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  1. With the Bosch multitool, when I’ve had problem bolts I’ve used a carbide blade by saxton (don’t apply lots of pressure and take your time)
  2. was Satin black the only colour for series 1’s? My car is black and at some point it had a / several resprays and currently the only paint that’s poor is the bumpers which were painted with a gloss finish. anyone got any pictures of a black car with satin black bumpers? I didn’t spot any on the pictures thread many thanks rob
  3. found most bits i needed still Wanted 'Fuel' warning inset for dash
  4. Looks like a nice project for someone at the price
  5. Instead of the grinder you could try a Bosch multitool (pmf200 lots of similar tools available) to cut off stubborn bolts and screws use gaffer tape on the adjacent surfaces for protection..... removing the old screws and bolts is preferable..... as drilling out and rethreading can be a complete nightmare
  6. The 1st job i'm tackling on my eclat is rebuilding the dash... So far I've cleaned repainted and bench tested the gauges and thankfully they all work. One small mystery is what size / model? are the lampholders for the warning lamps also does anyone have a spare 'Fuel' ? Unfortunately my car is missing most of the wiring loom there are no lamp holders or left to measure....
  7. Wanted warning lamps for Dash trip reset cable and bracket (Mine have been ruined by what I’m choosing to believe is emulsion paint when in storage.... although it’s more likely to be guano....)
  8. The ‘m50’ film on YouTube seems to show the factory assembling the cars with the engine and box in the chassis.... there does seem to be a bit of persuasion being used though.....
  9. Ive noticed that theme from all the resto threads..... elation....... incredulity......exasperation......despair...... then the hunt for a part or solution..... then glory..... (repeat cycle) I’m sure I’ll be caught in that cycle......
  10. Ant Many thanks for the advice, this forum is an invaluable source of info. I've done the deed...... and will be starting a restoration thread in the spring..... i just need to sell my motorbike so i can bring the car home from storage. In the interim i'm contacting the heritage guys at Lotus for details of the original build etc + making an every growing list of things to do which will be the starting point on the resto thread + some photo's so... its been off the road for 20 + years... had a Galv chassis and new suspension from Spyder (not top links) back in the lat
  11. you could just use some tyre sealant, to keep them full while your doing your restoration and then get new ones when you’ve finished. I’m assuming that you just need them to push the car back and forward while you’re working on it.
  12. So.....How much is.... a 1975 Éclat on a galvanised chassis worth??? paint is ok doors don’t droop, door tops are fine, some exterior trim is missing interior is dire....... not even salvageable.... engine runs no smoke on start up smooth and responsive been off the road for 20 yrs nothing seems seized brakes appear to work...... so lots of unknowns..... ive been to have a look and wondered what the guru’s of TLF think?
  13. Thank for the welcome, In the 1980’s used to borrow a friends S1, drove it to Germany and back (far better option than the alternative which was a diesel Sierra...) slightly rose tinted memories as I was blessed by fine weather a night time sailing from Sheerness. For once have space in the garage for a project and have been on the lookout for a project Elite or Eclat....
  14. Hello folks, I’ve been lurking on this forum for a long time and thought it was time I join R
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