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  1. I’ve not had one negative experience so far in my S3. Pretty much the opposite. I’ve had a guy stop walking his dog and wave at me. While I was in the slow lane on the m25 I’ve had people drive past and honk from the fast lane, two lanes over, including a few chaved up 3 series BMWs . Had a American muscle car drive level and give me the thumbs up, and big waves from a couple in what I think was beautiful 60’s Merc Pagonda.
  2. Yes I tried that a few weeks ago but mine are very brittle and split. Actually read your post from 2018, you used the German stuff, gummi phledge or whatever it’s called. Same stuff I used. out of interest Simon. I don’t have a/c. When I open the drivers window I get complaints the wind goes straight into the passengers ear, I have the same problem when the passenger opens their window. Do you have the same problem ans have you overcome it? Not found anything through searching yet.
  3. Very good idea. I started by freeing the cable at the far left hinge and started to loosen its attachment to the right boot hinge. Stopped for a coffee and read your post. I left the outer sleeve of the cable in place and instead I tried pulling the wire cable out. The cable came out easily and the new one slid in very easily and made it’s way through into the boot. I think the hardest part of the job was unattaching the cable to begin with reattaching it afterwards 😁 Rereading your first post Simon I now realise that’s what you were telling me to do 😂 now to fix the leaky boot.
  4. Can you try drilling a few holes to see if you can get to it? 😂
  5. Thanks for the reply Simon. It is the handle that is broken, see attached pic. SJS sell the whole thing, cable and handle, so my intention is to replace it all. I'd be very annoyed with myself if I replaced the handle and two weeks later the cable snapped. I just dont know how to get to the other side of the panel pictured to loosen off the nut holding the handle in place. The S4 guidance is that there is a panel behind the seat to access the ECU in which you can get to the nut as well. 75632BDD-147F-4C8D-B37E-F932AED7CE14.heic
  6. Hi All The pull handle on my hatch cable has broken. Luckily the cable is in place still so I can still pull what's left of the handle to release the boot. I've bought a replacement cable and handle from SJS and plan to fit it. I found the LEW instructions, linked below, on how to replace the cable on a S4. Do we, S3, have a hatch behind the drivers seat like the S4 (cant see one on the parts manual) or do we need to find another way to get in behind the handle panel? Regards Jus
  7. I get ad no longer available. The m100 is an excellent car. A lot more practical than the Elise (boot size, driving comfort and getting in and out). Highly recommended. I did a six week trip from Surrey to Italy in mine in 2019, love it. LEC is an incredible forum and group of people. The best model specific forum I know of.
  8. Yes great. Guildford not too far from me 🙂
  9. Stunning photo. We went in early September. Roads were clear. We had the top down and wearing T-Shirts all the way down france and through Switzerland. Stopped at the top like you and had snow next to the car. When we came back up, mid-October, the pass was closed unfortuantely as it was forecast to heavy snow in the next hr or so. Yes, it is the one done up by the Doctor. How do you know it Spy? Thanks all for the tips. My daughter moved to Edinburgh in Sept last year. We did a trip first to the west, Isle of Mull and stayed in Barcledine Castle then went across to see her. Stunning holiday but very wet and chilly.
  10. Yes, I think the M100 is an exceptional car for covering long distance in comfort and plenty of luggage space. When we were driving back from Italy over the Alps I found its achilles heal though. The heavens opened and we got pretty wet inside the car😆. Totally acceptable for one day but I'm worrying two weeks of that would really....errr......dampen the spirits ☺️ Out of interest what time of year did you go Barrie and what was the weather like? I've heard May is the best time to go...missing caravans and midges.
  11. Thanks Dave. I've plowed quite a bit of money into her since I bought it from you. All reversible upgrades but she can eat continents now 😁 , which she did with ease. 70-85 all the way down France, then over the Alps and all the way to Assisi and back via Cinque Terre was a doddle. 6 weeks of perfect top down motoring. S3 was an interesting choice for me. I think in 96 I would have gone S3 Turbo and definitely in red no question or a JPS if I could find one. Evening before going to see this one the Mrs asked why I need a 3rd car (3rd? I have plans for 4 😆, didnt tell her). When she saw it she immediately said, can we go on driving holidays in this? Even before I'd decided myself to buy it! Great thanks for the encouragement Justin. I'm very keen to start putting on the miles and enjoying it.
  12. Thanks very much Bibs. You won’t remember but I met you very briefly in the hotel the night before the 70th. I was with Dave Pink and Clemo 👍
  13. Very nice. It was without doubt one of my top five holidays.Just exceptional. I did a write up of the trip for LEC and Club Lotus 🙂 I’m keen to build up my knowledge and confidence in the Esprit to do some driving trips in that. I’m planning to do the nc500 next year, just haven’t decided which car to use yet 😁
  14. Ive been a member here for a while and an owner of a M100 for around three years. Thought it is about time I introduced myself. in early 2018 I bought M100 IB10 from Lotusman33. One of the first built in 89 and last to leave in 96. I’ve loved my ownership having attended the 70th Lotus event (car represented the model in the one of every model area.), the 30th anniversary of the m100 at Castle Combe. I also packed the car up and drove to and around Italy for 6 weeks in 2019 to celebrate my 50th, 10th wedding anniversary and 30th car birthday. This year I decided to add another Lotus to the garage, a car I’ve adored for over 40 years, an Esprit. Wish I had bought when I was first looking in 96 but the time just wasn’t right. Anyway, few weeks ago I found this S3. Previous owner found it in a barn. It had been stored for 16 years but regularly started, and spent 9 months restoring it. I’m over the moon with my purchase. It’s had a huge amount of work completed but still has a few things I want to improve.
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