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  1. Unfortunately I don’t have any suitable pictures of my car to share as I bought it as a project, and it’s living under a cover on my drive.

    I’ve lost count of the number of people passing by who’ve asked what’s under the covers? I normally ask them to guess before revealing. Once uncovered they have been universally complementary about the shape and crispness of the design, particularly the A pillars and roof details.

    So I’d like to thank Oliver and his colleagues for a design that continues to delight and inspire.

    Kind Regards 


  2. I don’t see how you will be able to access the two pod mounting bolts.

    i think the best way is to lift the right hand pod and look to see how the motors are fixed. You might be able to undo the Left hand motor mounts from under the car and in the wheel arch and lift the pod complete with the motor.

    Accessing the pod / motor from the radiator won’t provide access unless the plywood crash panel is missing or your prepared to cut a hole / replace.

    do you have any pictures?


  3. Hi Jim 

    so your car Is a series 1 and has had a conversion that used MX5 motors?

    There are lots of conversions using motors other than MX5 units that have been undertaken over the years and the mountings are likely to be unique to your car

    I’d suggest

    1st looking underneath if there’s access to a manual winder or a hole in the panel behind the pod.

    2nd removing the right hand light to see how it has been installed.



  4. Not much progress since May as I hit a deer on my bike and broke / dislocated some fingers...

    So just been working on some easy things, although nothings ever simple..

    The header tank heater return inlets are damaged where I assume  the jubilee clips have been over tightened.

    So I’m intending to replace the through pipe and it looks like there are a series of horizontal holes into the tank is this correct?

    Many thanks 


  5. 1 hour ago, EXCEL V8 said:

    That is part of the vacuum-modulating system which controls the "dole valve" - the hot water valve in the engine bay.  I works in conjunction with the device on the very top of the housing.  I'm removing all that stuff and replacing it with a bowden cable to control the hot water valve.  I'll be posting more pictures in my Delanair restoration/modification thread soon.


    Looking forward to that thread, sorting out the heating system And deleting the vacuum controls is on my to do list

  6. Hi Tony,

    I’ve got the same problem, in my Unsuccessful search I spotted that there’s  a classic Fiat specialist in the US that seems to have similar gaskets (Midwest Bayless) I’m not sure if they had the same mirror foot?

    Do you have an old ones you can use as a template? 



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