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  1. Many Thanks! at the moment the info collected are suggesting that Lotus would fit the latest Alpine version available to them. Other references I could collect are: 1999 - CDA-7842 2000 - CDA-7845 2001 - CDA-7862 (but I saw a 1999 with the same mounted)
  2. Hi, In the service part list code, there are 2 codes which are referenced for the OEM Radio/CD Player (there is also a cassette option which I am not interested in) A082M6631F, then substituded by A082M6677F. Both codes refer to an ALPINE system. This should be OEM for the Esprit 1996-2004 model and was also original spare part for S1 Elise and Exige. Unfortunately, the S1 was never fitted with an original radio, but only a radio fitting kit. I am trying to figure out to which system the OEM codes refer to. Could you help me out and tell me what is the name of the Radio/CD as standard equipment on Esprits around 1999? Many Thanks
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