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  1. Tomsk

    Lotus Emira

    Personally, I have Goodwood FOS tickets and will be making a beeline for the Lotus stand when I get there, and speaking to Jamie at B&C about a test drive as soon as they have demo cars
  2. Tomsk

    Lotus Emira

    Latest post on the Lotus Instagram account shows steering wheel + dashboard view: Shows audio control buttons on the wheel
  3. I'm 46 and my better half is a similar age. Getting in and out of the Exige is fine once you develop a technique, and on long journeys she falls asleep when motorway cruising!
  4. Thanks Jorge, that's exactly the kind of local knowledge I was hoping for
  5. I don't use mine for commuting, but I too suffer from tinnitus. I found that the car was too quiet with the exhaust valve closed when cruising so fixed it to permanently open!
  6. Thanks all for the responses and recommendations. I'm looking forward to going even more now! As for the weather, I think it's pot luck at that time of the year. I was in A Coruña for work in October a couple of years ago, and it was 25º and sunny every day with the see like a millpond, so fingers crossed... My car is Orange too, so I'll try my best not to cause any accidents! 😲
  7. I've just booked to take the Exige a week in Northern Spain in October. Taking the ferry down to Santander and then planning to drive around the San Sebastian, Rioja and Galicia regoions. Any recommendations for good fun driving roads in this region? Also, has anyone taken an Exige on the Portsmouth - Santander ferry before, and if so, was ground clearance an issue?
  8. Exactly that. That's where the mask strategy has come from. And you're right that it should have been done much sooner, but as you say, the virus isn't going away so better late than never. The virus is now in the population in numbers too high to make eradication a possibility until we have a vaccine. The focus of the strategy now is to keep the rate of spread low enough that the health service doesn't become overwhelmed with cases. Wearing a mask has been shown to reduce virus transmission where people are in close proximity and/or enclosed spaces and therefore enforced wearing of masks in those spaces makes sense. In a democratic society, the greater good trumps individual rights in this case. Same goes for child vaccination programmes.
  9. The problem is pretty much nowhere is the entire population being tested, so all we can do is guess at the total. In the UK, we are only testing people who are admitted to hospital (i.e. given a bed overnight) who have symptoms consistent with COVID As to why the death rate in Italy is so high? Could be a number of factors: - Higher average age of population so more vulnerable people - A culture of living as extended families; so grandma sees the grandkids all the time - Kissing as a greeting widely practiced etc. etc.
  10. I don't have much experience of the 350, but on my buying journey I test drove a 350 first. I was coming from a 981 Boxster S at the time, and while the 350 was slightly quicker, slightly better handling etc, it didn't set my world alight. Then I test drove a 410... and placed an order the same day. 1 year on, it still puts a huge smile on my face every time I pull back the cover and fire her up.
  11. I had a rather tense drive down the M4 not long after I got my car and ran with 0 bars on the gauge for the last 10 miles or so. Fill up took 42.something litres so if the 48l capacity is true, I still had a bit of range left I usually fill up when it gets into the 2nd bar though and fill up in the 35l - 38l range
  12. TBH, looking at photos on the web isn't going to give you a true impression of the colours, and for metallic ones in particular. You need to see them in person. Having said that, the correct choice (in my totally unbiased opinion) is obviously burnt orange 😉
  13. The numbers from my post are for cars on the road in the UK But yes they're rare. For comparison, there are over 200 Ferrari 458 Speciale on the road in the UK:
  14. 22 Cup 430s currently registered with the DVLA. Which won't include unregistered stock in dealers. Vs 38 410s Figures include cars registered before 1st July 2019
  15. Tomsk


    It's complex and subtle than just setting up in Luxembourg or Ireland: Basically, set up 2 Irish companies that sell via a Dutch (or Luxembourg) subsidiary to exploit the local variations in tax law and the Irish loophole that allows the money to be moved offshore untaxed. A Tory government is unlikely to do anything about this though, either pre or post brexit since their desire is to turn the UK into a low tax, lightly regulated economy
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