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  1. Evo400sam

    EVORA 400 wanted

    Hi, im not sure if you have found an Evora 400 yet but mine is currently for sale on its white with the black pack currently covered 23,000miles and im looking for £49,499 if your interested please take a look at my ad. Im only selling to fund my house extension.
  2. Hi, I have my white with black pack evora 400 for sale it is manual not auto (look at my ad on currently done 23,000miles so lower mileage than your looking for £49,499. Only selling as i need the money for my house extension.
  3. Yeah I’m just past the Haddiscoe tavern opposite the hales road turn. We will have to meet up one day for a drive about now the weathers getting better everytime I see a evora on the road I’m always in my focus!
  4. Think I keep seeing your evora, have you been through the Haddiscoe bends (near beccles) at all? I’ve seen the same red evora there twice now
  5. Hi @au-yt here’s a pic of my interior have you any pictures of your 400?
  6. Thanks for the welcome @ramjet. Shame the weathers rubbish otherwise I’d take you up on your offer @Kimbers, where abouts in Norfolk are you? I’m near beccles so kinda on the Norfolk/Suffolk border.
  7. I remember going to Stratton motor co when the evora 400 first came out as they had a Vx220 there I wanted to look at. The sales guy forced me into the white 400 they had started it and hit the loud button I was hooked!! Just had to save to get one. the VX I bought was a great car I’m gonna miss it but the 400 is superb.
  8. Sure does look good!! Must really attract attention. I found after many trials autoglym super resin polish was really good on my Vx220 it was resprayed and kept it pretty much fine scratch free the more you applied the better the result. Thought about ceramic coating on the evora but I think it really needs to be applied on a new car so opted out to be fair white seems really good compared to darker colours and after claying the car and a couple of coats of polish it looks as good as new. Although for some reason flys seem to love sitting on my white car (never had that trouble before) th
  9. What’s the black like to look after @internets? My last 4 cars were black, and after every one I tried so hard not to buy another black car!! They look so good in black I just hate keeping them clean and scratch free. By far the hardest colours to keep looking good. It took me years to find the best polish to use and five minutes out on the road and there dusty/dirty again.
  10. Congratulations I might see you on the tour as Alex is arranging for me to go I bought a white evora a few weeks ago from them your love it.
  11. That’s isnt my car. I wasn’t at the 70th I wanted to go but my car was at Stratton motor co on the Friday and I didn’t want to go in the Courtessy car I would have been gutted!! Surrounded by lovely cars.
  12. @internetsYes that was more then likely me. I live in Norfolk but was driving it into work at stevenage to show my friends that day. I normally use my focus but had to take the new toy in. Small world!! it was a good test run and I got far too carried away in the tunnel by the roundabout, made me smile the sound is amazing.
  13. Thanks for the welcome. Old and new cars together. I must admit I thought the VX220 was a good car but the evora is a different class, and so much easier to get in and out of. I’d wanted a 400 since lotus launched them. It’s been a long time coming I originally wanted to go for a exige but upon seeing the evora in this colour scheme and driving it, i had to have it. This photo was Courtessy of the old owner. Much better at taking photos than me!! A real nice guy that Stratton motor co got in contact with for me
  14. Hi all, I’m new to all this a couple of weeks ago I bought my first evora a 400 in white from Stratton motor co absolutely love it. I’ve previously owned a s2 Elise and sold my old VX220 turbo to a trader in order to get the evora if anyone is looking for a really good VX let me know I’ll point you in his direction. it was a shame to sell but couldn’t afford to keep them both.
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