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  1. I hope you find this more interesting than my work colleagues.... The inserts from sunbeam rapier lights fitted perfectly..... however they are just as flaky as the originals..... So I tried a couple of the suggested solutions the chrome spray Is not as good as the original mirrored finish its far better than regular silver spray paint. Foil - reflectivity was better but I couldn’t mimic the reflector shape Putting a lamp in both options the chrome spray was significantly brighter and equivalent to the tarnished but complete reflector in the other rear light.
  2. They look very 1980’s... The wrong mirrors really clash when fitted to the wedge cars, I think rounded or curved mirror don’t work with the edges and angles. i’d recommend going to see some other owners cars 1st. BR Rob
  3. Good idea, I’ll probably do that if finding replacement inserts fail. worked out that the fixing nuts are 8/32 so will replace all the existing ones, thankfully the threaded studs in the lenses are fine but the nuts are disintegrating ( a PO had used foil backed rubber as a gasket which I assume had caused this)
  4. Looks like Lucas 791 lights have the same inserts as the indicator lamp. i’ve purchased one from fleabay and will provide an update when it arrives
  5. I think that LED might be the only viable solution. I’m going to see if I can find a similar insert in other Lucas tail lights of the same vintage at an auto jumble (I’ve already ruled out Maxi, Mini lights)
  6. Has anyone found a suitable replacement for the reflective inserts ? The silvering has flaked off in one of the silvered plastic inserts
  7. Straker

    Elite S2 Exhaust

    Hi John, SJ have them listed (it doesn’t say if OE or aftermarket) KR rob
  8. You can use an App on a phone to take make a 3D representation of an object (it’s made of lots of individual points which when viewed in suitable software looks like a cloud of points) which a 3D printer can use to replicate hens teeth and cuff links for unicorns
  9. Excellent work, I’ve been tempted to retro fit an aftermarket heater unit but hadn’t considered the rebuild upgrade route before. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the rebuild goes.
  10. Have a look at Tom Kilners thread on radius arm bushes, he found than they were used on Deloreans as well and are available new
  11. Are those Mx5 seats?
  12. Is there a Quaife specialist? They do a LSD that fits
  13. I’m consistent i like S1 elites and eclat’s more than later cars....
  14. Very nice, I think the early series have much more charm that the later BL/Rover cars... goodluck with the sale
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