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  1. Very nice, hope it finds a good home
  2. Hopefully the feature in classic and sports cars helps bolster prices of all the wedges, it preferred the ‘shooting brake’ style of the Elite over the coupe shape of the eclat/excel, the S2 Elite featured was a particularly nice example... which IMHO could only be bettered if it was in altair green.
  3. Pete do you need foam bases to recover? Rob
  4. In my project 1/2 the bulbs were gone and 1/2 the bulb holders were corroded If you haven’t got one I’d recommend a Sealey tester as they can apply test voltages to components + or - which really speeds up fault finding
  5. Your going to be busy! Hope you’ve got a big shed
  6. Was that part of the deal when you bought yours?
  7. Hi Bernard, Lovely colour, Maybe the aircon controls could be moved to the position of the Lotus badge to the left and the cigarette lighter to the right + age appropriate knobs to the controls Rob
  8. If you want an Ali header tank, Allisport of Ledbury make them, well made products but not cheap
  9. Spyder also had notes on the rear spring settlings, I don’t think they’ll be of much use as your design is different
  10. Capacitor goes between pos and neg and is 1uF If it’s not for the clock maybe the radio has illumination?
  11. Found a Spyder price list from the 90’s the info on Spring rates might be useful when you get to the front suspension unfortunately there’s no info on their Diff conversions
  12. Was that recently on gumtree? Looks like a great project.
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