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  1. Hi Tom, it was a new aftermarket one, all the welds are very neat. the rad I bought is now listed at about £160 for a difference of £45 I’d go for specific one
  2. Spotted a very nice looking White Excel headed towards Abergavenny about 9:20 this morning didn’t identify which version, As I was distracted by my kids arguing about the differences with my Eclat…. The main one being my car is at least 12 months away from getting back on the road!
  3. Nice colour shame about the finish, you need a neighbour whose car has a worse finish! I’m lucky as my neighbour painted his wife’s 207 with a roller….
  4. That’s a very neat solution using the crash panels
  5. From fleabay for £100. It’s got a 40mm core which is twice the depth of the stock MGTF one. the stock one is good for 160bhp in the MGTF, Although I assume that they get some additional coiling from the length of coolant pipes running under the Car.
  6. I had the same thought when I realised the rad would fit! I bought the original mg Tf one mainly for the Fans which are the correct size for our cars. I then made up a frame to fit it which was a waste of time... as a friend suggested threading the pins at the top and bottom of the rad and using them. so I’m going to mount the upgraded MGTF one below, I’ve cut m10 x 1.5 threads with cut down mg mounting bushes and stainless nylock nuts. I’m going to use copaslip to minimise any reaction between the stainless and the aluminium.
  7. After a year of inactivity the 1st job is to replace the radiator. Mg Tf ones are almost the same dimensions, with the same outlet locations. The fixing points are more widely spaced than the original and consist of aluminium pins
  8. Cap heads is a good option, I used A4 80 grade stainless ones
  9. Using Black Eclats thread I made a set of brackets by folding 1.2mm stainless sheet (1st attempt was with 1.8mm but that was too thick)
  10. Look forward to seeing some pictures from The RedBull Ring
  11. Added MG TF radiators and fans as substitutes, dimensions are very similar, hose locations match. stock 2 fan radiators are fitted to 160 bhp rated TF’s so a close match to 2 litre cars output
  12. If your after an upgraded rad I found that MGTF ones are the same dimensions as stock Lotus rads ( I picked up a used 40mm core aftermarket one plenty for a lotus engine but I’m not sure about your V8
  13. Thanks for the rubber ‘bobbins’ suggestion they work perfectly as buffers when cut down
  14. There are some posts and images from showing a blue track day Eclat with a rear disc conversion. the thread title is Elite 504 Retirement Project Rob
  15. There’s a company selling leather trim for the dash, tunnel, gearstick, handbrake gaiter & doorcards on eBay I bought a handbrake gaiter which was an exact match, but I can’t vouch for any other of the trim items Rob
  16. I’ve got a set of front seat frames from a 78 S1 Eclat surplus to requirements BR R
  17. Unfortunately I don’t have any suitable pictures of my car to share as I bought it as a project, and it’s living under a cover on my drive. I’ve lost count of the number of people passing by who’ve asked what’s under the covers? I normally ask them to guess before revealing. Once uncovered they have been universally complementary about the shape and crispness of the design, particularly the A pillars and roof details. So I’d like to thank Oliver and his colleagues for a design that continues to delight and inspire. Kind Regards Rob
  18. I don’t see how you will be able to access the two pod mounting bolts. i think the best way is to lift the right hand pod and look to see how the motors are fixed. You might be able to undo the Left hand motor mounts from under the car and in the wheel arch and lift the pod complete with the motor. Accessing the pod / motor from the radiator won’t provide access unless the plywood crash panel is missing or your prepared to cut a hole / replace. do you have any pictures?
  19. Hi Jim so your car Is a series 1 and has had a conversion that used MX5 motors? There are lots of conversions using motors other than MX5 units that have been undertaken over the years and the mountings are likely to be unique to your car I’d suggest 1st looking underneath if there’s access to a manual winder or a hole in the panel behind the pod. 2nd removing the right hand light to see how it has been installed. BR Rob
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