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  1. That's fine JeyEmm! Infact that is what I was thinking about, I mean, wouldn't be a good reason to sell it because of the supercharger failure!! I am facing the same problem with the supercharger and probably I will have to spend quite a big amount of money to fix it! anyway, the idea to sell the evora because of this is still far away in my mind....! And I hope will be like this for a long time! Fingers crossed!
  2. Good evening JayEmm, Just to be sure I've understood correctly. The reason why you've sold your Evora is not the failure of the supercharger but rather the behaviour of your dealer after this happened?
  3. You mean something wrong has gone into the supercharger passing through the filter?
  4. The noise is like this even if less noisy This is the filter
  5. Good morning all! Sorry for my intrusion in this topic but unfortunately I have got the same problem with the supercharger. My name is Simone and I write from Italy, 3 days ago I brought my Evora S SR (MY 2013, around 14000miles) to up grade the airbox with a carbon BCA. While replacing it, the mechanic (Lotus), realised that he had reassembled the MAF sensor backwards, in fact, the car didn't want to turn on. Then they realised the problem and mounted in the right position the MAF and the car turn it on properly. Soon after we started listening this noise like the lobes of
  6. Good morning Ramjet, Actually this is the same comment I did with the Italian lotus workshop. It seems that there is a problem with the galvanising process of lobes in case it is ruined and is necessary to make it again. In any case it sounds strange to me that there is no one to make it in Italy! May be they have some specific interest.... I don't know....
  7. Do you have a point of contact for this? I don't want to change the engine originality and reliability....
  8. 17000lm which would be less mileage 10563,31 Do you know how much the original does it cost?
  9. It is a kind of noise like the lobes inside are scrubbing against the Carter.... May be the bearings are loose! Anyway the noise is discontinuous....
  10. Hello forum mates, my Evora S SR MY 2013, started to emitt a bad noise from the supercharger. It is not so loud yet, but it is clear that there is something wrong inside. The Lotus mechanic told me that the revision of a supercharger it would costs at least 3/4k and that only in US could be done. Did someone have the same problem? Do you have any suggestions or usefulinformation to give me on this?? Thank you...
  11. Good morning ladies and gents from Italy, Thanks to the administrators to welcome me in this forum and thanks also to all the community for your precious information and experiences you will share with me. I will do the same....
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