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  1. Lotus have updated their website recently, and with it also seem to have changed the VMax of these 2 models from 180mph down to 174mph. Is this because they've gone from estimated to verified? Also, the specs section for all three cars lists them as having hydraulically assisted steering, Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers. Does someone with a clue not proof check these things before they publish?!
  2. Took delivery of these a couple of days ago. They do the job nicely
  3. In French, but then engines speak a language all their own
  4. I'm driving mine most days in all weather. Unless there's a blanket of snow on the road you'll be fine
  5. Yup, I bought one for my 410. Very happy with the fit and quality. One thing to bear in mind: I ordered the holdall to keep the cover in when not in use, but the cover comes with a stow bag so I don't really need it
  6. Not quite. Bought from Stratton which is just down the road It is indeed
  7. I was surprised at how quick the 4C was vs the M2 Comp, and I think the Lotus having a manual box (much like the manual M2in the vid) made much of the difference. I think most of us would struggle to match Lotus's quoted times for 0-60 whereas my gran could operate launch mode in a dual clutch box.
  8. I'm from the Aberystwyth area originally, and there are some great driving roads around there: A44 from Aberystwyth to Llangurig if you can find a quiet time to drive it. The mountain road from Rhayader to Devil's Bridge is also a challenging drive with spectacular views as well as the road from Devil's Bridge through Pontrhydfendigaid to Tregaron At this time of year they should be pretty quiet early morning
  9. Tex: I've got the launch edition spec, so it has the carbon splitter, tailgate, seats, front access panel and also the Nitrons and the APC brakes. I drove Stratton's demo to and from Hethel on Tuesday and I'm still grinning from the experience!
  10. Yes the demo is burnt orange too which is why I drove over from Hampshire to see it
  11. Dan, no I drove the demo on Saturday but had already decided on the colour spec when I saw the one at Stratton. SFO black wheels and brake calipers
  12. Thanks Bibs. Burnt orange with black alcantara and orange stitching. I've also gone for the air con, stereo and sound proofing
  13. Hi all. I've taken the plunge and placed an order for a new car. Alex at Stratton couldn't be more helpful and even arranged for a factory tour this morning which amazing.
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