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  1. Thanks for the feedback Mattmahope...will look into a clutch upgrade in either case!
  2. Hi notabene, do you have a Roadster or just the softtop installed? BR, Philipp
  3. Has anyone yet driven the EX490 Kit? How does the standard V6 gearbox cope with the additional torque (400 NM vs. 535 NM)? Any issues with the clutch? thanks! Phil
  4. Deroure does not specify the part number on the related drawings, but I did find the information elsewhere. - Manufacturer: ABE - P/N: CRP001ABE
  5. Does anyone know the manufacturer and part number of the handbrake shoe that goes into the Exige V6 rear drum brake? BR, Philipp
  6. Like the Porsche GT2 RS in the back as well! 😄
  7. You need to remove all hard lines for sure...that's at least what I did. There's no way to get a metallic caliper paint DIY-sprayed without having ugly paint runs etc. Get it done from a professional paint shop and it'll look as beautifully as mine do: Converted my EX 430 Roadster into a track tool and going to Spa-Francorchamps on March 16th. Anyone joining?
  8. Here are my orange calipers, upgraded with gold flakes. Color is derived from the AMG model calipers.
  9. Does anyone know the major differences between the Hangar111 oil cooler kit and the KT one? From the product images it looks to me like the KT kit has the bigger radiator unit...?! Is the KT System know to have the better cooling performance?
  10. Hi Imran, I was wondering if you did compared the weight of the louvred panel vs. the rear windshield glass? In one of the Lotus press releases of the new cup models they were referring to a weight saving of 0,9 kg. Sounds a bit low to me to be fair...
  11. Hi Imran, I noticed on your latest pictures that you removed the rubber lip from your front splitter. Did it not work the way you expected it?
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