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  1. Indeed, sounds so much better than on videos. I noticed the "head turning" phenomena now happens a quarter mile away 🤣
  2. I suppose this setting is designed for long highway trips. I may track it someday so I will keep it that way for now. Thanks for your quick answer!
  3. As per my recent 2Bular exhaust install, I noticed the exhaust valve is not always opened (even in sport mode). It seems the valve opens at idle and above 2'200 rpm... but closes between 800 to 2'200 rpm. Could anyone confirm whether this is the normal functioning? Is there any way to keep the valve opened 100% of the time?
  4. I finally got the 2Bular installed! The fit was perfect and the workshop told me they usually have bigger trouble mounting silencers on mass produced vehicles. In one word, it sounds INSANE! I knew youtube videos don’t do it justice but I couldn’t guess it would make such a difference. The 2bular sounds deep, burbles, pops, and screams at higher rpm. I simply love it. Can’t imagine being more satisfied with any other exhaust. I have notice one small hassle. When I push the “sport” button; I can clearly hear the valve activate at idle. But once I start to accelerate it seems to close between 1’000 to 2’000 rpm before opening again at higher revs. I wonder if this is just the normal ECU command? Anyway this is THE must have mod, and I thank you all for having me opt for the 2Bular way
  5. I know, I asked Jim before order and the immediate availability was also part of the decision making
  6. Just received the 2bular carefully packed by Jim Looks very well finished, I love the dual carbon tips ! I will have it mounted in couple of days, can't wait ☺️
  7. Thanks for the detailled procedure. While I was ready for some work, changing the whole line was not really an option as I need to secure some budget for other modifications That would have been the path 👍 The 2bular being on its way , I hope I won't be disapointed. Anyhow I prefer its looks and I suppose it is way cheaper that the 400 box sourced from Lotus Let's wait & see (hear)
  8. Well, things might be a bit different for Lotus depending on Geely’s success. We are at a crossroads in terms of where our beloved brand is going. If Lotus were to start competing against Porsche or Ferrari… old models demand/price would only explode. Be that as it may, I will keep (driving) mine 😁
  9. Having read various things across the web, looks like a diameter adapter is required to fit the 400 silencer. I decided to follow the global consensus and went for a 2bular valved exhaust. Apparently there are some currently in stock, I’m looking forward giving it a try 😍
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome! Well the RX8 is my "family saloon". I initially thought to sell it for something more practical, but it might well be the last rotary car ever made. For someone who loves driving different, I guess I will keep it for now. Regarding the color my first Evora was also white. I was looking for an orange one but the SR black pack suits her well. I’m kindy white addicted since my R3 is also white, and so was my first Evora
  11. 2015 Evora S / Both lights have started to peel ☹️ I'm going to have this crappy coating removed and resprayed properly by local dealer Also had the famous : - Cracked A Pillar - Trunk Hydraulic Piston failure - Broken shift paddle
  12. Thanks again for your replies. I introduced myself properly in the dedicated section Well, I would love to hear that 2bular in person. I'll try to find an owner in a local meet. I believe youtube videos don't do it justice, because I feel it has a more "metallic" tone compared to 400 or even S stock exhaust. I'm really looking for something deep, that would burble and keep that lovely guttural sound of our V6. But if you all confirm that 2bular has it, yes the hassle of fitting a 400 silencer may not be worth it. @Bravo73 would you be kind enough to direct me to this Jaws option on the forum? Can't find it whithin his numerous posts. Thanks!
  13. Hi all, After following this forum for quite a while (this is my second Evora) I decided to join. Here are some pics of my beauty : I also own another quite exotic 2011 RX8 R3. I will leave the Evora stock appart from a sportier silencer and maybe a GTE bumper and GRP taillights already installed. Apart from dealer I've never seen another Evora on road here in France. If you are an owner in Rhone's region, please feel free to bump me
  14. Thanks for all your replies! Yes, I was talking about changing the silencer only. I am looking to replace the part N° "1C" : By the part N° "1" : My main question is on the diameter of the link pipe (part 2b of 1st chart VS part 3 of second chart). Reading this post on the US forum left me unclear. I've also checked around 2Bular. Unfortunately I didn't have the chance to listen to it IRL. If there's no realistic way to fit the 400 Exhaust I may go that path. But I would really love to solve that 400 compatibility question anyway 😁
  15. Hi folks ! First of all, apologies if this has been covered already. My forum search didn’t provide me with a clear answer 🤗 As a happy 2015 Evora S owner, I enjoy the throatiness of the OEM exhaust. That said, I would love to have something a bit louder and I think the 400 exhaust would be the perfect call for me. Has anyone here fitted a 400 exhaust to a S model? Is the 400 catback a simple “plug & play” modification or would I need to change other components because of diameter issues? Thanks in advance for your help!
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