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  1. It’s a great article and from a really respected journalist who has been around for ages and driven most things out there. I maybe alone, but I find it strange when they say the Emira is much better looking than the Evora. Is the Evora really that bad? I think it looks fantastic personally, especially an S1 Sports Racer or a GT410/430. I’m not convinced by some of the Emira design (bonnet for a start). Maybe I need to see some at a Lotus meet next to Evora’s.
  2. I concur with the others, would get some photos up with the standard wing on in the add, I much prefer the standard look. Those other dealer cars have also been for sale a while so wouldn’t be too concerned if you are not in a hurry.
  3. This must be pretty rare? Late Evora S, non-Sports Racer. Lovely colour too.
  4. Also looks like the Blue bewinged komotec 400 has finally sold!
  5. Looks like a couple of the Evora GT410 Sports have sold recently with new owners posting on the Facebook group. The yellow one and also a black one.
  6. From monitoring the classifieds over the last few years I don’t think Evora’s are an easy sell unless priced for a quick sale. Market for Lotus is small, Evora’s even less so. I think it is one of those cars you need to be prepared to advertise for a while.
  7. Another Sports Racer on Autotrader….. NA this time.
  8. Another IPS Sports Racer S up on Autotrader for £50k with 17,000 miles (Pewter grey, same as mine). I have a feeling this one was advertised elsewhere last May for £48k at around 13,000 miles! Surely unlikely to sell at that price, especially given how long the two at Hendy have been up for, both of which have been reduced recently.
  9. Had red seats in my old XKR, looked fantastic against the quartz paint and quite rare. However, they always came out way to bright when photographed. Evo magazine used my car in a studio shoot for a buyers guide years back. Couldn’t believe how bright the seats looked in print and on their website, nothing like how they looked in person.
  10. Just watching that on Harrys garage. Interesting to hear Evora mentioned! T33 looks to be a stunning car.
  11. They seem to be the go to place for IPS Evoras at the moment 🙂
  12. Looks like this one may be for sale still as it’s back up on autotrader.
  13. Thank you. The standard setup sounds terrible although I do think my sub isn’t functioning which probably doesn’t help. Thanks for the advice regarding the tweeters.
  14. Congrats on the sale, beautiful car, hope you don’t miss it and at least you still have another Lotus in the garage! Slightly off topic but quick question if I may? Read through your build thread and am interested in doing the Focal speaker upgrade on mine. Just wondered if you need the dash out to do the tweaters? You mentioned you needed to enlarge the hole slightly. Having to take the dash out would put me off doing it!
  15. Wow, that was very quick. Seems folks prefer to buy from a main dealer. It was on AT privately for a few weeks at £43k, unless it was a case of right person at right time. Be interesting to see if their grey one goes soon as that is strong money too. Positive they are selling though. I think Emira hype, reviews and sales will see an increase in demand for older Evora (those priced at Emira levels may struggle).
  16. Wonder what dealers are paying for those SR’s currently for sale at £50k? Around the £40k mark I guess?
  17. Looks like it went for £50k in the end. Which considering the figures some of the Sports Racers are being advertised at seems like a bargain! 😮
  18. Congratulations on the purchase, welcome to the Sports Racer club. Once you collect you’ll need to add a picture to this thread 👍
  19. Hoffmans have a Sports Racer in  Haven’t seen that colour before, apparently called Metallic Persian.
  20. Looks like you were correct….
  21. Would appear the low mileage Daytona Blue SR has sold. Was up at £50k!
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