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  1. Not much progress since May as I hit a deer on my bike and broke / dislocated some fingers... So just been working on some easy things, although nothings ever simple.. The header tank heater return inlets are damaged where I assume the jubilee clips have been over tightened. So I’m intending to replace the through pipe and it looks like there are a series of horizontal holes into the tank is this correct? Many thanks Rob
  2. Unfortunately I’m missing the centre rail courtesy light and the dash pin hole light. Does anyone know which car the courtesy interior Light came from? i noticed that there’s a damaged one on eBay at the moment, however I’d like to find one in better condition. Many thank Rob
  3. That looks like a voltage regulator for an alternator
  4. Looking forward to that thread, sorting out the heating system And deleting the vacuum controls is on my to do list
  5. Excellent interior, I particularly like the bank of switches in the original radio slot location.
  6. Very elegant! are you intending to go for a polished finish or Matt black?
  7. Spydercars and Canley Classics would probably be a good place to look for some options for the front. Some of the Marcos related images show adjustable seat dampers. I think they are adjustable GaZ ones.
  8. Tony, These look the same as the base on my crommadora mirrors rob
  9. Hi Tony, I’ve got the same problem, in my Unsuccessful search I spotted that there’s a classic Fiat specialist in the US that seems to have similar gaskets (Midwest Bayless) I’m not sure if they had the same mirror foot? Do you have an old ones you can use as a template? Rob
  10. It would need a V8 to pull all that filler along.......
  11. Tony many thanks Wow £49! I think I’ll work on the framing problem ... probably braze stainless mesh to a hoop of stainless rods with fixing tabs Rob
  12. My car is missing a lower grille, Has anyone found a suitable alternative? many thanks Rob
  13. Have you found any suitable bulkhead connectors yet? I noticed that 12vplanet have waterproof bulkhead connectors for convoluted trunking which look like a neat way of dealing with the bulkhead.
  14. Great sounding as well!
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