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  1. I got my Certificate of Provenance from Lotus, it’s says 101 Sports Racers. My car is Pewter grey (also known as Vortex grey), there were 4 in that colour, all S models, 2 manual and 2 IPS. Mine was the 74th Sports Racer made.
  2. Any idea what you are supposed to do to pair it? Have new automatic garage door so thought I’d give it a try.
  3. I have a Recaro Young sport Hero and there is no way we can get anyone in the passenger seat when my son is in his seat. Mainly due to his legs unable to bend therefore sticking straight out. This means I have to fold the passenger seat forward. This is an S1, later cars may be better. Taking the rear seat out would help but he’s now 3 and over 15kg so I think I’m going to switch to the next one up. Is the Milano still recommended?
  4. Thanks, that’s not too bad a price although doesn’t include VAT. To be honest I don’t really notice the line anymore but if a RHD binnacle comes up at that price I’d probably take the plunge
  5. Fantastic cars Atoms but would it get any more use than the Evora given its even less practical?
  6. Nice Burnt Orange Sports Racer here.
  7. Here’s mine, 2014 S. Absolutely love it.
  8. Quite surprised it looks more super rather than hyper car styled. Was expecting something a bit like the AM Valkyrie but think it looks stunning.
  9. Harry's face says it all. Great video as usual by Harry and hopefully some good positive press for Lotus.
  10. Harry’s Garage is due to publish a video on the GT410 Sport this week. Think he liked it from his comments on Instagram. Looking forward to it as I think he’s one of the best on YouTube, should be a good review. Edit to add: just seen there is already a thread on this! Doh.
  11. Excellent, will get one ordered! Yes Lucy said you worked together last week, small world!
  12. Hey chaps, Thinking of getting the indoor cover. Car lives outside at the moment but it will be a good incentive to clear the garage out. Just wondered how easy it is to get the indoor cover on and off? Only have a single garage so there will be limited space around the car and if it’s a pain to do it will end up not going on as I do use the car quite a bit. Cheers Graham
  13. This was one of the reasons I didn’t return to TVR when looking for a sports car again.
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