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  1. 😂 I wish! It’s 2007 so way too old. But 3 litre and manual, goes very well.
  2. Mine was a daily for about 6 months. It was quite capable and I was happy using it as such but I started to get a bit fed up of it looking like crap as it was winter. It got covered in mud from the country lanes I needed to drive, dropping my son at nursery was a bit of a pain, water pooling in the door scallop and door handle cutout. Also got a few comments at work, usual thing, paid to much etc etc so decided to buy a runaround. Bought a BMW 130i for daily duties which is great BTW.
  3. Received a 31 page Lotus Engineering Past, Present, Future supplement with my subscriber copy of evo magazine this month. Not sure whether it comes with a shop bought copy of evo, but may be worth looking out for if you are interested. Will make some interesting reading this evening.
  4. The grey 400 at Targa Florio cars features in the following Pistonheads article. The Evora does seem to be getting some love at the moment.
  5. Odd decision to cut all 3 existing models and replace with one new. Assuming the Type 131 is the only one to be released this year.
  6. Looks really good, well done. Difficult to tell from the pictures, how much bigger is it than the existing mirror? Does it block forward vision much?
  7. Looks like a lovely S SR for sale at Will Blackham
  8. Notice the Jim Clark special edition is up for sale here, just short of £100k.
  9. Mine did this, again I think as a result of jet washing (I am more careful now). Was a bit strange as the odd occasion it would work ok but mostly didn’t. Bell and Colvill had a look but couldn’t find anything wrong, typically it worked for them. It took a few weeks but now it seems to work 95% of the time and on the odd occasion I get the black pixelated screen.
  10. Looks great, thank you for typing up and sharing. Out of interest how big is the new mirror compared to the original?
  11. Looks great, someone on the Evora Facebook group did similar recently and it looked like a massive improvement. Think they had a 400 with the slatted rear and put the camera under one of the slats giving a great view back. Tempted to have a go as well as I can see literally nothing out the back of mine with my sons seat in there! Here’s the quote from their post if it helps “I got tired of barely being able to see anything out the back so decided to try a camera display rear view mirror. I bought this kit off of amazon for about $70. Install was fairly simple, just run the camer
  12. Nice to see the Evora getting recognition it deserves. Funny enough I quite fancy the V12 Vantage (manual) which is next in their list. Hopefully before they start to climb in value.
  13. Apologies, just seen your message. Did you find a steering wheel? I have one spare if you still need it.
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