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  1. Anybody else tested any type if fuels?
  2. What if i ran PANTA 98 Ron race fuel which is 98 octane like pump unleaded byt being a packaged product would have way more consistency and more oxygen content? Would this prevent more potential knock on hillclimb to avoid power drop?
  3. Anyone else here tried race fuel for track days in a stock exige v6 supercharged?
  4. Thats good to know. What brand 100 did you use?
  5. Hello all.... I have a hill climb event coming up. 3km uphill stage attacked 7 times with time added up from all 7 runs together Has anyone tried race fuel in their exige? I have a exige 410 sport which is stock engine wise. Has anyone tried a race fuel like VP C9 racing which is 98 RON(95Mon). I think just by common sense that a 100 ron or 102 ron fuel would be a waste as the car isnt tuned for it. Has anyone had experience with a race fuel that has 98 ron octane? VP C9 os 98 ron with a high MON value of 95 but zero oxygen content. Would a 98 ron race fuel like PANTA 98 ron with 2.7% oxygen provide better power due to oxygen content?? ELF also make a 102 ron race fuel which they state can be used in cars tuned for 98 unleaded. This fuel has 3.7% oxyhen content So options are VP C9 - 98 ron, 0% oxygenated Elf race 102 - 102 ron, 3.7% oxygenated Panta 98 - race 98 ron, 2.66% oxygenated What do ppl think? Anyone tried anything else? Help much appreciated. The hill climb is reasonably steep
  6. Its definately the brake pedal switch. Mine did the same thing in first 1000kms of ownership. I also had a problem with the earth cable coming lose on body causing electrical faults. A new brame switch and reconnection if earth cable and trouble free driving since
  7. The carbon profile, shape etc is the same. The 430 wing uprights can have 3 settings of angle. I dont think 380 uprights have that, however even though i have the 380 uprights in a box i never checked as i used the 430 ones from the get go. Id have to go into my boxes to find this out Pmed you
  8. When conducting these tests, the alarm was off and all doors closed so the instrument cluster may be drawing battery from the red flashing led. When i did remove the F20(cooling fan fuse) and left F19(instrument cluster) plugged in, the battery draw was below 0.03 which is normal and wont let a battery get flat. I suspent there is an issue with cooling fan drawing battery power when car is off and test being done with car having sat for few days. I was more curious to see if others had conducted multimeter tests to see what an exige draws from battery........
  9. Sorry for confusion. Prior to pulling the 2 fuses F20 and F19, the reading on my multimeter is always 0.06. The multimeter is set to 10AMP setting. Once i pull those 2 fuses, the reading drops to 0.01 and 0.02. Going by youtube videos, they say most cars should be using 25 milliamps which is 0.025 when multimeter is set to 10amps
  10. Hello, i wow a 410 sport which i drove once a week and after about 8 months my battery died. I have had the dealer since revive the battery and i now keep it on constant trickle charge with a ctek and just to note, i have standard battery, not the lithium I just bought a lightweight industries touge 500 lithium battery that weighs 3.8kg. I thought that since im putting in lightweight battery it wouldnt hurt just to test of there is a parasitic draw on standard battery, so i hooked up a multimeter and it read a constant 0.05 to 0.06 milliamps. Me and a mate starting pulling fuses and we noticed once we pulled all fuses there was no change in amp draw exclooept for 2 fuses. Positions F20 and F19 fuses once removed, the amp draw dropped to 0.01 miliamps. If i kept f19 in and only removed f20 it would drop to 0.3. If i kept f20 in and removed f19 only, it would drop to 0.02 milliamps. And like a obove, with both removed, amp draw was 0.01 milliamps F20 = cooling fans F19 = instrument cluster lights If i kept f20 and f19 in, the amp draw was 0.06 as said above, but if we removed M5(battery fuse) the amp draw would drop to 0.01 milliamps. We suspected this was due to removing black terminal whilst performing this test with multimeter but im no autoelectrician so not sure. Anyone out there know if this is normal amp draw at 0.06 or is their an an electrical fault with cooling fan and instrument cluster. The test was performed with alarm off and all doors closed etc Before i install lithium battery i want to be sure my car hasnt got a parasitic drain
  11. Was this evija painted in liquid pearl yellow?? Im a little biased towards the colour....looks very similar
  12. if it looks like this...i really am going to need one!
  13. it will most likely look like a mini evija....that side profile under green wraps looks promising.....hopefully the back end looks good though because that picture someone posted on page 1 of the white baby evija looked shocking from rear.
  14. @keith84_hk the advan RZ is offered in 18x10 + 35 i have looked into it. those ze40 look great, i think the spoke pattern is nicer than the advans as the advans are a 5star twin spoke design wheras the ze40 is 10 spoke evenly spaced. If those ze40 do weigh 6.6kg front and 8.6 rear, that is still lighter than lotus forged 10 spoke wheels which weigh 6.8kg front and 9.6kg rear. i wouldnt mind getting a set actually
  15. on stock exhaust, is their a cat between y-pipe and rear muffler?
  16. That is good to know. Those ZE40 look good on the red exige!! did u ever get a chance to weigh those ze40 before putting on car?
  17. Ive checked all japanese brand wheels.....the only wheeels that fit exige are from advan and the only wheel that fits exige is the advan RZ. They make the 110 for the front and they make in exact lotus dimensions of 17x7.5 + 26 and 18x10 +35 The advan 18x10 RZ is a flow formed forged wheel so not true 100% forged but they weigh 19.6pounds(8.9kg) which is lighter than the factory lotus forged 10 spoke wheel at 9.5kg. I dont know weight of the front advan RZ bit its safe to say if would be lighter than oem seeing as the rear spec is. All the volks and works wheels make the rear for exige as thats the common 114.3 but no 110 for front. If volk are now making a special wheel just for lotus id be surprised. Ive seen a few knock off volk wheels being offered for exige and the label them 'reys' wheels instead of 'rays wheels' in te37 and ze40 fitment. Be weary of the knock offs This website seems to claim that volk offers a TE37 and ZE40 wheel in oem lotus fitment for the front at 17x7.5 +26 in 110 pcd.......however, when u go to volk genuine website, these sizes arnt offered.... That 5 star wheel they offer looks not bad though
  18. Nice...if the 20th anniversary was prewired then safe to say the 410s released 2 years earlier are prewired. Did u check if rear speakers were prewired?
  19. My car had the standard battery though. I always locked it with alarm and drove it once per week, and battery went flat after 11 months. It was able to be recharged at the dealer and now ive been told to always leave on trickle charge after they sold me a charger. Is this normal for a lead acid battery? I was under impression, that a standard battery does not need trickle charge if driven once a week. Or do exiges have parasitic drains?
  20. can anyone answer it normal for the exiges to get flat batteries if only driven once per week? my car is 1 year old and has the standard battery(not lithium) and i was driving it on average once per week from new and it went completely dead on me when i went to start it one day. I had to get it towed to dealership who sold me a trickle charger(expensive one), and installed a plug in my boot to keep it on trickle charge all the time. is this normal? From another source, I was told that if the car was not draining power somewhere that the battery should never go dead if driven once per week......especially if the battery is only 1 year old. Is it possible that there is an electrical issue somewhere in the car draining power? or is it normal for these cars to get flat batteries if driven once per week?
  21. for anybody interested, can confirm the 430cup and 380 cup uprights and wing end plates are all interchangeable.
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