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  1. thanks for response...hopefully the wiring is already there for all 4 speakers...would simplify it all quite a bit
  2. thanks for compliment. i found the komotec side barge boards to be very good quality,,,,the carbon colour and weave is exactly the same as lotus genuine parts and there werent any defects to them at all. They got fitted up perfectly by my dealer with no issues either........the same goes for the rear barge boards which i bought from The rears are labelled as a cup 380 item. These rear barge boards or skirts whatever you like to call them have a different shape slightly compared to the genuine lotus ones. The genuine lotus rear boards i believe dont come in carbon from memor
  3. Dont need apple play. If they come with satnav built in would be good. I use samsung phone. Does anyone know if 410 sport comes prewired for speakers from factory even if it wasnt optioned woth stereo?
  4. hello all I did a search and read a few topics but some were from a few years back so im posting to see if anyone has knowledge or advice on a good setup with the latest speakers and decks out there. I would like to install 4 speakers with best bass possible without going to a 2 way speaker with seperate dome tweeters as i dont want to cut the dash. I would also be keen to install one of those slimline subwoofers in passenger footwell as some members here have and attach with velcro. Also wouldnt mind using one of those single din flip up touch screen decks. any advice on best
  5. That rear intake side adjustment is a pain in the ass......both times ive played with adjustment i was left with a bruised thumb tip for like a week, especially when u get paranoid and not hearing a click properly snd doubtinf urself and then turning back all the way to hard to start over. Good thing u checked with nitron, i was curious about both knobs moving together but realised the number of clicks werent affected anyway
  6. Added some carbon bits to the 410......430 cup SSC side pods, komo tec side skirts, carbon rear skirts, carbon mirror overlays and genuine lotus 430 cup rear carbon diffuser(hard to see in pic). Still waiting for my 430 cup carbon wing to arrive.
  7. Bummer anyways, they dont make a 110 pcd front...only a 114.3 rear
  8. All of wedsport wheels in their range are cast you are right and they are affordable, except for one of their wheel models called the 'tc105x' which are forged aluminium. In japan this wheel is very popular for racing as it is extremely light. The 18x10 +35 sized tc105x wheel weighs 8.23kg compared to lotus forged 18x10 at 9.07kg. So these tc105x wedsports are lighter compared to lotus....just need to check front wheel size
  9. What are those specs also please? Im thinking mainly for a set of track wheels Wedsport tc105x have a design friendly for brake clearance....sizes may be limited though
  10. Hi people, ive tried a search prior to starting this topic and couldnt find clear answer.......what is the stock wheel offset of the 17x7.5 front wheels and 18x10 rear wheels?? Thanks
  11. That motorsport green is wicked for 430. Top 5 colour that one, of the 400 colours lotus offers lol
  12. i called 3m direct, they recommend to use the 94 primer with the 5952 and to prime both the rubber and carbon lip with the 3m 94. He did however state that without knowing what type of rubber the lip is from lotus, he couldn't recommend any of those adhesives 1300 and EC-847. Does anybody know what type of rubber the lotus 430 lip is?
  13. what primer do you think would be better? - 3m primer 94 - 3m adhesion promotor 111 -3M™ Neoprene High Performance Rubber and Gasket Adhesive 1300 -3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Rubber and Gasket Adhesive EC-847 this is to make the VHB tape stick the rubber lip better to last longer and not have to use screws. anyone recommend which is best?
  14. @JcxI tried those settings tonight and i have to say it has made the car feel lighter over bumps and road undulations.....i like it! dont get that hard crash/thud over bumps as still lets u know its firm as after all, it is a lotus, but i think ur settings are good. That vagueness u said u feel by softening the high speed compression isnt too bad.....i stiffened up the low speed as u said to 2 clicks front and rear from hardest setting as you said so im guessing that compensates.......but overall from my 15 min drive test on the roads ive driven in lotus a few times before,
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