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  1. Tony many thanks Wow £49! I think I’ll work on the framing problem ... probably braze stainless mesh to a hoop of stainless rods with fixing tabs Rob
  2. My car is missing a lower grille, Has anyone found a suitable alternative? many thanks Rob
  3. Have you found any suitable bulkhead connectors yet? I noticed that 12vplanet have waterproof bulkhead connectors for convoluted trunking which look like a neat way of dealing with the bulkhead.
  4. Great sounding as well!
  5. What engine is under the stablemates bonnet? I assume the badge on the right is hinting at something from Munich?
  6. Top right are number plate lights, they should have Tapered rubber plinths to make them angle towards the nr plate.
  7. I think that I can extend the spacer / put a reinforcement washer as the hole has some damage as it looks like it’s been a long term problem Rob
  8. Pete, many thanks. At least I’ve got the correct fittings! Looking at the wheel box this morning I can see that the lower 1/2 of the threads have been stripped so I’m going to have to replace the wheelbox. Thankfully the interior is out of the car so it’s probably the best time to tackle this job... Rob
  9. Does anyone one know what mounting hardware or bezel to use? At the moment all that’s fitted is a rubber and metal washer. many thanks Rob
  10. Before fitting the new motors to the light pods it seems like a good idea to sort out the radiator fan controls, as the relays will be going in a box in the pods. I’ve decided to fit a two stage switch to control both fans independently. This needs a 22 X 1.5 mm boss which is close to the dia of the original otter switch. So cutting down the otter switch branch showed that the internal dia was too large for the boss by 2mm. To fix this I made a 1mm thick brass insert for the branch and silver soldered it in place. Then soldered the boss in place. i decided to use silver solde
  11. I think it happens to everyone.... I’ve ended up with spare front seat frames, loads of switches for the interior light but missing a steering wheel and the roof mounted interior lights.... re the gearknob .... do you have kids.... that thing they were playing golf with in the garden might not be a ball....
  12. On my 1978 - 521 - heat only it has screw fixed knobs
  13. Whilst sorting out fitting the MX5 motors for the light pods I thought it was time to remove the old hoses.... Remarkably it was still holding a vacuum a couple of months ago!
  14. The remains of the light pod bump stops are either seized in place and/or the rivnuts have come loose. I’m going to replace the rivnuts but haven’t found a suitable replacement for the bump stops. Has any one found a suitable replacement? many thanks Rob
  15. I think your correct the inserts for the indicators are the same pattern as used in Sunbeam rapiers. Which were designed for vertical use. Sorry sunbeam owners but I cannibalised a set of new old stock units for the inserts....
  16. Have you got photos of the other door card with the handle in place?
  17. If your aiming for a concourse finish then they are meant to be anodised rather than polished in the second image down one of those might be a screen top trim, hard to see when viewed on a mobile (with my eyesight!)
  18. Looks like your missing a passenger side top corner as well, have you tried paint stripper on the black sections yet? fingers crossed it might come off, don’t use caustic... I once made that mistake on some bike parts
  19. The possibility of fitting a MX5 heater was mentioned recently in a restoration thread, has anyone made the attempt? many thanks Rob
  20. Mike, I think the bulkhead connector is a very elegant solution, are you planning to use a straight plug in the bay or a cranked one? I’m going to reuse the aftermarket board the PO installed, but will need to add some more relay bases, so far I’m going to need at least 8 more... 4Xwindow relays 2X heated seat relays, 2X headlight motors. I’m not sure if I can steal your idea and relocate the board to the under seat as I need to test fit the XJS seats 1st
  21. Many thanks that sound like a very neat solution. I’m planning out how I’m going to rewire my car and currently have an after market fuse board wedged next to the servo
  22. Mike, where have you mounted the fuse board?
  23. Is it the same as fitted to the BMW E12, most of them had getrag boxes?
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