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  1. It was with some amusement that I read the C1 Racing Club '2019 Driving Standards Policy': "1.8 Repetition of serious mistakes or the appearance of a lack of control over the car (such as leaving the track) will be treated as Adverse Driving and will be reported to the Clerk of Course. It should be expected that penalties up to and including the exclusion of any driver concerned will be enforced." To be honest, without them there, the turnout would have been down to about 20 cars for the day, it was that quiet. So I am guessing the Silverstone organising team didn't want to intervene too much. I wonder if they charged them extra for the multiple recovery truck fuelling that was clearly incurred.
  2. In case anyone was interested for future events, I attended the Silverstone track day yesterday which was a 102db drive by, 105db static limit day. No static tests were done but I had no issues on drive by despite using all revs and all DPM modes. The bypass valves would have been open a lot. It was a pretty cold and wet day which may have deadened some of the sound. Being on the regular road MPS4 tyres was a good choice for the conditions and I managed to get round quickly and without issues. More than can be said for some of the Citroen C1 racing teams that were testing in advance of their April 24hr race...I haven’t witnessed that many red flags in a day before for spun off cars (and subsequent grass and mud on the circuit). I’m glad the driver walked away unscathed from the one that he rolled coming out of Club onto the main straight
  3. I’m making the trip over from South if Bedford. Anyone else planning to brave the cold and head over?
  4. I’d be interested if anyone can clarify it this is just one of TADTS... Still getting used to driving my new Exige and notice in the cold weather that on the move there is a cold draft of air that leaks into the cabin around where the door meets the sill (both drivers and passenger side). If I put my hand there I can definitely feel a cold flow of air... Thoughts? Thanks, Matthew
  5. Have looked in the manual but not clear... Car is garaged, trickle charging through a ‘comfort’ socket attached to the battery, so boot open, trickle charger on, car unlocked. I noticed after awhile that the immobiliser ‘O’ symbol is blinking it OK to leave it overnight/days trickle charging like that? Obviously I can’t lock the car from the key fob as the rear deck is open with the trickle charger plugged in... Thanks, Matthew
  6. And home...only another 650 miles to go before run in period tails off...
  7. Overnight stop half way and then home to my garage in the morning after the rush hour has died down!
  8. Half way home after some lovely roads (and weather!) back from Carlisle! (Ignore the temporary tracwrap on the nose for the journey back- temporary until full Xpel is done in a few weeks)...
  9. And so the long journey is about to start this morning...small matter of a nearly 4 hour train journey to sit through first. Hoping Cumbria and Yorkshire have dried out a bit by the time I am driving back later today!
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