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  1. Looks great, thank you for typing up and sharing. Out of interest how big is the new mirror compared to the original?
  2. Looks great, someone on the Evora Facebook group did similar recently and it looked like a massive improvement. Think they had a 400 with the slatted rear and put the camera under one of the slats giving a great view back. Tempted to have a go as well as I can see literally nothing out the back of mine with my sons seat in there! Here’s the quote from their post if it helps “I got tired of barely being able to see anything out the back so decided to try a camera display rear view mirror. I bought this kit off of amazon for about $70. Install was fairly simple, just run the camer
  3. Nice to see the Evora getting recognition it deserves. Funny enough I quite fancy the V12 Vantage (manual) which is next in their list. Hopefully before they start to climb in value.
  4. Apologies, just seen your message. Did you find a steering wheel? I have one spare if you still need it.
  5. Looks fantastic, well done. I much prefer the non-red 360’s, and that looks stunning with that interior.
  6. Congratulations, would be great to see some pictures.
  7. Don’t usually like the so called YouTube ‘influencers’ however Sam’s not as bad as the rest and it’s good publicity for Lotus and the Evora.
  8. If you are looking at a Ferrari 360, have you considered the original generation Honda NSX? Power is down but in manual form supposed to be a real drivers car and I think they look stunning still. Should hold their value too and relatively cheap to service.
  9. Just shows a good car at the right price will sell quickly. Well done.
  10. Great pictures, that Exige in Sky blue . Looked a really good event, keep meaning to stop by there but think you have to pre-book. Is there another Lotus one planned?
  11. Your current car is stunning, have you not considered some of the Komotec kits to bring the power up? That way you get the best of both worlds?
  12. Your Sports Racer looks stunning in that picture, great photo! I wouldn’t give the Porsche a second glance.
  13. Wow, that looks great. How does the Lotus Performance badge attach? My cover has a crack on it, replacement part is crazy money.
  14. This seems a bit of a bargain Evora IPS, didn’t realise prices had softened quite so much.
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