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  1. Thank you, might just squeeze under 105dB then.
  2. I see Pistonheads have a partner that does this as an option - will look at these options and see what it does to the costs
  3. As long as that dirt is not too engrained, placing that brush in the corner where the spoke meet the rim and gently twisting it gets to that bit, then do the same on the other side of the spoke.
  4. As practice for LeMans 2023, camping was found to be entirely possible. Used Donington British GT meeting as the test: I think it is possible that the Donington paddock security team directed me to the wrong parking space...
  5. McGuiars's wheel brush. Very soft and you can reach in to the back of the wheels.
  6. Thank you - have you used one on a 400, how much attenuation did you see?
  7. Recent evening visit to C&M
  8. Nice idea. It was an SC:UK tour, so I wasn't involved in organising.
  9. Great weekend with like minded friends covering 500 miles of North Yorks, Durham Dales, Northumberland and the Borders. Including a chance to pay tribute at the Jim Clark museum.
  10. Fantastic tour a few days ago. 499 miles in North Yorks Dales, Durham Dales, Northumberland and the Borders. Included a visit to the Jim Clark museum where we paid tribute with a couple of Lotuses on the driveway. Most importantly many miles of "roads for the drivers". Also, great to be part of a group actually using these cars properly!
  11. I tried the Alpine 110 (standard version) as a new one is on a par with an early Evora 400, price wise. The Alpine handles grips and turns very well, you tell its very light, the ride is very good too, feels supple, planted and flowing. I didn't like the gearbox for a couple of reasons - it's not as interactive as a manual and the tromboning sound is a bit irritating over time. The engine pulls well, aided by the light weight, and sounds OK but it doesn't have the smoothness nor drama of the 400. The Alpine is also restrictive on luggage, even compared to an Evora. I bought an Evora
  12. Has anyone used the Komotec "plug in" silencer for track use? Does it just push in? How is it secured? Does it feel secure? Does it cause any scratching to the standard pipe as it is pushed in and out? What dB levels have people seen when using this pipe? Thanks
  13. Very good but a lot quieter than a standard Evora 400 Yes, but the unit is actually held on with large suction cups. The tape is the "belt and braces".
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