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  1. v6 and Sport 350 work like this. 380 has less rpm anyway due to the valve control 410 and 430 I don’t know.
  2. The rev limiter operates at 6600 rpm in tour mode and at 7000 rpm in sport or racemode
  3. sorry, but that's not the solution to your problem. With the CAI you have to reprogram the ECU. Lotus is tuned very fat, but with a lot more air it can be too lean in certain areas. That is also the reason why at KomoTec the CAI is only sold with assembly on site and not as an order item.
  4. after dismantling of part 7 you can mill part 1 if needed
  5. Georg, which fuel did you take? Always min 98 Octan or sometimes 95 Octan?
  6. I drive the michelin ps4. I tried 2.2 bar and 2.4 bar. that was terrible. I almost threw the car away on a b road. when I had drained the warm pressure at the front and back each 0.2 bar, it was ok again. So, for the road are cold 2.0 front and 2.2 rear optimal.
  7. Hello Imran, did you have measure Lambda before and after your conversion? Greets from Germany
  8. Here an example from the KomoTec part.
  9. It means the Original Lotus Sport Exhaust LOTAC05504
  10. It looks like a Stage 1
  11. Since Friday i am a proud Owner of a Cup 360. Unfortunately, my Elise haf to go for it
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