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  1. Hey all, I’m struggling to pick between a MY17.5 220 Sport and a slightly more expensive (and pretty well spec’d) MY17 250 Cup. I guess the ultimate question is just how big of a difference does that newer exhaust and gear linkage make? If I could afford a 17.5 Cup I’d likely be going for that so I’m pretty slept down the middle at this point. The 220 is spotless, not a colour I’d personally pick on a new car but not a problem. The 250 is a little older but seems in good condition and has a lot of extras (hardtop, cruise control etc). Comically the 250 seems cheaper to insure, I guess I could do something with the gear linkage in the 250 but could also add the Cup aero to the 220. And around and around I go.
  2. Test drove a Cup 250 today actually (pretty sure it had AD08R on), the rain hammered it down at Silverstone Lotus with standing water everywhere and was surprised just how well the car stuck to the road. The heavens literally opened and the car was like "meh I don't even care".
  3. Thanks Paul, that's great. Good to know, will likely buy 2nd hand though. Unless I let myself get tempted by the 50/50 finance offers.
  4. Hi all, I'm strongly considering buying a Elise in around 6 months and I think it's likely I'll be going for a Cup 250. While this is a very track focused car I will be using it on the road more often than not (in fact it will be my only car, I just don't have room for two). I've owned a number of VX220/Elise in the past so I'm fairly okay with the idea of it being my only car (I really only need to drive for fun and don't need a car for commute but there are times outside of summer when I'd need or want to drive the car). So with that in mind I was considering what rubber choices I had over the A048 which are great on track but not great in rain or standing water (and honestly on the road I never feel you can get enough heat into them). The issue I seem to be having is with the size of the fronts on the Cup 250 (195/50 W), it limits choice. I've considered - Avon ZZS - good in the dry and as I understand it much better and handing rain and standing water than the A048 but their speed raiting is a V rather than a W (I wouldn't be doing 150mph on the road but I'd rather not drop speed rating, seems like a bad idea) Toyo T1-R - okay in wet and dry (not a big fan personally) and the fronts are again rated at V (rears are W rated) Yoko AD08/07 - I love these and correctly rated but I would need to change the size to 175/55 on the fronts So the question I have I guess is, is there any issue with running 175/55 on a Cup 250 and will they fit on the 250 Cup rims? Should I just consider a 220 Sport (although I really do want the 250 Cup to be honest)? I've looked around for the answers but can't find the answer to the above. Thanks for any help!
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