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  1. Congratulations on the purchase, welcome to the Sports Racer club. Once you collect you’ll need to add a picture to this thread 👍
  2. Mine has a small crack on the right side vent as well.
  3. Hoffmans have a Sports Racer in  Haven’t seen that colour before, apparently called Metallic Persian.
  4. Looks like you were correct….
  5. Would appear the low mileage Daytona Blue SR has sold. Was up at £50k!
  6. What is the extra cost to park there? May book next year if it’s not a crazy price?
  7. Not guilty, I’ve not mentioned JayEmm 😀
  8. I’m of a similar mindset at the moment. Saw the Emira at FOS and it does look stunning, but then so does my Evora. My Evora is a weekend toy so I’m not fussed about the interior tech that much, it’s also a 2+2 and I use the rear seats. The other point is Evora’s are a very rare sight on the roads. Sounds as if there are going to be far more Emira’s around. I quite like the rarity and the fact that people don’t know what it is!
  9. This looks superb in the Cyan blue. Got to be rare too. If only it was a +2 I’d be down there like a shot spending money I don’t have! New&onesearchad=Used&include-delivery-option=on&advertising-location=at_cars&make=LOTUS&model=EVORA&page=1
  10. Cool collection there. Love the GT6, always fancied one to tinker with, had a mint Dolly Sprint years ago.
  11. Beautiful car, I’d be tempted to remove the side stickers/stripes but that’s just my personal preference.
  12. I used to have TVR’s, started with an S3, then a Griff 400 and finally a Griff 500. I do still fancy finding a Griffith 4.3 BV and tucking it away and have always wanted a Cerbera. However you will find the Lotus is in a different league. My S would leave any of them for dead 99% of time, sure a NA would as well. The Lotus running costs (touch wood) have been nothing compared to my TVRs. I never added up what I spent on running them but it would be very scary. Every service on my Griff I never seemed to have change from £1000 and the Cerbera is another level of pain again. Wonderful cars through that really get under your skin. Have you thought about part ex’ing your Griff for a NA? Not sure what price you’d get. Will Blackham has a couple of nice Evoras in and may take your Griffith. Good luck!
  13. Nice review by JayEmm. Is that one of our members cars?
  14. S1 Sports Racer for sale on Pistonheads at £49,995. Low miles and looks mint, will be interesting to see if it goes at that price! Also on the Pistonheads forum there is talk of another S1 SR coming up at £49,995. This time Pewter Grey IPS. Can’t find the add yet though.
  15. 😂 I wish! It’s 2007 so way too old. But 3 litre and manual, goes very well.
  16. Mine was a daily for about 6 months. It was quite capable and I was happy using it as such but I started to get a bit fed up of it looking like crap as it was winter. It got covered in mud from the country lanes I needed to drive, dropping my son at nursery was a bit of a pain, water pooling in the door scallop and door handle cutout. Also got a few comments at work, usual thing, paid to much etc etc so decided to buy a runaround. Bought a BMW 130i for daily duties which is great BTW.
  17. Received a 31 page Lotus Engineering Past, Present, Future supplement with my subscriber copy of evo magazine this month. Not sure whether it comes with a shop bought copy of evo, but may be worth looking out for if you are interested. Will make some interesting reading this evening.
  18. The grey 400 at Targa Florio cars features in the following Pistonheads article. The Evora does seem to be getting some love at the moment.
  19. Odd decision to cut all 3 existing models and replace with one new. Assuming the Type 131 is the only one to be released this year.
  20. Looks really good, well done. Difficult to tell from the pictures, how much bigger is it than the existing mirror? Does it block forward vision much?
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