (USA model) from SJSportscars (Thanks guys), works fine & looks identical, (did have to transfer over from the smooth toggle to the serrated/lined one to match the other original switches) however, the "illuminated" portion is not there, simply no "green" translucent screen to allow the wonderful little light to shine through the little headlamp picture, boo Correct me if I'm wrong, but from doing more & more online searches, it appears that Lucas no longer makes these exact ones. It sure would be nice to possibly get either a NOS piece if it's out there or a good clean one from a wrecked Esprit of the same model/year etc., please tell. I am currently attempting to cut out the blank piece & place the original green see through one in it's place, but I fear it won't be to immaculate standards, I'm pretty handy but just not that good Thanks
  14. I agree, I do have the factory "top spring mount" heatshield, but somehow I too feel that the tire needs some buffer from the hot pipes. Of course many things can be custom fabricated, but I like OE looking type mods
  15. Hi all, Just as I was enjoying the Esprit Turbo this passed summer, I noticed the immense heat coming from the left rear wheel well. On my previous '89 & newer ones the factory installed a shield, just wondering if anyone has installed this "exact" piece (see pic) on a G body N/A &/or Turbo, not looking for custom (got that now, & am not too keen on keeping it, looks, well...home made) would like this factory piece. Just wanting that little extra piece of mind for tires' sake
  16. Just wanted to say Thank You for a wonderful read! You are not only lucky to have snagged a real gem but it too appears is in the right ownership, by someone IMO truly appreciates the iconic alure of the early turbos, oh yeah & of course it's in the best colour combo (he, he mine is the same but with the steering wheel on the right side, uh hum I mean correct left side lol) say, if you don't mind, do tell more about the cermic coating & detailing, I mean your Esprit looks better than new
  17. "Bobby dazzler" LOL 😜 I gotta google that one 🤓 Rumor has it I'm the 3rd owner, I think it kinda shows & drives it. Gis, a yellow Guigiaro, WOW love to see some pics if you got'em. Pretty much any colour (for me) works on these sexy, timeless G body beauties 😍 Thank you for the warm welcome!!
  18. Thanks Buddsy, I love ALL the Guigiaro Esprits, here some obligatory pics of mine
  19. Hi All, Just wanted to introduce myself & my car. I finally had a moment to sign up here, read a lot & lurked for a while. I bought a 1984 Esprit Turbo in original Calypso Red with full factory black leather interior from a nice fellow from Michigan this past June/July. Drove it up from there back to Ontario, no issues, drove great albeit in the rain (yes, wiper system worked flawlessly once figured out multiple steps lol). I hope to not only learn more from others as well as contribute what I can. I plan on driving this beauty like my other vehicles. Not my first Esprit, in fact my 4th (others sold & gone but not forgotten) but by far this is my favorite, always wanted a Giugiaro body. BTW currently restoring my 1982 Porsche 911SC Turbo Look back to factory specs. so this Lotus will be my go to fun driver. Once the 911 is back in full operation, the Esprit will get some lovingful maintenance like timing belt (T104 B blue belt, w/trapezoid teeth), the good quality tensioner bearing, water pump, belts, filters LOF (Brad Penn 20w50) etc. maybe a cat delete pipe in near future (Esprit's never really sounded aggressive enough for me). Anyhoo, Hi all & Thank You for being here, I've always liked some stories & experiences from others!
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