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  1. Congratulations, lovely car and if it’s the one I’m thinking of, amazing value.
  2. Thanks both, I did wonder if that would be case. Not sure I can be bothered to remove the dash just to do this!
  3. Just wondered if anyone knew how easy it is to remove the two air vents on the dash and their pods? If it's straight forward I'm thinking about getting the pods trimmed in Alcantara/red stitching rather than the factory leather to match the dash on the sports racer. Thanks Graham
  4. Wow, kinda makes me glad I have an IPS, hope you get the running lean sorted soon. Your insurance looks very pricey as well, think mine is around £300 but I am an old git at 47. Noticed you are in Reading, not far from me if you fancy a meet up when the weather is a bit better?
  5. Lovely looking car, looks fantastic in Red. I was deliberating adding the sharks fin to mine but I have PPF up the sides so never looked into it further as I'd need to remove the ppf first. These Evora's really are wonderful ownership propositions, I've also owned mine a year with NO costs (other than re-trimming the steering wheel but that was by choice rather than necessity). Service and MOT was picked up by B&C as part of purchase deal so it's literally cost me nothing other than fuel. Probably jinxed it now....
  6. I also have the IPS and enjoy it, always in Sport mode though
  7. Lovely, how are you finding the IPS? I’ve also seen a few with black callipers.
  8. Thanks, seems to divide opinion on this forum but I love it. I do need to get a polarising filter for my camera though, to many reflections in the photo really. Yes, not mine though. There are 4 SR’s in Pewter, 2 manual and 2 IPS (one mine, the other Matt Becker’s old one), all S models. 3 of the 4 are on the Lotus Evora owners group on Facebook.
  9. I got my Certificate of Provenance from Lotus, it’s says 101 Sports Racers. My car is Pewter grey (also known as Vortex grey), there were 4 in that colour, all S models, 2 manual and 2 IPS. Mine was the 74th Sports Racer made.
  10. Any idea what you are supposed to do to pair it? Have new automatic garage door so thought I’d give it a try.
  11. I have a Recaro Young sport Hero and there is no way we can get anyone in the passenger seat when my son is in his seat. Mainly due to his legs unable to bend therefore sticking straight out. This means I have to fold the passenger seat forward. This is an S1, later cars may be better. Taking the rear seat out would help but he’s now 3 and over 15kg so I think I’m going to switch to the next one up. Is the Milano still recommended?
  12. Thanks, that’s not too bad a price although doesn’t include VAT. To be honest I don’t really notice the line anymore but if a RHD binnacle comes up at that price I’d probably take the plunge
  13. Fantastic cars Atoms but would it get any more use than the Evora given its even less practical?
  14. Nice Burnt Orange Sports Racer here.
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