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  1. Looks spectacular, do you have to have a front number plate in NZ I assume that the moulding in the glove box is for a head unit + a pair of USB outlets?
  2. The installation notes on the SJ sportscar website are worth reading They seem to suggest pre-fitting using a hot air gun and masking tape to get the trip to the correct shape. Then waiting overnight and fixing once the sections are set in shape R ps great looks car
  3. I’ve been considering 3 point belts using plates modelled on those fitted to the excel but I’m not sure if the fibreglass is as thick in the eclat. its in my to do list when I take out the tank
  4. Unfortunately I need to move the car to a garage a few miles away from home to sort out the suspension..... I think I’ll just use some polish that’s designed for anodised aluminium on the insitu trim so I can assess how bad / good the sections are. the current goal is to get the car into a condition that it would pass an MOT + be usable, before doing a full strip down and rebuild
  5. Following the lockdown the nr of things I can work on has reduced dramatically. i’d intended to sort out the rear suspension etc but think it’s wise avoid any significant costs in these uncertain times. so I’m going to sort out the exterior trim, window surrounds and gutter sections. they’re not heavily pitted but are very dull, like an old greenhouse frame... I’d appreciate recommendations on which polish to use how to get minor scratches out + should I apply some sort of lacquer after? keep safe Rob
  6. Which bit bent? I assume it’s the bar/ eye
  7. Hi Tom Option 2 could be right.... the nut is only on 1/2 the threads.... I need to lift the car up and have a look to work out what’s the cause Rob
  8. Spot the problem........
  9. Very impressive Looking forward to seeing the next steps. From the photos it looks v close to the engine mounts, are you going to reshape them or wrap the mount and exhaust?
  10. Queue jumpers at the local Lloyd’s Pharmacy this morning... 1/2 a dozen folks walked to the front of the queue which went halfway around the carpark. thankfully an old lady with a potty mouth told them some home truths and shamed them back into line....
  11. Started work on the rear side panels.... they both had the top section snapped off at the seat belt slot so I’ve had to reglass the back of them. the right hand one was as bad as the left, I still nee to sort out the leather/.vinyl
  12. Replaced one of the front seat belt reinforcement plates and whilst in the same location found the lower roll bar bolt was badly corroded. Strangely the roll bar is in good condition?
  13. Bighead fasteners are excellent, recommend carbuildersolutions as the ones I bought off eBay turned out to be plated copies rather than stainless steel
  14. I was going to suggest bonding a lip And fixing points to the underside of an eclat roof and cutting it out, however there are lots of custom GRP companies out there who would able to manufacture a new one eg WRcomposites, you might need to borrow a standard car so that they can create a mould
  15. Hopefully a previous owner replaced the sill reinforcement plate when they fitted the new chassis. As the original steel ones dissolve into rust one of my cars PO’s just fitted nuts and 50mm washers... thankfully I found that when I went to change a jammed belt... unwound the bolt and heard the nut drop into the sill ... borrowed an endoscope and to reveal the issue.
  16. What is the structure of the interior of the panel? some folks in the Esprit section of this forum had solid panels made to replace their similarly sized glass roof panels
  17. Very nice, hope it finds a good home
  18. Hopefully the feature in classic and sports cars helps bolster prices of all the wedges, it preferred the ‘shooting brake’ style of the Elite over the coupe shape of the eclat/excel, the S2 Elite featured was a particularly nice example... which IMHO could only be bettered if it was in altair green.
  19. Pete do you need foam bases to recover? Rob
  20. In my project 1/2 the bulbs were gone and 1/2 the bulb holders were corroded If you haven’t got one I’d recommend a Sealey tester as they can apply test voltages to components + or - which really speeds up fault finding
  21. Your going to be busy! Hope you’ve got a big shed
  22. Was that part of the deal when you bought yours?
  23. Hi Bernard, Lovely colour, Maybe the aircon controls could be moved to the position of the Lotus badge to the left and the cigarette lighter to the right + age appropriate knobs to the controls Rob
  24. If you want an Ali header tank, Allisport of Ledbury make them, well made products but not cheap
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