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  1. Your current car is stunning, have you not considered some of the Komotec kits to bring the power up? That way you get the best of both worlds?
  2. Your Sports Racer looks stunning in that picture, great photo! I wouldn’t give the Porsche a second glance.
  3. Wow, that looks great. How does the Lotus Performance badge attach? My cover has a crack on it, replacement part is crazy money.
  4. This seems a bit of a bargain Evora IPS, didn’t realise prices had softened quite so much.
  5. Just wondered why the S1 Evora has a silver supercharger casing yet the Exige of the same age seems to have the lovely black supercharger casing with the Lotus badge. Assume it’s purely cosmetic?
  6. Welcome to the Sports Racer club, they are wonderful cars.
  7. Thanks, do you guys have the Isofix Milano or just standard?
  8. Thanks, that eBay one may work, was a bit nervous of 2nd hand as no knowledge of whether it’s been through a crash. Luckily only need 1 so width isn’t the issue. It’s the base depth that causes the problem as at the moment with the Recaro Young Sport Hero it forces my sons legs straight out meaning there is no chance of using the front passenger seat as I have to fold it forward. I was hoping the Milano not being as deep would mean my wife could actually come along too (actually on second thoughts )
  9. Yes that was I was intending to do based on the replies in this topic but I don’t think it’s made anymore. All places seem to be sold out or unavailable . Read something about Recaro pulling out of the kiddie seat market due to recalls/law suits. Maybe that’s why.
  10. Sorry to resurrect this old thread but just wondered if anyone had any success with a smaller car seat for the rear of an S1 Evora? Looks like the Recaro Milano is no longer sold anywhere. Does anyone have anything else that fits nicely? As mentioned above have a Young Sport Hero but my son is now big enough to move to the next seat and hopefully get something with a smaller base, preferably isofix. Anyone any experience with the Cybex Pallas S-Fix mentioned above?
  11. Lovely looking car. Just needs the GT430 treatment at the rear and would be perfect!
  12. What colour is that GT410 at the front. Looks amazing!
  13. Congratulations, lovely car and if it’s the one I’m thinking of, amazing value.
  14. Thanks both, I did wonder if that would be case. Not sure I can be bothered to remove the dash just to do this!
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